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Insidious is an American 2011 film about a family who becomes haunted after their eldest son lapses into a coma.

Directed by James Wan. Screenplay by Leigh Whannell
Insidious Is...(taglines)

Josh Lambert[edit]

  • Why did you do that? Why would you do that to me?! When you know how I feel about that? WHY?!!!

Elise Rainier[edit]

  • It's not the house that's haunted, it's your son.
  • Leave this vessel! Leave this vessel! Leave this vessel! Leaves his body! Tucker, turn on the lights. Leave his body NOW!!


Josh: You should write a song about me.
Renai: They're all about you!
Josh: Like how cool I am.

Tucker: A picture's worth a thousand words.
Specs: Words are worth a thousand words, too.


  • What's in that picture?
  • We need to save Dalton . . . Now!
  • The further you travel, the darker it gets
  • It's not the House that's Haunted.
  • Insidious Is...


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