Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based on the DC comics characters. It was released by NetherRealm Studios, known for creating the recent Mortal Kombat games.



  • [Batman interrogates the Joker after the destruction of Metropolis by a nuclear atomic bomb]
Batman: The nuke. Where'd you get it?
The Joker: What, you want one? Copy-bat...
[Batman lunges at Joker until the wall explodes. Superman comes in.]
Superman: Get away from him!
Batman: I'm handling this...
[Superman walks up to the Joker, tosses the table aside, and picks The Joker up and slams him to the wall]
Superman: You drugged me! Made me... Lois ... my son...!
The Joker: First Krypton, now Metropolis... People you love tend to blow up, don't they?
[Superman angrily raises his fist]
Batman: Superman, don't!
[Superman aims his punch, but misses the Joker and punches the wall]
The Joker: That's why I like you, Superman. You're much more gullible than... [Winces at Batman]
[Superman tosses the Joker to another wall. As he walks up, the Joker gets up and sits on the chair.]
The Joker: You think you can have a family. That locking me up will magically reform me. And then they'll be safe. So big, so dumb... Now run along so I can break out of here. I've got lots of planning to do to top this!
[Superman picks up The Joker]
Batman: That's enough!
[Batman tries to back Superman off, but the Man of Steel swats him away]
The Joker: I know it's soon, but... Think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family...
[The Joker giggles insanely. Superman raises his arm, and as Batman looks in shock, the Man of Steel drives his hand through the Joker's body. The scene fades to black. Title Card rolls.]

Chapter 1: Batman[edit]

[In the Prime-Earth dimension, Superman, Green Lantern, Shazam and Hawkgirl are battling Ares, Sinestro and Black Adam in the sky of Metropolis. Superman pins Ares down as Wonder Woman and Aquaman tie him up]
Superman: Wonder Woman. Aquaman. Let's wrap this up. I've got to get to the Watchtower.
Wonder Woman: Before Luthor throws something else at us...
[Doomsday emerges behind them]
Superman: Doomsday...
[Superman flies towards Doomsday, who meaninglessly backhands him aside]
Wonder Woman: Should have been a combined assault.
Aquaman: Clark sometimes forgets he can´t do everything himself.
[They fight Doomsday. Meanwhile, in the Watchtower, Nightwing, Cyborg and Raven battle Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Catwoman and Bane]
Lex Luthor:[After Raven uses her powers to manouver Luthor missiles directly at Grundy] You're interrupting tonight's entertainment, Raven.
Raven: I detest violence, Luthor, but I'm even less fond of you. [Catwoman lassoes Nightwing with her whip. And the Titans continue fighting the villains]
Nightwing:[to Cyborg] Thought you'd have this mess cleaned up by now.
Cyborg: Name's Cyborg, not 'Miracle Worker'.
[Nightwing contacts Batman, who is driving the Batmobille towards Arkham Asylum]
Nightwing: Nightwing to Batman, you there? We could use your help.
Batman: After I check out Arkham. Have to make sure Luthor didn't bust him out.
Nightwing: He'll keep. We're getting our butts handed to us.
Batman: Be there soon, Dick.
[in Arhkam, Batman and a Security Guard check on the Joker's cell]
Security Guard: We're keepin' a close eye on him, Batman, just like you said. He hasn't moved in hours. [Batman stops the Guard and shows him a trip wire below] What in the hell? What is that?! [Batman deintegrates the wire with a Freeze Spray and the Guard opens the cell. There are explosives near the door and the Joker is nowhere to be found] How'd Joker do this?
Batman: He didn't. The real trap... [Shields the Guard and himself with his cape from incoming shuriken thrown by Deathstroke] is behind us.
Deathstroke: You're so clever.
[Batman and Deathstroke fight as the Guard runs away]
Batman: You're Luthor's pet now, Deathstroke?
Deathstroke: His money's green. And as a bonus... I get to kill Batman.
[They continue fighting]
Batman: [After defeating Deathstroke] Sorry, Deathstroke... No bonus for you. [walks away as he contacts the Watchtower] Batman to Watchower. Come in. [but no answer] Nightwing.
[meanwhile, in Metropolis, the Justice League are still fighting Doomsday. Doomsday grapples Hawkgirl's arms, only until Green Lantern and Wonder Woman work to move him away from her and knock him out of the sky]
Shazam: [seeing Doomsday falling] Shazam! [conjures a lightning which reverts Black Adam back to his mortal form. The falling Doomsday knocks him unconscious and they continue falling. Then Green Arrow shoots a cushion arrow which saves Teth-Adam from hitting the ground]
The Flash: Green Arrow! What was that?
Green Arrow: Thunder of the gods, Flash. Thunder of the gods.
The Flash: What does that make us?
[Doomsday gets up, until Superman tackles into him at full speed into the sky]
Green Arrow: The poor slobs who clean up the mess.
[the two go on ahead. In the Watchtower, the Titans continue fighting the villains with Luthor.]
Lex Luthor: [after Bane subdues Nightwing] Now, if there are no further interruptions... [suddenly, Batman emerges via teleporter]
Batman: Took me almost two minutes to break your encryption. Nice work.
Lex Luthor: Bane?
Bane: He esperado mucho tiempo para esto (Spanish for "I have waited a long time for this"). Now I break your back. [he and Batman fight. Batman wins]
Batman: Bane, Catwoman, Grundy... You're all alone, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Geniuses often are.
Batman: Psychopaths like you--
Lex Luthor: You hero types are all alike... even less imposing close up.
Batman: You're testing my patience.
Lex Luthor: [Batman throws a batarang in Luthor's suit] Resigned to throwing toys? [cotinues walking until Batman throws more batarangs] Damn you! [starts charging towards Batman,who throws him more batarangs, finally weakening his suit]
Batman: Time to teach you humility. [He fights and defeats Luthor] Try this on, Genius. [uses a EMP inhibitor to deactivate Luthor's warsuit. Then, he contacts Superman as Catwoman, Grundy, and Bane are escorted into Arkham by Raven with a teleportaion portal] Superman, report.
Superman: It's done. The others are mopping up. I'm taking Doomsday into deep space.
Batman: Make sure it's very deep space.
[the Watchtower alarm sounds]
Catwoman: What's that?
Cyborg: It's the None of Your Damn Business Alarm.
[Cyborg lights up a holographic computer screen to seek the Emergency Data]
Batman: Radiological. Metropolis.
[a picture of Joker and Harley Quinn and their location in Metropolis are shown]
Lex Luthor: [chuckles] I can see the headlines: "Justice League Fails; Clown Kills Millions"...
Batman: You gave him a nuke?!
Lex Luthor: Most of the League dies...And Superman's beloved city is vaporized...I console the masses by offering to rebuild it. In my own image of cou- [Nightwing interrupts by knocking him out]
Nightwing: He was done.
Batman: This is Batman! Code Red! Everyone to these coordinates NOW!
[next scene shows the Joker and Harley in the heart of Metropolis preparing the bomb]
The Joker: Baldy said to... [he finishes the sequence] There we are...
Harley Quinn: [overjoyed] Mr. J! It works. [she rejoices until she notices Batman coming] Uh-oh..
The Joker: Back to the van, Harley. Bats and I need to talk.
Harley Quinn: But, puddin'... [he slaps her]
The Joker: Go. No one likes a third wheel. [Batman arrives] Batman! My coeur des coeur! My pomme de frites! I knew that ape Deathstroke couldn't kill you!
Batman: Too bad for you. [he steps back when the bomb indicates it is armed]
The Joker: Why so jumpy? I merely took it off standby.[points a the green button in the trigger] It's this button you gotta worry about.
[Just then Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl arrive]
Hawkgirl: [spotting Batman and Joker] There they are!
Wonder Woman: Keep him talking, Bruce.
Green Lantern: [Flash tries to keep up with Green Lantern who is carrying Aquaman and Green Arrow.] Don't wait for us, Barry! Go! [Flash nods and speeds up]
Batman: You push that button and eight million die.
The Joker: Eight million and two, darling. I was going to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance...But now that you're here... What say we have one last dance...
[The scene slows down as Batman charges the Joker while the League finally reaches them. Strangely, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker become engulfed in blue auras of energy before vanishing just as Batman collides with the Joker. Batman knocks the Joker down before he notices they are in a parallel dystopian Metropolis]
The Joker: Wuh? [he checks the trigger and realizes something wrong with it] What the hell's the matter with this thing?! [keeps smacking the trigger as it seems it did not activate nor have any signal to detonate. He gives up and sternly looks at Batman.] This is somehow your fault! [Angrily, Joker tosses the trigger and decides to punch Batman.]
Batman: Metropolis... And yet... [he blocks Joker's incoming fist and pushes him aside]
The Joker: Maybe I was too sentimental before. I'll be fine without you. [the two fight and Batman wins]
Batman: Now stay down... [Joker charges at him, but Batman pins him down] and keep quiet.
[but suddenly, Regime soldiers surround them]
Regime Soldier Leader: Hands Up! I said hands up, Bat-Freak! Do it or you're dead!
The Joker: Now that's funny!
[Batman is about to surrender, but activates a supersonic disruptor which causes all the soldiers and the Joker to double over in pain. Batman throws a smoke grenade, allowing himself and the Joker to escape. Next scene shows Batman in a rooftop looking a group of Regime Soldiers arresting amateurs]
Soldier #1: Amateurs... Next time wipe your drive.
Soldier #2: They're not Insurgents?
Soldier #1: Just some punks. Like that Joker Clan idiot we almost had. Still can't believe we friggin' lost Batman...
Soldier #2: Yeah... Let's hope the Big Boss doesn't find out...
Batman': [to himself] I'm in a nightmare.

Chapter 2: Green Lantern[edit]

Green Lantern: Gotham. Sort of.
Green Arrow: So... Temporal displacement? Alternate Earth?
Wonder Woman: Could be either. We may have jumped to a different dimension. Or, events in our own timeline have changed and we're in a new, altered present.
Aquaman: We need to determine which. Soon. If Joker's bomb detonated, we have to get back.
Green Arrow: The Watchtower should have picked up any anomalies, right?
Wonder Woman: The Watchtower might not exist. I can't make contact.
Green Lantern: We need to find out. Once my ring is charged I can get us there.
Aquaman: The Atlantis archives. If this is an altered timeline, we might find a record of the triggering event there.
Green Arrow: Assuming there's an Atlantis.
Wonder Woman: It's worth investigating. Let’s you and I check things out here.
Green Lantern: Ring. Where's the nearest power battery?
Power Ring: The Ferris Aircraft facility in Coast City.
Green Lantern: Well at least that hasn't changed... Stay low. I'll be back a-sap. [Green Lantern goes to the Ferris Aircraft to charge his ring] Where did you say the battery was?
Power ring: Carol Ferris's office. Left at the next hallway, third door on the right.
Green Lantern: It's the fourth door...
[Green Lantern suddenly hears screaming and runs to a door where he hears some familiar voices]
Regime Cyborg: Pretty tough, aren't you?
Insurgency Deathstroke: I'm not afraid of you... children...
Regime Raven: Yes you are. I can feel it.
Green Lantern: Raven? Cyborg?
[Scene cuts to an alternate version of Deathstroke being tortured by twisted versions of Cyborg and Raven]
Regime Raven: This is your final chance to accept the High Councilor's amnesty, Deathstroke...
Insurgency Deathstroke: Get "re-educated" in your boot camp... become a puppet... like you?
[Regime Raven zaps Deathstroke]
Regime Cyborg: The Boss is bein' generous. I wouldn't be. Most of the Titans died in Metropolis five years ago.
Insurgency Deathstroke: I had nothing to do with that...
Regime Cyborg: Doesn't matter. You're still on the wrong side of the law.
Insurgency Deathstroke: Tell this... to your boss... [spits at them]
[Regime Raven continues to torture Deathstroke only for Green Lantern to stop her]
Green Lantern: This how things work here?
Regime Cyborg: So you're green again?
Regime Raven: Something's not right... He's Hal Jordan. Yet...
Green Lantern: Stand down. You're done here.
Regime Cyborg: Definitely not ours.
Regime Raven: You feel his pain? Not yet...
[She zaps Green Lantern and he gets caught in some dark restrains]
Regime Cyborg: After we're done with Deathstroke, how 'bout the three of us go talk to the High Councilor.
[Green Lantern uses his ring to free himself causing Cyborg to be knocked aside]
Regime Raven: Enough. Whoever you are... You're under arrest.
[She and Green Lantern begin to fight, with Green Lantern winning]
Green Lantern: Guess I won't be getting lip from her... [to Cyborg] Now who's this High Councillor...The one who's turned you into a second-rate thug.
Regime Cyborg: I'll show you second-rate...
Green Lantern: Talk. You. Now.
Regime Cyborg: Okay. Let's talk about the mess o' trouble you're in... [blast Lantern with his cannon] And how I'm gonna knock that head sideways. [they fight]
Green Lantern: [defeating Cyborg] Head's still on straight. [approaches Deathstroke]
Insurgency Deathstroke: ...Damn...Scum... [Green Lantern frees him] You shoulda killed me. [Lantern tries to give him a hand but Deathstroke refuses] Get off me!
Green Lantern: Look I'm not with them-
Insurgency Deathstroke: Whoever you are...They know you now...They catch you...You have the stones to refuse their amnesty?
Green Lantern: Who are they working for?
Insurgency Deathstroke: Who's the only one who can keep metas like them in line?
Wonder Woman: [voice over communicator] Hal, are you there? Hal!
Green Lantern: [answering] Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman: You'd better get back here fast. Sinestro's here.
Green Lantern: Sinestro?!
Wonder Woman: He's attacking citizens who are... [communication is interrupted by offscreen battle]
Green Lantern: On my way. I need to charge my ring, [to Deathstroke] then you and I are gonna take a little trip- [notices annoyed that Deathstroke as gone]
[next scene shows Wonder Woman and Green Arrow fighting Sinestro. Wonder Woman tries to attack him, but Sinestro grabs her with a giant hand construct. Green Arrow tries to shoot a arrow on him, but Sinestro knocks him out.]
Regime Sinestro: [forms a axe construct] I'll be happy to see Green Arrow die again... [throws the axe on Arrow, but Lantern blocks with a anvil construct] Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, now Hal Jordan? This just keeps getting better. [tries to attack Hal, who defends himself] You amuse me, Jordan. [continues attacking Hal with more constructs]
Green Lantern: [avoiding Sinestro's missile construct] Eat this, Sinestro! [knocks him away with a bus construct] Oppressing your home planet isn't enough Sinestro?
Regime Sinestro: The One Earth government is similar to mine on Korugar. An alliance was logical. So for now I tolerate humans. Even Hal Jordan.
Green Lantern: My doppelganger has joined your side...
Regime Sinestro: As do all who wish to live.
[Green Lantern defeats Regime Sinestro]
Green Lantern: I'm resisting arrest. Again. [goes to Wonder Woman] You okay?
Wonder Woman: Hal...!
[Green Lantern's alternate counterpart appears but as a Yellow Lantern]
Yellow Lantern: Someone call me?
Green Lantern: You're Sinestro Corps?
Yellow Lantern: Sinestro's right. Fear's more effective than willpower.
Green Lantern: So you ditched green and went yellow. The color of cowardice.
[The two lanterns blast their ring powers against each other]
Yellow Lantern: I'm still about Order. Like the Guardians.
[Wonder Woman gets up, but Yellow Lantern notices and blasts her. Green Lantern blasts some arrows at his alternate counterpart, but Yellow Lantern forms a shield to protect himself]
Green Lantern: I'm sure they're very proud of you.
Yellow Lantern: Sanctimony is easy when you don't know what--
Green Lantern: Save it. Time to kick my ass. [he and Yellow Lantern fight and Green Lantern wins] Well, that was surreal.
Wonder Woman: And a bit disturbing.
Green Arrow: Yeah. All that Yellow's really tough in the eyes.
[they hear incoming Police]
Wonder Woman: We need to move.
[they walk over a alley nearby]
Green Arrow: Hiding from the cops... Aren't there any good guys here?
[Insurgency Batman is encountered]
Green Lantern: There just might be...
[meanwhile, in the Prime Dimension, Cyborg and Flash try to trace their misplaced colleagues in the Watchtower communicators]
Superman: Nothing yet?
Cyborg: The energy signature from the park doesn't match anything in our database.
The Flash: Why don't I just vibrate at the same frequency as the energy signature and follow them?
Superman: Because we don't know if they went somewhere dangerous--
Cyborg: Or if they went anywhere at all. Superman's right. It's too risky.
The Flash: Too bad I wasn't fast enough to catch them in the first place...
Superman: We'll find them. We have to.

Chapter 3: Aquaman[edit]

[Aquaman arrives in Atlantis and meets a Atlantian Archivist]
Archivist: [bowing at him] A pleasure most rare, Your Highness.
Aquaman: I need information on surface world governance. History and current structure.
Archivist: Ah. For the treaty negotiations with the High Councilor?
Aquaman: Yes. The treaty discussions.
Archivist: I'm afraid our resources are limited. Superman has been less willing to reveal his regime's inner workings.
Aquaman: Tell me what you know. Recount the events of his ascension. A thorough review might illuminate new strategies for negotiations.
Archivist: I am humbled, Sire. Five years ago the criminal Joker deceived Superman into killing his wife and unborn son and destroying Metropolis. Consumed by grief, Superman killed the Joker.
Aquaman: Yes... We all remember where we were that day...
Archivist: Afterward he showed no restraint. Judge, jury and executioner, he and other like-minded metahumans quickly reined in the criminal element.
Aquaman: Which made him quite popular.
Archivist: The surface world was desperate for strong leadership. Superman consolidated his power. He created the One Earth government. Democratic institutions were swept away.
[a Atlantian Guard arrives]:
Atlantian Guard: Sire. The High Councilor's envoys await you in the throne room.
[Aquaman heads to the Throne Room and encounters alternate versions of The Flash and Shazam]
Aquaman: [greeting them] Flash... Shazam... Welcome.
Regime Shazam: Your Highness. It's an honor to meet you.
Regime Flash: And to be the first surface people to visit Atlantis.
Aquaman: Yes. We have important matters to discuss. The treaty.
Regime Flash: The final draft. Superman is glad you've agreed to his terms.
Aquaman: May I?
[Flash hands him the treaty to Aquaman, who, after reading it, is upset to learn what the treaty was about]
Regime Shazam: Is there a problem, Your Highness?
Aquaman: This is complete subjugation. Superman will rule Atlantis!
Regime Flash: It's what you agreed to. It's what we expect.
Aquaman: You threaten me? Tread carefully.
Regime Flash: We have our orders.
[Flash and Shazam try to stop Aquaman, who has Shazam striking Flash with a lightning bolt and knocks him out with his fist. Flash tries to fight back against Aquaman, who counters and headbutts him]
Aquaman: You can tell Superman... He will not have Atlantis! [he and Flash fight and Aquaman wins] Your order be damned. [Shazam recovers and continues fighting him] Let's not take this any further. I want to talk to Superman.
Regime Shazam: You don't "talk" to Superman. You do what he wants. And you're gonna do what you promised.
[he and Aquaman fight, but Aquaman wins]
Aquaman: You two make sorry diplomats.
[a group of Atlantian guards and Regime Aquaman appear]
Atlantian Guard: There he is, Sire.
Aquaman: Well then. Parallel dimension it is.
Regime Aquaman: Who do you work for, usurper? Manta? Ocean Master?
Aquaman: I'm the king of Atlantis! I answer to no one. Unlike you.
Regime Aquaman: Mind your tongue.
Aquaman: You would give away your kingdom like a pair of worn boots? To a surface dweller?!
Regime Aquaman: The treaty requires Superman to maintain Earth's oceans. And recognize our autonomy.
Aquaman: You put your army at his beck and call.
Regime Aquaman: A necessary compromise.
Aquaman: More like appeasement!
Regime Aquaman: I grow tired of this. Take him!
[the Atlantians try to fight Aquaman, but Aquaman defeats them all one by one. The two Aquamen begin to fight]
Aquaman: I had planned to offer you help. I've changed my mind. [continues fighting his counterpart and defeats him] Now let's discuss a revised foreign policy.
[more Guards arrive]
Regime Aquaman: Kill him!
[Suddenly, just as Aquaman takes down one guard, a red aura freezes all but Aquaman]
Aquaman: What now...
Insurgency Ares: [appearing before Aquaman] They do tend to fight first, don't they... Though I may have stoked the fires a bit...
Aquaman: Ares. Why are you here?
Insurgency Ares: I feed on conflict. Until today I'd been starving. I sensed the return of aggression, and sought its cause.
Aquaman: You did more than that. You brought us here.
Insurgency Ares: No. But I can guess who did.
Aquaman: My fire doesn't need stoking, Ares! Tell me who.
Insurgency Ares: You presume to command me?
Aquaman: I do. And you will obey! [they fight, and Aquaman wins] You're weak, Ares.
Insurgency Ares: Superman's reign has nearly eliminated conflict. Left me virtually powerless...
Aquaman: So if you didn't bring us here, who did?
Insurgency Ares: Those who would end Superman's reign. The Insurgents.
Aquaman: Heroes?
Insurgency Ares: Only one. All other heroes who challenged Superman have been eliminated.
Aquaman: He killed them... And the only ones left are those who joined him?
Insurgency Ares: Along with a small cadre of former villains, whose loyalty was either bought- or coerced.
Aquaman: I need to join my colleagues.
Insurgency Ares: They're with the Insurgents as we speak.
Aquaman: Send me to them.
[in the Insurgency Base, Green Arrow is about to take a Super-pill, until everyone is stunned with Aquaman's sudden appearance]
Green Lantern: How'd you get here?
Aquaman: Ares. [to Wonder Woman] Not our Ares.
Green Arrow: We know. Meet Not-Our-Batman.
Insurgency Batman: [coming in] I was wondering how to retrieve you from Atlantis.
Aquaman: [as Green Arrow takes the pill] Headache?
Green Arrow: Trying to prevent one...
Insurgency Batman: It's a durability enhancer. 5-U-93-R.
Aquaman: How can a pill-
Insurgency Batman: Kryptonian nanotech. Increases the tensile strength of bone and tissue by several thousand percent.
Green Arrow: Bats can tell you the rest later, if you're having trouble sleeping... He borrowed the recipe from Superman. Supes gives it to his flunkies.
Aquaman: Yes. I met a couple of our evil twins.
Insurgency Batman: They're not evil. Most obey Superman out of fear...or they believe he's right and have lost perspective.
Aquaman: So you're the only one left...
Insurgency Lex Luthor: [coming in] Not the only one...
Aquaman: What is this?!
Green Arrow: How are you even alive?
Insurgency Batman: He's with me.
Insurgency Lex Luthor: Unlike your Luthor, I never indulged in law-breaking. Superman doesn't suspect his best friend is funding the Insurgency.
Insurgency Batman: Luthor's involvement is a secret. People critical of Superman disappear. Government officials, activists, reporters...
Wonder Woman: Well now that we're all here, explain why you chose us.
Green Arrow: And why you didn't ask before yankin' us over. We were kinda busy.
Insurgency Lex Luthor: The nuclear bomb? It didn't go off. Your transfer somehow prevented it.
Green Arrow: How do you know about--
Insurgency Lex Luthor: We've been monitoring your world for some time. You four specifically.
Insurgency Batman: I have a take down Superman. A Kryptonite-based laser that-
Green Lantern: [interrupting] Hold on...a Kryptonite weapon? You kill him, you're no better than he is.
Insurgency Batman: I didn't say "kill". It'll incapacitate him. Nothing more. The weapon's in the Batcave. I need your DNA to unlock it.
[meanwhile, at the Fortress of Solitude, Wonder Woman oversees Superman's work on Doomsday]
Regime Wonder Woman: The collar's working. Good. Re-education wasn't going to affect him.
Regime Superman: [simple nod] Mm.
Regime Wonder Woman: You sure you don't want me to stay? [Superman does not answer] Kal...I know you didn't lose your super-hearing... Are you okay with this? With us?
Regime Superman: Of course.
Regime Wonder Woman: I'm not trying to replace her. I just thought we-
Regime Superman: I know. [Stands up and comforts her] Go on. I'm fine.
Regime Wonder Woman: I'm going. I just came to tell you Lantern's-
Regime Superman: ...on his way in. Guess my super-hearing is working.
[she leaves and Yellow Lantern comes in]
Yellow Lantern: [about Diana's dress] High Councillor. Love Diana's new look. [Superman gives a simple nod] We have a problem. I ran into Diana's twin. And someone who looked a lot like Oliver Queen. And Hal Jordan.
Regime Superman: [changes expression] Find them. And any others that might be out there. I want to know everything.

Chapter 4: The Joker[edit]

[Meanwhile at Gotham City, a Regime vehicle stops in that area as we see Joker driving it with a dead Regime officer at the passenger seat.]
The Joker: Thanks for the ride. You're a funny guy. [Pauses as if he's talking to him] Are you sure the old gang lives around here? [Pauses again] True... Here they could be dead. [Pause again but this time he pretends to make a surprise gasps] Law-abiding?! Bite your tongue! [Joker gets out of the Regime vehicle while Batman looks at him from above. Joker looks around and see a graffiti of his face and name.] Interesting... My fame precedes me! [Just then as he hears the subway train from above, he turns around to see Batman flying towards him but Joker manages to kick him, knocking him down.] [laughing] Right in the belfry! [Batman tries to get up] Please, don't go...
Batman: [weakly] Shut it, clow---arrgh....!
The Joker: Awww, did you hurt your leg? How 'bout a broken neck to go with it. [They fight and The Joker wins] And now my sour-faced flying rodent... Let’s put a smile on that puss. [the Joker is about to dish Batman's face with toxic spray, but is interrupted when he sees two familiar figures flying towards them from above] Such a beautiful moment can't be rushed... [Slams Batman's face on the ground and pats his hand on Batman's head] Don't go cheering up without me!
[Joker hides behind one of the buildings and watches Yellow Lantern and Regime Hawkgirl landing near the injured Batman]
Yellow Lantern: Batman. S'been a while.
Regime Hawkgirl: [grabs him] On your feet. Let's go.
Batman: I don't think so Hawkgirl- [he fights back, but Yellow Lantern pushes him, knocking him unconscious]
The Joker: And me without my camera. I coulda gotten ten million hits!
[At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman is testing Regime Doomsday if the collar works to control him.]
Regime Superman: Right foot. [Doomsday obeys] Perfect. [Just then his communicator starts to beep as he answers it.] Yes.
Yellow Lantern: [communicator voice] Superman. Good news. We've captured Batman.
Regime Superman: I'm on my way.
[Back at Gotham, Yellow Lantern and Regime Hawkgirl carry the unconscious Batman and take him away in the sky while Joker came out of hiding looking at them]
The Joker: Ooh, I miss him already...Now where was I before I was so rudely-
Insugency Harley Quinn: [coming in] Pumped full o' lead?
The Joker: [noticing Harley in a different form] Harley?
Insugency Harley Quinn: HarLEEN. A little bird told me some creep was dressed up like the Joker, fighting a Batman wannabe. You got the look. And a lotta nerve. What you don't have is the right. [nudges the Joker] Joker was a hero. You're not fit to lick his boutonniere!
The Joker: Harley, it's me! I'm the Joker! Look, it sez so right here on my underwear... [checks his pants and Harley shoots behind him]
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [angered] Not funny, creep... No one pretends to be my Mister J!
[Joker and Harley fight, with the Joker winning]
The Joker: Have we calmed down?
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [surprised] It'! The way you... move... The way you...
The Joker: Pummel?
Insurgency Harley Quinn: Well...yeah!
The Joker: It's the love. You could feel the love, right?
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [hold his hand to get back up] I myself again...Joker's dead, but...You're...
The Joker: This isn't my Gotham, but I'm the Joker, my dear. Am I your Joker? Harley?
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [begins to smile and cheers up] Puddin'! [Gives a hug and then hold hands] C'mon. There's some people who gotta meet you.
[While Harleen walks with Joker happily while holding Joker's hand, humming even, the scene changes at Stryker Island where Regime Superman and Regime Wonder Woman are walking towards the jail cell where Batman is being held while multiple Regime guards form a line to greet him. Inside the jail, Yellow Lantern has already unmasked Batman and removes his utility belt while Batman is being chained up the wall from his hands and legs.]
Yellow Lantern: Okay, Bruce... Ready for visitors? Want a comb?
[As the door opens Regime Superman and Regime Wonder Woman enters while Regime Superman scans him while Bruce is in shock.]
Regime Wonder Woman: Nice work, Hal. How did--
Regime Superman: It's not him.
Yellow Lantern: What?
Regime Superman: His DNA matches Bruce Wayne's, but his vitals are all wrong. [confronting Bruce] You're one of the duplicates. Tell me why you're here.
[Back at Gotham, Joker is standing on top of the stage at the abandon Arkham Asylum Mess Hall where Harleen and the Joker Clan are cheering for Joker and hearing his speech]
The Joker: I love what you've done with the place. Arkham has never looked better. [The crowd cheers for him while Harleen claps for him.] Dear members of the Joker Clan... You know the truth about the Metropolis Incident. Superman killed those people. Then he tried to kill me. [The crowd starts booing and shows thumbs down about this matter] I admire the work you've done in my name...Disturbances... distractions... General pains in Superman's buttocks. [Some of the members start to laugh about it] But let's think bigger...
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [love-struck] Ain't he dreamy...
The Joker: [Joker moves away from the podium and blows a kiss at Harleen and continues the speech] Harley tells me Superman made this pill for his thugs. Then Bat-Boy's Insurgents got some. Now we have them too. [shows out the pill] With these a bus can fall on us and we won't be hurt! Slapstick at its finest! [The crowd cheers as Joker takes the pill and swallows it. Joker then kneels down and asks them to be silence before he finishes his speech.] From now on we'll be more than a nuisance. The barking dog will become a rampaging elephant. The whoopie cushion, a land mine! The Joker...a King! [The crowd starts to cheer for him until the walls of Arkham Asylum break down as Regime soldiers come down shooting everyone. Joker manages to sucker punch one of the soldiers and toss him down the stage. Suddenly another Regime soldier appears and shoots at Joker but to Joker's surprise he is still alive, uninjured.] I should be dead! Thanks, Happy Pill!
[As Joker grabs the soldier's gun to hit him back, Regime Hawkgirl and Regime Nightwing enter in the fray. However, Nightwing does not see Joker and runs pass him while joining the fight but Hawkgirl notices him and grabs him up in the air. Harleen tries to saves Joker by shooting her down but Hawkgirl is too high for her to get hit. With no other choice, Harleen takes out a device that she receives from Insurgent Batman and press it to call for reinforcements.]
Regime Hawkgirl: Back from the grave? Should kept that suit buried.
The Joker: It's not my Sunday best, but it's comfortable... and functional. [An acid squirt comes out from his boutonniere and hits Hawkgirl's face. She drops The Joker and they prepare to fight]
Regime Hawkgirl: I'm gonna enjoy giving you to Superman.
The Joker: Oh, not tonight, dear. You have a headache. [They fight and The Joker wins] Lovely girl, if you can get past the feathers.
[Patting his knife on his hands, Joker decides to cut her wings off. Just then, Regime Nightwing notices him after taking down one of the Joker Clan members.]
Regime Nightwing: Joker!
[Before Joker manages to cut her wings, he is knocked away by Nightwing's Batarang. Joker then decides to use his playing cards.]
The Joker: Pick a card!
[Joker tosses his cards at Regime Nightwing and they explode after multiple cards connect to him. However, Nightwing does not give up.]
Regime Nightwing: Jokers die here! [he runs towards the Joker again, but the Joker continues tossing cards at him and exploding them, forcing him to back away] I'LL KILL YOU, CLOWN BOY!! [he runs towards the Joker again, but the Joker continues tossing cards at him and exploding them, forcing him to back away. Then, the Joker tosses the remaining cards, but this time, Nightwing dodges and gets close to the Joker]
The Joker: So the Bat-Brat joined Superman... Tell me: Who's boots are tastier to lick?
Regime Nightwing: Batman's a criminal. Just like you.
The Joker: Nothing like me.
Regime Nightwing: So you're a hero where you come from?
The Joker: Oh no, dear boy. It's just that Batman corrupts young minds. While I... bash them out of their skulls. [they fight, and the Joker wins] I'll have to tell Batman... there's been a death in the family.
[Joker is about to kill Regime Nightwing but he is interrupted by Insurgent Batman and the Prime Heroes’ arrival. Regime Hawkgirl (who happens to wake up during Joker's battle) is battling one of the Joker Clan's members is surprised by this and gets a couple of hits by Aquaman. Unable to fight back, she decides to retreat while flying towards Regime Nightwing's side.]
Regime Hawkgirl: We're outnumbered! Let's go!
[She takes her gun and shoots above and retreats from above while carrying the unconscious Nightwing; leaving an angry Joker unable to kill them both while he had the chance. Once everything settles down, while the Joker clan tries to regroup and helping the survivors, Insurgent Batman and Wonder Woman meet up with Harleen, whose emergency device is still on.]
Insurgency Batman: You can turn that off now.
Insurgency Harley Quinn: [she does so] Thanks for the assist, Bats.
[Suddenly, Joker walks casually towards them while putting his hands onto Harleen as the others are not pleased to see him]
The Joker: Hi gang! What'll we do now? Anyone up for pancakes?
Wonder Woman: [angrily] Joker! [she holds him]
The Joker: What. Ow! Why does she hate pancakes?
Insurgency Batman: What are you playing at, Harleen? What's he doing here?
Insurgency Harley Quinn: Mister J can be a big help to us-
Green Arrow: So you came on our little field trip...
Aquaman: And I'm guessing he didn't arrive alone. Where's Batman?
The Joker: [about the alternate Batman] There's one. Right there!
[Unamused, Wonder Woman pulls his arm again, paining him.]
Insurgency Batman: Your eyes. Pure evil. Just like his.
The Joker: Who? Superman? His flying friends took Batman. My Batman. Our. Batman.
Insurgency Batman: Quiet! Or I'll cuff you and leave you for the police.
The Joker: Then why did you save me from them? [gets his arm pulled up again by Wonder Woman] Ow!
Green Lantern: Batman's been captured. We gotta bust him out.
Insurgency Batman: To free your Batman, we need to complete our mission."
Insurgency Harley Quinn: Oh! I love a good mission!
Insurgency Batman: Negative. You and your clan lay low. You're a target now. [he then turns to Joker and grabs him from Diana] And you're too dangerous to run free. More of them will be here soon. Go. I'll catch up with you.
The Joker: [while being dragged away by Insurgent Batman] I don't like you.
[Back at the Prime Dimension, Superman, Flash and Cyborg are in the Watchtower finally found their missing teammates at the meeting hall.]
Superman: So you found them. A parallel dimension...Now how do wet get there?
The Flash: We don't. We pull them here.
Superman: No risk to an away team... Good. Still the same problem, though...How do we do it?
Cyborg: With this. [clicks one of the controls and a screen pops up showing a 3D device.] We're gonna modify my Cosmic Treadmill. Pull them all back at once. [both Superman and Flash nods in agreement] We've got some work to do.
[Back at the Injustice Universe, somewhere in Metropolis, Insurgent Luthor is standing on the rooftop looking at the full moon above while Insurgent Deathstroke, who is in full armor, walk towards him]
Insurgency Lex Luthor: Beautiful. Isn't it?
Insurgency Deathstroke: The moon? Or it's light shining off your bald head?
Insurgency Lex Luthor: I'm pleased you wanted to meet. You're finally ready to join our little club?
Insurgency Deathstroke: Business is bad. Being hunted is worse.
Insurgency Lex Luthor: After so many refusals... why now?
Insurgency Deathstroke: [short pause] They made it personal.

Chapter 5: Green Arrow[edit]

(Insurgency Batman and his teammates reach the Batcave, but are hindered by the laser lighting. Insurgency Batman tries to deactivate the laser.)

Green Arrow: Must have been some party. Superman did this?
Insurgency Batman: Exposed my identity and froze all WayneTech assets. Made Bruce Wayne a non-person.
Green Arrow: I still can't believe he lost it this bad. Even with what Joker did.
Insurgency Batman: In Superman's mind, he destroyed Metropolis.
Green Arrow: I'm not followin'...
Insurgency Batman: Somehow Joker altered Superman's mind so he believed he was fighting Doomsday... but it was Lois.
Aquaman: (in shock) No...
Insurgency Batman: Joker linked the nuke's trigger to Lois's heartbeat. When she and the baby died, Metropolis died with them.
Wonder Woman: Superman was vulnerable. Probably for the first time in his life.
Green Lantern: (Looking at Wonder Woman) His fear won out.
Insurgency Batman: Green Arrow (Insurgency) died trying to explain that to him.
Green Arrow: Alright. Movin' on.(The laser gets deactivated and they start going towards the Batcave.) What's with all the security? I mean, he already trashed the place.
Insurgency Batman: (turning towards Green Arrow) Would you take any chances with me? I need to crank up the Batcave's back-up generator. (Towards Aquaman) You're with me. (Towards other three) You three secure the Batcave entrance. It's in the study.(Everyone agrees.)
Green Arrow: That's a great plan, Spooky, but, uh, isn't this your show?
Insurgency Batman: Splitting up saves time. And you're best suited to take out the automated sentry guns.
Green Arrow: Alright then. Operation Thunder Eagle Lighting... whatever... is underway! (Green Lantern and Wonder Woman accompany Green Arrow, while Insurgency Batman and Aquaman proceed in their way. All of a sudden, they halt at an entrance to check if the coast was clear.) Over there! (They move further.)
Green Lantern: Cold... (and he moves forward, slowly, trying to open the door.) SHHHH! (a wave of ice is forced, pushing Green Lantern to bang on the opposite wall. Green Lantern falls.)
Green Arrow: Oh shit... (he reveals himself and shoots an arrow at Regime Killer Frost, only to be stopped by her.) Killer Frost!
Regime Killer Frost: (alongside Regime Solomon Grundy) Grundy! Play time!
Regime Solomon Grundy: Arrow Man! (He walks towards Green Arrow, while Regime Killer Frost walks towards Wonder Woman. Green Arrow strikes a trick arrow on Grundy.)
Green Arrow: Oh shit. (Grundy lifts Green Arrow and fights with him.)
Regime Solomon Grundy: Arrow man hurt Grundy! (Green Arrow shoots an array of arrows at Grundy.) GRUNDY HURT ARROW MAN! (They continue fighting. Green Arrow wins.)
Green Arrow: Huh... looks like the Indestructo pill works. (Wonder Woman continues tackling Killer Frost, while Green Lantern recovers and moves.) Aw, for the love-a... Lantern! Grand Slam! (Green Lantern does so on Grundy, and knocks him out of the building.) You kids have fun! Stay outta the street!
(Killer Frost freezes Wonder Woman into an iceberg.)
Regime Killer Frost: Stupid Amazon. (An arrow is struck at the iceberg, defreezing and relieving Wonder Woman.)
Green Arrow: That wasn't very nice, Snowflake. (They both fight. Green Arrow wins.) (A sigh...) Thought that'd warm me up...
Green Lantern: What did I miss? Everything cool?
Green Arrow: Frosty. How's Grundy? (He ties Killer Frost's hands.)
Green Lantern: Weightless. In orbit.
Wonder Woman: You didn't. (Insurgency Batman and Aquaman come in the scene.)
Insurgency Batman: Grundy's a zombie. He'll be fine. Let's go. It won't be long before Superman knows that we're here. (Batman walks ahead, followed by his teammates.)

(In Lexcorp, Lex Luthor and Superman have a talk in a meeting room)

Insurgency Lex Luthor: So you need some sort of scanner. To help identify these duplicates?
Regime Superman: Exactly. (He takes out a small device containing some data) This is data from the duplicate Batman I'm holing at Stryker's. (Lex Luthor takes it.)
Insurgency Lex Luthor: That's helpful. It's still going to take a few weeks.
Regime Superman: You'll figure it out. (With a lot of belief on Lex Luthor.) You always do.
Insurgency Lex Luthor: Glad to be of service. (Superman gets up and shakes hands with Lex Luthor before leaving.) No dinner this evening? Stephan has a new shipment of that Kansas beef.
Regime Superman: (with a little giggle) Next time. (and he leaves. He stops in between, with a brief pause.) These duplicates. Do you think there's a Lois where they came from?
Insurgency Lex Luthor: There was only one Lois. (Superman leaves.)

(Back in the Batcave, Batman leads his teammates to the Batcave through an elevator.)

Green Arrow: I've never seen the Batcave. Our Batcave, anyway. Should be...(Elevator's doors open.) interesting!

(They all walk into the Batcave's operational room.)

Aquaman: How did you hide anything in here from Superman? Looks like he was pretty thorough.
Insurgency Batman: The cave walls are injected with lead polymer. There's no way he could find what we're here for. (Initiates the system.)
Green Arrow: Sounds environmentally safe...
Green Lantern: You sure went to a lot of trouble. Between this and the DNA...
Insurgency Batman: Neutralizing Superman was not a call I could make alone. So I put the weapon in a vault that only opens by simultaneously sampling DNA from Superman's closest allies.
Green Arrow: Our counterparts.
Insurgency Batman: With my Green Arrow dead, and the others backing Superman's insanity, I needed you. Your matching DNA. (Batman walks to the wall where he had hidden his vault.) It's behind there. Lantern... (Green Lantern uses his green ring to drill open the wall. A small piece of rock fell. Pointing at it...) That one. (Green Lantern picks up the rock.)
Green Arrow: A rock... you're gonna throw a rock... at Superman... (Batman walks a little further to a spot. He takes a remote and presses a button to rip open the base, where the DNA sampling scanner was hidden, to unlock the vault.)
Insurgency Batman: (instructing everyone) Hands on the scanners. (Green lantern places that piece of rock(vault) containing the weapon.)
Green Arrow: Yellow?
Insurgency Batman: Computer... begin recognition scan... (The computer does so and breaks open the vault. Batman opens the case where the weapon set was placed.) That's it. Let's move. (Suddenly, a sound of explosion from the top of batcave. Pieces of rock falls. Batman hides the vault. Regime Black Adam and Regime Wonder Woman appear.)
Wonder Woman: You...
Regime Black Adam: Let your guard down at your peril. (Regime Black Adam attacks at Wonder Woman. Green Lantern and Aquaman run behind them. Green Arrow faces Regime Wonder Woman. He laughs.)
Regime Wonder Woman: Our Green Arrow was just as arrogant.
Green Arrow: An probably just as handsome. (Both of them fight. Green Arrow wins.) And another thing: Our Wonder Woman is better looking.(Aquaman tackles Regime Black Adam with his trident and they fight. Aquaman is overpowered.) Arthur... (Green Arrow strikes a trick arrow, while :Batman shoots his batrope at Regime Black Adam. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth at him and Green Lantern uses his ring, arresting Regime Black Adam.)
Green Lantern: That's enough, Adam. You're done.
Regime Black Adam: You presume too much... (Black Adam strikes his thunder, overpowering everyone except Green Arrow. Everyone faints, except Green Arrow.)
Green Arrow: Should'a seen that coming...
Regime Black Adam: Only one of you remains.
Green Arrow: Yeah, but I'm the one to beat. (Both of them fight. Green Arrow wins.) and Sparky makes four.
Insurgency Batman: (Looking at the weapon, which was burnt down by Adam's lightning) Damn.
Green Lantern: Can it be fixed?
Insurgency Batman: The Kryptonite's intact, but the optical resonator is beyond repair. Even with Luthor, we don't have enough resources to build a new one quickly.
Green Arrow: Looks like we're gonna need help. (Batman walks away.)

Chapter 6: Cyborg[edit]

[Meanwhile back at the prime dimension's Watchtower, Cyborg is doing some final adjustment on the Cosmic Treadmill. Superman just watches him while Flash is already on the Treadmill.]

SUPERMAN: Ready to test it?

CYBORG: Ready as we'll ever be. System's online... I'm linked up... (Goes to the controls) Flash, you ready?

FLASH: I'm on it!

[While the Flash runs as the Treadmill activates, Cyborg opens up his monitor screen as his control panel.]

CYBORG: Alright... let's crank it up!

[The Flash runs as fast as possible as the Treadmill's power becomes a bit larger. Cyborg then checks the wiring.]

CYBORG: The platform should lock on to their signatures and pull them back.

FLASH: Got it! I'm vibrating at the right frequency!

[Cyborg checks the panel again as it soon opens up an energy rift at the containment field.]

FLASH: How we doing?

SUPERMAN: (uses his eye vision to check) Containment field's up, but the levels are spiking!

[He's right as the containment field was overflowing with energy as Cyborg tries to control the situation.]

SUPERMAN: Cyborg, shut it down!

CYBORG: It's okay! I've got it!

[But unfortunately, this cause Cyborg to be caught in the energy rift, causing him to be teleported to the Insurgency's secret base as Cyborg looks around in confusion.]

CYBORG: Wonderful. Dunno whether to pat myself on the back or kick myself in the--

[Just then Cyborg was interrupted by two familiar voices as he checks it out while eavesdropping on them.]

I.LEX LUTHOR: Lexcorp is supplying equipment, but we're short on personnel.

I.DEATHSTROKE: The Joker Clan is reckless. Undisciplined.

I.LEX LUTHOR: The chaos they create is useful. We need more than power if we're going to take down Superman.

CYBORG: That's all I needed to hear! (Ready his weapon and rushes in to attack them.)

[Cyborg gets ready his weapon and begins to rush in to attack them without warning. Luckily, Insurgent Deathstroke notice him and pushes Insurgent Lex aside as both manages to dodges his attacks. Cyborg tries to shoot Slade but he dodges it again.]

I.Deathstroke: You said this place was secure!

I.Lex Luthor: Just keep him busy! (As he gets out of the way)

I.Deathstroke: With pleasure!

[Insurgent Slade ask him how Cyborg gets here but Cyborg tells him that he was teleported by accident. Insurgent Slade realize that he's from the prime dimension and decides to just go easy on him since he recalled from Insurgent Lex that he's the key into rebuilding the weapon to take down Regime Superman. But as for Cyborg, he didn't go as 'easy' as he does as Cyborg manages to take Insurgent Slade without sustaining any damage, not realizing he's not the Slade he knows of.]

CYBORG: Pleasure's all mine, Slade. Wish the other Titans could see this.

[Just then Insurgent Lex Luthor came with his armor suit.]

I.LEX LUTHOR: What do you think, Cyborg? Like yours, only better.

CYBORG: It's the man, not the machine, Luthor.

[What Cyborg didn't realize is that Insurgent Lex is using a prototype suit as he's not fully prepared for Cyborg's sudden attack. This gives Cyborg the upper hand that he needs to take down Lex but was confuse that this Lex wasn't using his own armor as the Lex in his world has.]

CYBORG: Wardrobe malfunction.

[Just then Insurgent Batman and the prime heroes came in.]

I.BATMAN: At ease, Cyborg.

CYBORG: Batman?

GREEN ARROW: Welcome to Oz, Tin Man.

CYBORG: All right. What did I miss?

I.BATMAN: It's a long story.

[Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Regime Superman and Regime Wonder Woman are checking around for clues on what the Insurgents are doing here. They then examine the pentagon area where Insurgent Batman gets his briefcase.]

R.WONDER WOMAN: He took a big chance coming back here. Why?

[Regime Superman scans the stone and tries to touch the inside of what's left of the rock. Suddenly he feels pain and weaken by it as Regime Diana helps him up. By closer inspection, Superman realizes the stone has Kryptonite entities in it, realizing what Insurgency Batman’s true intentions are.]

R.SUPERMAN: I have to flush them out. Now!

[Back at the Insurgency Meeting Room, the prime heroes with Insurgent Lex are sitting at the meeting table while Cyborg checks the broken weapon that Batman brought back.]

CYBORG: Alright. Let's rev up your transporter, fix the laser in our dimension.

GREEN LANTERN: And come back with reinforcements.

CYBORG: I'm sure I can--

I.BATMAN: (comes in) There's no time.

[He opens up the screen on the table as they watch Regime Superman on the news in a podium with the One Earth red wallpaper behind him.]

R.SUPERMAN: Five years ago a tragic event cost the lives of millions. Overwhelmed by guilt for the part he played in the destruction, he was driven mad. He became an agent of chaos; and enemy of peace and security. But no longer. The leader of the Insurgency will pay for his crimes...

GREEN LANTERN: Oh I don't like this.

R.SUPERMAN: At six P.M. local time, Batman will be executed at Stryker's Island. May Roo have mercy on his soul.

I.BATMAN: (switches off) Getting help will have to wait. Rescuing Batman just became our priority.

AQUAMAN: It's a trap.

I.BATMAN: Of course it is.

CYBORG: Then we'll have to be sneaky about it.

GREEN LANTERN: Sneaky how?

CYBORG: The Watchtower's teleporter.

[Insurgent Lex turns on the screen showing the map of Stryker's Island and beside the map shows 'Dampening field' that is color red. However most of the map was color red inside.]

I.LEX LUTHOR: Stryker's is equipped with teleportation dampeners.

CYBORG: But they only cover the building. Y'just have to get Batman outside.

GREEN ARROW: Straight through a brick wall. I'm in.

I.DEATHSTROKE: You'll need a diversion. To keep Superman occupied.

AQUAMAN: Leave that to me.

CYBORG: I'll take the teleporter. I'm the most qualified to work it... and... (As he disguises himself as Regime Cyborg) ...I can infiltrate their ranks.

I.DEATHSTROKE: I'm with you.

CYBORG: You and me? Working together? Not a chance.

I.LEX LUTHOR: The only way to access the Watchtower from Earth is the Hall of Justice.

I.BATMAN: And if your cover's blown, you'll need someone shadowing you.

[Cyborg just silences to think about it.]

I.DEATHSTROKE: I'm not asking permission.

CYBORG: But you will follow my lead.

[A cutaway scene shows the code been override as the doors opens revealing Cyborg and Insurgent Deathstroke inside the control center of the Hall of Justice.]

CYBORG: Communications should be over there. Re-route 'em like we talked about, and I'll get the teleporter access codes. (Goes to the control panels and hacks it) After you're done, make sure you--

I.DEATHSTROKE: This isn't my first drop, kid. I know the plan.

CYBORG: Then stick to it.

I.DEATHSTROKE: Whatever history we have with our counterparts, you and I have none.

CYBORG: I downloaded your history. You've tried to kill this world's Titans.

I.DEATHSTROKE: Only a couple times.

CYBORG: Then don't expect any warm fuzzies from me. (Finishes it) Meet at the teleporter in fifteen.

[He leaves leaving Insurgent Deathstroke to the work while Cyborg heads inside the Hall of Justice to check on the teleporter control pad. Unfortunately, someone else is about to appear in the teleporter]

CYBORG: (sighs) Not now...

[The person coming out from the teleporter is Regime Catwoman, in her more classic outfit.]

R.CATWOMAN: Hey, Victor.


[Before she could walk out the exit, she stops mid-track as she feels something not right with Cyborg's answer.]

R.CATWOMAN: You sick or something?

CYBORG: Uh... no... Fine.

[Knowing something's amiss, Regime Catwoman decides to test him.]

R.CATWOMAN: (flirting) We still on for tonight? ;)

CYBORG: Sorry. Gotta cancel. New orders.

R.CATWOMAN: Since when has that stopped you? (; <3

[Regime Catwoman keeps flirting with him while hugging him at the same time. This cause Cyborg to stop what he’s doing and decides to face her; playing along.]

CYBORG: Yeah! We've had some...wild times...

[It seems that both were about to kiss each other until...]

R.CATWOMAN: No we haven't! >:(

[Whoops... as Regime Catwoman manages to find a switch that expose Cyborg's disguise, reverting him back to his original form.]

R.CATWOMAN: You're one of them!

[Regime Catwoman tosses Cyborg aside as she gets prepared.]

R.CATWOMAN: Let’s see if I can find your 'off' button.

[Regime Catwoman uses her agility to take down Cyborg but despite her attacks, it doesn't seems to flinch Cyborg at all as his body was a bit too strong for her to leave a mark. Not fooling around, Cyborg manages to shock her when Catwoman grabs him again, causing her knock out without 'turning him off'.]

CYBORG: Well...I'm still turned on...

[As soon he was about to resume his work, suddenly his legs was forcefully ceased. He checks his screen as he realizes someone has shut down his legs in his neuro network system. This can only be done by the one person he knows as he hears a familiar voice behind him.]

R.CYBORG: Cyborg to Wonder Woman. I've found a duplicate of me.

[What Regime Cyborg doesn't know is that he's not speaking to the Regime Wonder Woman but to the other Wonder Woman; the Insurgent group might have seen this coming as a backup plan to shut down any reinforcements.]

WONDER WOMAN: (comm) Understood. Will send reinforcements. Wonder Woman out. :)

[As she ends her communication, Insurgent Lex and Wonder Woman look at each other with a smile as Regime Cyborg stands in front of his 'duplicate'.]

R.CYBORG: Don't mind me. Just hacking your neural network.

CYBORG: How 'bout I return the favor?

[Soon both Cyborg tries to hack each other’s' neuro network system but a minute later both screen short-circuit, setting both free.]

CYBORG: For real. Like men!

R.CYBORG: Fine by me!

[Both Cyborg have the knowledge and takes each other down while wrecking parts of the Hall of Justice. Like men they were evenly match even fooling each other that they wouldn't hack onto one another. However Regime Cyborg decides to cheat since he was impatient in waiting for reinforcements by hacking into his neuro network system. But the prime Cyborg knew this might happens which causes him to get shock the moment he tries to hack his system. This stuns him for a while as the prime Cyborg knocks him out with his energy cannon.]

CYBORG: Pummeled...Definitely not a good look for me.

I.Deathstroke: (Just came) You beat me to him.

CYBORG: Another contract lost.

I.Deathstroke: This one was personal.

CYBORG: I didn't think anything was personal with you.

I.Deathstroke: He made it personal when he tortured me.

[They both silence while Cyborg leaves with a death glare at him.]

Chapter 7: Deathstroke[edit]

Chapter 8: Batman[edit]

[Insurgency Batman and Green Arrow are walking towards the Stryker's Island prison when they are attacked by Regime Nightwing and Catwoman. Green Arrow and Nightwing fight while Catwoman lands on top of Insurgency Batman and flips him over down to the ground.]

Catwoman: Hello, Bruce. Still as handsome as ever.
Insurgency Batman: Save it, Selina.
Catwoman: I'm sorry, Bruce. I joined him to protect you. He said that if I helped find you, he'd-
Insurgency Batman: Spare me?
Catwoman: I didn't believe him, but it bought us time. I misdirected him.
Insurgency Batman: Small comfort for the ones who died in my place. [Throws Catwoman off and stands up]
Catwoman: Damn it, Bruce! Don't you any idea what I've... Do you think I'm here by coincidence? Let's leave; we can be free of him; be together.
Insurgency Batman: There is no "we" anymore.
Catwoman: Bastard.
Insurgency Batman: I have a job to do.
Catwoman: So do I.

[They fight, Insurgency Batman wins]

Insurgency Batman: You joined the wrong side, Selina.

[Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Regime Nightwing continue to fight]

Green Arrow: He took you in. Trained you. Sure, he can be an uptight jerk, but you abandoned him for Superman?!
Regime Nightwing: I'm not Dick Grayson.
Insurgency Batman: This is Damian Wayne.
Green Arrow: Wayne?
Regime Nightwing: His son. But Superman's been more of a father than you ever were.
Insurgency Batman: You stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson. He was my son. [They fight, Insurgency Batman wins] You're dead to me.

Chapter 9: Lex Luthor[edit]

Chapter 10: The Flash[edit]

[The Regime are at the Watchtower deciding on their next move]

Regime Wonder Woman: The duplicates. They've incited insurrection.
Regime Sinestro: We must suppress this filth. Willfulness leads to anarchy. It cannot be allowed to spread.
Regime Superman: I made them safe. Shielded them. But are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No... They whine. Complain. Side with those criminals. [stands up] If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them. Metropolis and Gotham. I'll flatten 'em. Set an example. Then I'm finding the dimension these duplicates came from. They'll pay for interfering.
Regime Shazam: Wait. We're wiping out entire cities? Invading worlds in other dimensions?!
Regime Superman: You have a problem, Billy?
Regime Shazam: Well, yeah... It's crazy. It's going too far.
Regime Wonder Woman: Man's world is incapable of self-rule. We will preserve order.
Regime Shazam: No... No... There have to be limits. Even on us. Especially on us!
Regime Superman: That's enough.
Regime Shazam: We can't do this. Have you gone nuts?! Lois would never want--[Superman furiously grabs Shazam by the throat when he mentions his wife] Sha-- [Superman freezes his mouth to prevent him from saying Shazam. He then uses his heat vision to burn his eyeballs through his skull. He then drops Shazam's body]]
Regime Superman: Anyone else? [The Regime does not say anything] Cyborg. Raven. Take control of all media broadcasts. I want everyone to see this. Wonder Woman. Hawkgirl. Adam. You're with me. Sinestro. Prepare your ground forces. Lantern. Flash. Get Doomsday ready. [The Regime then walks off. Solomon Grundy walks up next to Yellow Lantern and Flash as they look at Shazam's corpse]
Yellow Lantern: [to Solomon Grundy] Take him outside
Regime Solomon Grundy: Grundy dig hole. Grundy bury. [picks up Shazam's body. Flash touches Shazam's body in respect and watches as Grundy takes it away]
Regime Flash: He was right. This isn't what we signed up for.
Yellow Lantern: We did our job. We eliminated crime.
Regime Flash: Billy wasn't a criminal, he was--
Yellow Lantern: A casualty of war. Acceptable losses.
Regime Flash: Acceptable?! I let myself believe we were making things better. But we're not. I can't do this anymore. I'm done.

[He tries to leave, but Lantern grabs him]

Yellow Lantern: You have a death wish?! There's no 'done'!
Regime Flash: Maybe not for you. Goodbye, Hal. [He tries to speed away, but Yellow Lantern creates a wall construct to stop him.]
Yellow Lantern: You can't leave. [Regime Flash vibrates his molecules to go through] Barry, don't make me do this.

[Flash and Lantern fight, Flash wins]

Regime Flash: You didn't give me a choice, Hal.

Chapter 11: Wonder Woman[edit]

[Regime Wonder Woman is readying her Amazon army for battle]

Regime Wonder Woman: Haste, my sisters, we cast off within the hour! Take that to the Athena, sloop 51. After drop-off, meet at the south pier. Mora's team needs help with an inter-ship weapons transfer. Move!
Wonder Woman: Diana! Your army will stand down! They will not abet Superman's madness!
Regime Wonder Woman: You hold no sway here, pretender! I am in command!
Wonder Woman: You stain Amazon honor. We are to temper man's aggression, not enable it.
Regime Wonder Woman: After Metropolis, Superman showed me the truth. Man's aggression cannot be tempered, only quelled.
Wonder Woman: Slaughter the innocent? As Zeus fooled Hippolyta, Superman beguiles you!
Regime Wonder Woman: Your world's Amazons must be weak-willed if you are their queen!
Wonder Woman: We are to give service! Help the innocent! Save the lives of friend and foe! That is our way!
Regime Wonder Woman: You lecture me?! On the meaning of being Amazon?!
Wonder Woman: I don't seek to lecture, I seek to depose! [They fight, Wonder Woman wins] Now, to rebuild what you've destroyed. [The Amazon army surrounds her] Hold, my sisters, hold! While I am not of this world, I am Amazon, and I tell you now, this path is folly. We are to unite the world's people, lessen man's rages, overcome them, with compassion and love. [Points at Regime Wonder Woman] She has enabled one man to inflict his rage on an entire planet; let him be consumed by his darkest passions, rather than extricate him from despair. Sisters, let us return to the right side of history. Let us enter battle, but as humankind's protector, not its destroyer. We are Amazons. We are here to save mankind.

Chapter 12: Superman[edit]

[As the original Superman, after the battle with Doomsday, meets his Regime self.]
Regime Superman: I knew they'd pull you over, eventually. You don't belong here.
Superman: My obligations don't end at the borders of my dimension.
Regime Superman: I am this world's savior. I protect it.
Superman: [Referring to both the Regime's control of Earth and their attack on Metropolis.] That's what's happening out there? Protection?!
Regime Superman: Disobedient children will be punished.
Superman: [Incredulous] Children? We're not gods, we don't decide who lives and who dies.
Regime Superman: [Angry] The decision is mine! It became mine when Joker turned me into a weapon of mass destruction!
Superman: I know what you lost.
Regime Superman: And you judge me?! [Approaches Superman] After I've killed you, I'll bring Lois here. When she sees how I perfected this world, she'll-
Superman: [Firmly] She'll be afraid and disgusted!
Regime Superman: She'll be alive!
Superman: Lois' death doesn't justify-
Regime Superman: He stole her from me!
Superman: And you stole this planet's freedom! [Prepares to fight] It's time to give it back! [They fight, Superman wins] Your reign is over. [Regime Superman uses his Heat Vision against Superman, but he blocks it and responds with his own Heat Vision, then he dashes and tackles Regime Superman against the wall, punches him, throws him on the floor and finishes him with one last powerful punch] You won't terrorize these people any longer.
Regime Superman: Fear is the only thing these people understand... One day... you'll learn. [He faints. After a few moments, Green Lantern comes along with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Insurgency Batman. They, along with Superman, surround Regime Superman and he goes onto his knees. Then he looks at Batman.] You'll have to kill me.
Insurgency Batman: No. Not even you. There's been enough killing.


[Various cutscenes show members of the regime getting arrested, the Joker getting returned to his own world, and Cyborg visiting Lex Luthor's grave]

Insurgency Batman: Superman's accomplices have been rounded up, or turned themselves in. The next job is restoring civil order.
Superman: The transitional government has its hands full. We're here if they need help.
Insurgency Batman: Thanks, but no. The people need to know they're in control, not us.
Superman: So, you haven't changed your mind?
Insurgency Batman: I respect the President's offer, but I don't belong in government. None of us do.
Superman: You think Batman has a future here?
Insurgency Batman: Crime and corruption will return. Ollie would have called me a pessimist. I'm just being realistic.
Superman: And your Superman?
Insurgency Batman: He'll stand trial. They all will.

[Cut to Superman and Insurgency Batman looking at Regime Superman in prison]

Superman: He was right, you know.
Insurgency Batman: About what?
Superman: Put in the same position, I might have done the same thing. We never know what we're truly capable of.
Insurgency Batman: I hope for your world's sake, you never find out. [He and Superman proceed to walk away together from Regime Superman's prison] Just keep this in mind.
Superman: Yeah?
Insurgency Batman: If something ever happens, and you do lose it, I'm coming for you.
Superman: You'll have to get in line...

[The camera shows Regime Superman sitting in his red sun radiation prison. Close up of his face; his eyes glow red. The screen then goes black, then the credits roll.]

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