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Inkheart is a 2009 fantasy film, directed by Iain Softley, based on the novel by Cornelia Funke.

Directed by Iain Softley.
Every story ever written is just waiting to become real.


  • Who's the driver? Dad. Who's the navigator? Me. Have I ever got us lost before?
  • Toto, you're gonna get me in trouble!
  • Yes, I do. And I also know what they say about talking to strangers.
  • You can stay with us. [beat] It was mom's idea.
  • Stupid? You're the one who thinks he's in a dream. I was just trying to be nice. Go back to your muttering then. See if I care.
  • Why is every bookstore we go to a thousand years old?
  • I have Mo's gift.
  • [to Dustfinger] You're afraid.
  • Don't worry Toto; you're just not in Kansas anymore.
  • You don't know what I can do...and neither do I.


  • Well, that makes sense, you speaking weasel.
  • The written word is a powerful thing.
  • Hey, look! A sasquatch!
  • I don't read aloud anymore.
  • I'm warning you. I have no control over what comes and goes.
  • I can't send you back. I don't know how.
  • This is the story you've been waiting to hear...
  • [about Elinor] She's kind of an acquired taste.
  • [to Meggie about Inkheart] You're not even allowed to touch that book, you understand me?


  • Just get in the car!
  • All right; this is our way in. Now listen, this is gonna be dangerous, so you need to keep up. You gotta move quickly.
  • I miss my family too.
  • Do you know the end of your story Meggie?
  • He doesn't like to be tickled.
  • His name's Gwin. And I know he looks charming, but you know what they say about books and covers.
  • Has your father ever read you a bedtime story, Meggie?
  • You are not my god!
  • Put right the wrong you did nine years ago.
  • Before you say anything, I'm here to save your necks.
  • Let's you and me go for a little walk.
  • There are times in life when the stars simply align.
  • [To Resa] You went in the book when I came out.


  • I prefer a story that has the good sense to stay on the page.
  • Stop ringing that damn bell!
  • [About Meggie] She so reminds me of her mother. And not just when she opens her mouth, if she ever does.
  • You barbaric piece of pulp fiction!


  • Oh yes, and duct tape. I love duct tape.
  • Feast!
  • [About the Shadow] You are going to love him. And by 'love' I mean 'cower in terror' from.
  • [To Dustfinger] Must you do that every time? It's pathetic, honestly.
  • [To Dustfinger] Now go and get your burns tended, otherwise I'll be forced to cancel our weekly juggle night. And you know how I love juggle night.
  • “Why would we ever want to go back when your world is so accommodating with your telephones and your guns and what's that sticky stuff called ...duct tape.”


  • This must be what it feels like to give birth!
  • (regretably) I'm sorry. I had no choice, (suddenly excited) but look! It's Basta!
  • [About Dustfinger] I'm practically his father!
  • [To Capricorn] You're just how I wrote you. A cowardly thug.
  • [To Mortola] You are my crude scribblings, Magpie.
  • Meggie! Set me free!
  • It's a wonderful story. I'd give anything to go into it myself.
  • Why can't I come too? It's my car.
  • Reduced to babysitting. Marvelous.


  • You remember my calling card. (mimicking slashes) One, two, three!
  • Evil spirits I repel thee! Evil spirits I repel thee!
  • Maybe I don't need luck.


  • It's just a dream. It's just a dream.
  • You are as sour as goat's urine!
  • [About Fenoglio] But he's mean!
  • I don't want to go back into my stinking book!


Basta: (after catching up to Meggie and Mo) Hello, princess. Where's you father?
Fenoglio: I told them he's gone out, but they don't believe me.
Meggie: You told them?!
Fenoglio: He had a knife to my throat! Isn't he awful?
Basta: Tell me where Silvertongue is before I kill you both. (Toto comes out from under the bed and barks)
Meggie: Toto, no! (she goes over to Toto)
Fenoglio: Toto? (looks at "The Wizard of Oz") Oh, my goodness! (picks up "The Wizard of Oz") She's inherited her father's gift! (Basta grabs the book, and looks back at Meggie)
Basta: Another Silvertongue. Ol' Capricorn will be pleased. (he takes Toto away from Meggie; Toto whimpers)

Dustfinger: (after Meggie was tickling Gwin and got bit) He doesn't like to be tickled. And you sould be more careful. His name's Gwin. And I know he looks charming, but you know what they say about books and covers. (he leans down in front of Meggie to pick up Gwin; Meggie gets up)
Meggie: Yes, I do. And I also know what they say about talking to strangers. Excuse me. (she starts walking away)
Dustfinger: But I'm not a stranger, Meggie. (Meggie stops and turns around back to Dustfinger) You won't remember me; we met once when you were quite small. But I'm not a stranger. (Mo comes out of the bookshop, and stares at Dustfinger) Hello, Silvertongue. (Meggie turns around) I was just having a talk with your daughter.

Dustfinger: (after Farid annouced he was going with Dustfinger) What about the girl? I thought you liked her.
Farid: Oh, don't worry. (pulls out a wallet containing pictures of Meggie; somewhat satisfied) I stole his wallet.

Basta: (after he attempted to attack Meggie) Get off!
Dustfinger: No one gets hurt! (starts setting fire on Basta's jacket)
Basta: (terrified) F-fire! Fire!
Dustfinger: Is that what we agreed on? Is that what we agreed on?!
Basta: Yes! We agreed! We agreed! We agreed! (Dustfinger takes his hands off Basta's shoulders, thus the fire dying down; Basta fearfully pats out the remaining flames)

Mo: What are you not telling me?
Dustfinger (walking away): I've seen her...she's not actually in the book...she's...
Mo: Where?
Dustfinger (stopping and turning to face Mo): In Capricorn's castle.
Mo: And you didn't tell us?
Dustfinger: We needed the book.
Mo: We didn't need the book!
Dustfinger: I needed the book!! (shoves Mo)
Meggie: My Mum was right there and you didn't tell us?
Dustfinger: Look... don't look at me like that, because if your father had known the truth, then he would never have agreed to help me get the book, and I need the book!
Mo: You selfish, repugnant, weak character!
Dusfinger: I... (pointing at Fegnolio) blame him! He wrote me that way!
Fegnolio: I disagree!
Mo: You tell me how to get her back!
Dustfinger: Not until you promise to send me home.
Mo (grabbing Dustfinger): Tell me how to get her back!
Dustfinger (quietly): I'm missing my family too.
Mo (looks shocked, lets Dustfinger go): Okay.
Dustfinger: Promise?
Mo: Promise.

Basta: (delivering Meggie's dinner) Food for the little princess. Capricorn wants you to have your strength for tonight.
Fenoglio: You should stay; we're telling ghost stories. (Basta flinches) Oh, that's right. You don't like ghost stories.
Basta: I'll give you ghost stories, you-!


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