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Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based on the DC comics characters.


  • [Batman interrogates the Joker]
Batman: The nuke. Where'd you get it?
The Joker: What, you want one? Copy-bat...
[Batman lunges at Joker until the wall explodes. Superman comes in.]
Superman: Get away from him!
Batman: I'm handling this...
[Superman walks up to the Joker, tosses the table aside, and picks The Joker up and slams him to the wall]
Superman: You drugged me! Made me... Lois ... my son...!
The Joker: First Krypton, now Metropolis... People you love tend to blow up, don't they?
[Superman angrily raises his fist]
Batman: Superman, don't!
[Superman aims his punch, but misses the Joker and punches the wall]
The Joker: That's why I like you Superman. You're much more gullible than... [Winces at Batman]
[Superman tosses the Joker to another wall. As he walks up, the Joker gets up and sits on the chair.]
The Joker: You think you can have a family. That locking me up will magically reform me. And then they'll be safe. So big, so dumb... Now run along so I can break out of here. I've got lots of planning to do to top this!
[Superman picks up The Joker]
Batman: That's enough!
[Batman tries to back Superman off, but the Man of Steel swats him away]
The Joker: I know it's soon, but... Think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family...
[The Joker giggles insanely. Superman raises his arm, and as Batman looks in shock, the Man of Steel drives his hand through the Joker's body. The scene fades to black. Title Card rolls.]

Chapter 1: Batman[edit]

[In the Prime-Earth dimention, Superman, Green Lantern, Shazam and Hawkgirl are battling Ares, Sinestro and Black Adam in the sky of Metropolis. Superman pins Ares down as Wonder Woman and Aquaman tie him up]
Superman: Wonder Woman. Aquaman. Let's wrap this up. I've got to get to the Watchtower.
Wonder Woman: Before Luthor throws something else at us...
[Doomsday emerges behind them]
Superman: Doomsday...
[Superman flies towards Doomsday, who singlehandly backhands him aside]
Wonder Woman: Should have been a combined assault.
Aquaman: Clark sometimes forgets he can´t do everything himself.
[They fight Doomsday. Meanwhile, in the Watchtower, Nightwing, Cyborg and Raven battle Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Catwoman and Bane]
Lex Luthor:[After Raven uses her powers to manouver Luthor missiles directly at Grundy] You're interrupting tonight's entertainment, Raven.
Raven: I detest violence, Luthor, but I'm even less fond of you. [Catwoman lassoes Nightwing with her whip. And the Titans continue fighting the villains]
Nightwing:[to Cyborg] Thought you'd have this mess cleaned up by now.
Cyborg: Name's Cyborg, not 'Miracle Worker'.
[Nightwing contacts Batman, who is driving the Batmobille towards Arkham Asylum]
Nightwing: Nightwing to Batman, you there? We could use your help.
Batman: After I check out Arkham. Have to make sure Luthor didn't bust him out.
Nightwing: He'll keep. We're getting our butts handed to us.
Batman: Be there soon, Dick.
[in Arhkam, Batman and a Security Guard check on the Joker's cell]
Security Guard: We're keepin' a close eye on him, Batman, just like you said. He hasn't moved in hours. [Batman stops the Guard and shows him a trip wire below] What in the hell? What is that?! [Batman deintegrates the wire with a Freeze Spray and the Guard opens the cell. There are explosives near the door and the Joker is nowhere to be found] How'd Joker do this?
Batman: He didn't. The real trap... [Shield the Guard and himself with his cape from incoming shuriken thrown by Deathstroke] is behind us.
Deathstroke: You're so clever.
[Batman and Deathstroke fight as the Guard runs away]
Batman: You're Luthor's pet now, Deathstroke?
Deathstroke: His money's green. And as a bonus... I get to kill Batman.
[They continue fighting]
Batman: [After defeating Deathstroke] Sorry, Deathstroke... No bonus for you. [walks away as he contacts the Watchtower] Batman to Watchower. Come in. [but no answer] Nightwing.
[meanwhile, in Metropolis, the Justice League are still fighting Doomsday. Doomsday grapples Hawkgirl's arms, only until Green Lantern and Wonder Woman work to move him away from her and knock him out of the sky]
Shazam: [seeing Doomsday falling] Shazam! [conjures a lightning which reverts Black Adam back to his mortal form. The falling Doomsday knocks him uncounscious and they continue falling. Then Green Arrow shoots a cushion arrow which saves Teth-Adam from hitting the ground]
The Flash: Green Arrow! What was that?
Green Arrow: Thunder of the gods, Flash. Thunder of the gods.
The Flash: What does that make us?
[Doomsday gets up, until Superman tackles into him at full speed into the sky]
Green Arrow: The poor slobs who clean up the mess.
[the two go on ahead. In the Watchtower, the Titans continue fighting the villains with Luthor.]
Lex Luthor: [after Bane subdues Nightwing] Now, if there are no further interruptions... [suddenly, Batman emerges via teleporter]
Batman: Took me almost two minutes to break your encryption. Nice work.
Lex Luthor: Bane?
Bane: He esperado mucho tiempo para esto (spanish for "I have waited a long time for this"). Now I break your back. [he and Batman fight. Batman wins]
Batman: Bane, Catwoman, Grundy... You're all alone, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Geniuses often are.
Batman: Psychopaths like you--
Lex Luthor: You hero types are all alike... even less imposing close up.
Batman: You're testing my patience.
Lex Luthor: [Batman throws a batarang in Luthor's suit] Resigned to throwing toys? [cotinues walking until Batman throws more batarangs] Damn you! [starts charging towards Batman,who throws him more batarangs, finally weakening his suit]
Batman: Time to teach you humility. [He fights and defeats Luthor] Try this on, Genius. [uses a EMP inhibitor to deactivate Luthor's warsuit. Then, he contacts Superman as Catwoman, Grundy, and Bane are escorted into Arkham by Raven with a teleportaion portal] Superman, report.
Superman: It's done. The others are mopping up. I'm taking Doomsday into deep space.
Batman: Make sure it's very deep space.

  • [Green Lantern goes to the Ferris Aircraft to charge his ring]
Green Lantern: Where did you say the battery was?
Power ring: Carol Ferris's office. Left at the next hallway, third door on the right.
Green Lanern: It's the fourth door...
[Green Lantern suddenly hears screaming and runs to a door where he hears some familiar voices]
Regime Cyborg: Pretty tough, aren't you
Insurgency Deathstroke: I'm not afraid of you... children...
Regime Raven: Yes you are. I can feel it.
Green Lantern: Raven? Cyborg?
[Scene cuts to an alternate version of Deathstroke being tortured by twisted versions of Cyborg and Raven]
Regime Raven: This is your final chance to accept the High Councilor's amnesty, Deathstroke...
Insurgency Deathstroke: Get "re-educated" in your boot camp... become a puppet... like you?
[Regime Raven zaps Deathstroke]
Regime Cyborg: The Boss is bein' generous. I wouldn't be. Most of the Titans died in Metropolis five years ago.
Insurgency Deathstroke: I had nothing to do with that...
Regime Cyborg: Doesn't matter. You're still on the wrong side of the law.
Insurgency Deathstroke: Tell this... to your boss... [spits at them]
[Regime Raven continues to torture Deathstroke only for Green Lantern to stop her]
Green Lantern: This how things work here?
Regime Cyborg: So you're green again?
Regime Raven: Something's not right... He's Hal Jordan. Yet...
Green Lantern: Stand down. You're done here.
Regime Cyborg: Definitely not ours.
Regime Raven: You feel his pain? Not yet...
[She zaps Green Lantern and he gets caught in some dark restrains]
Regime Cyborg: After we're done with Deathstroke, how 'bout the three of us go talk to the High Councilor.
[Green Lantern uses his ring to free himself causing Cyborg to be knocked aside]
Regime Raven: Enough. Whoever you are... You're under arrest.
[She and Green Lantern begin to fight]

Green Lantern: Oppressing your home planet isn't enough Sinestro?
Regime Sinestro: The One Earth government is similar to mine on Korugar. An alliance was logical. So for now I tolerate humans. Even Hal Jordan.
Green Lantern: My doppelganger has joined your side...
Regime Sinestro: As do all who wish to live.
[Green Lantern defeats Regime Sinestro]
Green Lantern: I'm resisting arrest. Again. [goes to Wonder Woman] You okay?
Wonder Woman: Hal...!
[Green Lantern's alternate counterpart appears but as a Yellow Lantern]
Yellow Lantern: Someone call me?
Green Lantern: You're Sinestro Corps?
Yellow Lantern: Sinestro's right. Fear's more effective than willpower.
Green Lantern: So you ditched green and went yellow. The color of cowardice.
[The two lanterns blast their ring powers against each other]
Yellow Lantern: I'm still about Order. Like the Guardians.
[Wonder Woman gets up, but Yellow Lantern notices and blasts her. Green Lantern blasts some arrows at his alternate counterpart, but Yellow Lantern forms a shield to protect himself]
Green Lantern: I'm sure they're very proud of you.
Yellow Lantern: Sanctimony is easy when you don't know what--
Green Lantern: Save it. Time to kick my ass.

[As the original Superman, after the battle with Doomsday, meets his Regime self.]
Regime Superman: I knew they'd pull you over, eventually. You don't belong here.
Superman: My obligations don't end at the borders of my dimension.
Regime Superman: I am this world's savior. I protect it.
Superman: [Referring to both the Regime's control of Earth and their attack on Metropolis.] That's what's happening out there? Protection?
Regime Superman: Disobedient children will be punished.
Superman: Children? We're not gods, we don't decide who lives and who dies.
Regime Superman: [Angry] The decision is mine! It became mine when Joker turned me into a weapon of mass destruction!
Superman: I know what you lost.
Regime Superman: And you judge me!? [Approaches Superman] After I've killed you, I'll bring Lois here. When she sees how I perfected this world, she'll-
Superman: [Firmly] She'll be afraid and disgusted!
Regime Superman: She'll be alive!
Superman: Lois' death doesn't justify-
Regime Superman: He stole her from me!
Superman: And you stole this planet's freedom! [Prepares to fight] It's time to give it back!

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