Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a graphical adventure game, originally released in 1992 and published by LucasArts.

Indiana Jones[edit]

  • [First lines] All right, Jones. How are you going to find that statue in all this junk?

Sophia Hapgood[edit]

  • Jones! Don't you dare leave me here, you … you … troglodyte!
  • [As Nur-Ab-Sal] Ah, Dr. Jones. Welcome to my humble abode!


  • Klaus Kerner: [about Sophia] Jones was a better man than I thought – if he could tolerate her!


Indiana Jones: I'm back!
Marcus Brody: Indy?
Klaus Kerner: You don't look at all well, Dr. Jones.
Indiana Jones: Exploring our collections can be dangerous, Mr. … uh, what was your name again?
Klaus Kerner: Smith.

Sophia Hapgood: Come on, mister. I've got a few words to mince with you.
Indiana Jones: I'd say it's about time.

Klaus Kerner: You saw that? Think of trucks powered by these beads. Think of tanks! Think of airplanes!
Dr. Hans Ubermann: Use your imagination, Kerner! Think big, like the Americans. Think of bombs!

Professor Sternhart: Indiana? Sounds like the name of one of your states, or of possibly a cat.
Sophia Hapgood: Actually, it was the name of a dog.
Indiana Jones: Sophia!

Sophia Hapgood: Not so fast. First, I'm going to read your fortune.
[Sophia moves closer to Indy]
Sophia Hapgood: Look into my eyes.
[Indy backs off nervously, Sophia moves in again]
Sophia Hapgood: Deep into my eyes.
[Indy backs off again, Sophia follows]
Sophia Hapgood: For Pete's sake, I'm not going to hurt you!

Nazi Guard: Do you realize what you've done? You've dug an unauthorized hole!
Indiana Jones: I've got this nagging rash on my knuckles. Wanna see?

Indiana Jones: [while exploring the Crete labyrinth] Some date, huh?
Sophia Hapgood: We're not "dating", Jones. This is not a date. If it was a date, I would have stood you up!

[As Indy approaches Sophia, the Nazi Guard notices him]
Guard: Who are you? Talk fast, and I'd better like your tone of voice, or you're a dead man!
Indiana Jones: I'm Indiana Jones. Who are you, bucket head?
Guard: "Bucket head"? What kind of insult is that?
Indiana Jones: I'll let Sophia explain it to you.
[Sophia knocks out the guard with a bucket behind him]

[Kerner steps onto the platform on the Godhood Machine]
Klaus Kerner: If anyone's going to become a god, it must be me!
Dr. Hans Ubermann: You? Don't make me laugh!
Klaus Kerner: I'm in charge of this operation, you spineless sausage! [draws his gun] Activate the machine!
Dr. Hans Ubermann: [sighs] A test is a test. Plato suggested 10 beads. Let's try that.
Indiana Jones: Wait!
Klaus Kerner: What now, Jones?
Indiana Jones: What about Plato's tenfold error?
Klaus Kerner: What about it?
Indiana Jones: Most of Plato's numbers were way off target.
Klaus Kerner: Hm …
Indiana Jones: [shrugs] Just a thought.
Klaus Kerner: He may be right. We should divide by ten! Try one bead.
Dr. Hans Ubermann: One bead it is!
[Ubermann inserts a bead into the machine and it turns on, slowly transforming Kerner]
Dr. Hans Ubermann: Himmel! It's working!
[Kerner is transformed into a small disfigured demonic creature]
Klaus Kerner: Noooooo! [he plunges himself into the lava]
Dr. Hans Ubermann: A small bead for a small man, eh, Jones? Now it's your turn.

Indiana Jones: For your sake, I hope this doesn't work.
Dr. Hans Ubermann: Why not?
Indiana Jones: Once I'm a god, I'm sending you straight to hell.
Dr. Hans Ubermann: I'm offering you immortality! Is that the thanks I get?
Indiana Jones: Ever hear the term "angry god"? Wait till you see me!

[Last lines, looking at the volcano left after Atlantis' collapse]
Indiana Jones: You know, a lot of my discoveries seem like tall tales, even to me. At least there's some evidence now.
[The volcano promptly sinks under the surface]
Sophia Hapgood: Then again, maybe not.
[Indy suddenly kisses Sohia intently]
Sophia Hapgood: [surprised] What was that for?
Indiana Jones: To ease the pain.

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