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Ingrid de Kok (born 1951) is a South African author and poet.


  • Map age genes place of origin
    and love's lineaments.

    For mapped onto each body is love.

    Carthography of one's own country
    or the contours of a foreign land


  • Familiar Ground (Ravan Press, Johannesburg, 1988)
  • Transfer (Snailpress, Cape Town, 1997)
  • Terrestrial Things (Kwela/Snailpress, Cape Town, 2002)
  • Seasonal Fires: Selected and New Poems (Seven Stories Press, NYC, 2006); also published as Seasonal Fires: Selected and New Poems (Umuzi, Random House, South Africa, 2006)
  • Mappe del corpo (A cura di Paola Splendore, Donzelli Poesia, Rome, 2008)

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