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Internal Affairs is a 1990 American crime-thriller film about a suave womanizer, clever manipulator, and crooked cop who uses his fellow officers as pawns for his own nefarious purposes and the Internal Affairs agent who becomes obsessed with catching him.

Directed by Mike Figgis. Written by Henry Bean.
Trust him... he's a cop.taglines

Officer Dennis Peck[edit]

  • How many cops you know, huh? Got nothing. Divorced, alcoholic, kids won't talk to them anymore, can't get it up. Sitting there in their little apartments, alone in the dark, playing lollipop with a service revolver?
  • [after decking Raymond in an elevator] Hi, Raymond! [about Raymond's wife] You know what she really wanted? You know? Yeah, I should have guessed. She liked it in the ass, Raymond. That's right. Right in the fucking ass! Drove her crazy. She came so much, for a second I thought she was going to pass out on me. [decks Raymond again] You know what they say about Latin fighters, Raymond? You know what they say? Too fucking MACHO! That's right. TOO FUCKING MACHO! They don't backpedal when they have to. So they're used up. Young. [dangles a pair of panties in front of Raymond, then gives them to him] Yeah, why don't you clean yourself up with that. That's right. Clean yourself up.

Sgt. Amy Wallace[edit]

  • What Oats said about your fellow officers respecting and honoring you is, as you probably know, complete crap. Most of the cops hate our guts. To the extent that they credit us with having any. They think we're climbers who went into I.A.D. for the promotions, which is true, not that we necessarily get them. So, they're polite because they're afraid of us. That's all.
  • [to Raymond] You know all your friends from the force? You don't have them anymore.


Steven Arrocas: Can I trust you?
Dennis Peck: Of course you can trust me. [whispers in his ear] I'm a cop.

Dennis Peck: [about Avila's wife] She's very pretty too. A little skinny for my taste, but they say the skinny ones give good head so...
[Raymond knocks him to the ground]
Dennis Peck: Okay, here's what's going to happen. I'm going to fuck her for a while and teach her how to come.
Raymond Avila: Get up!
Dennis Peck: Then that way, she can show you what she likes!
[Raymond decks Dennis again]
Dennis Peck: They said you're a pretty good boxer, Raymond. You're pretty fucking good. [coughing blood] Not bad!
Raymond Avila: [throws a handkerchief at Peck] Clean yourself up!
Dennis Peck: Give my best to Kathleen!

Amy Wallace: [about Dennis Peck] You're fucking him, aren't you?
Penny Stretch: Get out of my house.
Raymond Avila: I hope you got off, Pen.
Penny Stretch: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

[Steven has just walked in on Peck having sex with his wife
Steven Arrocas: [to his wife] I could kill you.
Dennis: Go ahead. [throws him a gun] Kill her. Come on, Steven. Be a man! Kill her. She paid me to kill you. She did. [whispers in his ear] Go on, shoot her. She's a tramp. She's a "big" tramp. Your parents are dead, and you've got a tramp for a wife. She fucks everybody. [gunshot] Steven, that was my foot.

Amy Wallace: [conferring in private after Raymond offered immunity to Van Stretch] You are not authorized to make this deal. It's a violation even to offer it!
Raymond Avila: Look at him. He wants to talk. If Peck were clean, there'd be nothing to talk about.
Amy Wallace: I am the senior partner. Your mistakes go on my file! Either you retract the offer to Van or I will!
[Raymond shakes his head]
Amy Wallace: All right. How about this then? Why don't you and Dennis Peck both pull them out and I'll decide which one's bigger!

Raymond Avila: [after catching Dennis in his home] Get off my bed.
Dennis Peck: [about shooting Amy Wallace] Sorry about the dyke, Raymond. Cute little ass.
[Raymond decks him]
Dennis Peck: [spitting blood] You're so fucking easy, Raymond. Like a big baby with buttons all over. I push the buttons. [draws a knife and slowly gets back up] I'm gonna miss my children. I'm gonna miss them.
Raymond Avila: Put the knife down.
[Dennis doesn't, so Raymond shoots him]
Dennis Peck: [to Kathleen] You think he was aiming for my leg? That's good. That's very good, Raymond.
Raymond Avila: I'm taking you in.
Dennis Peck: Fuck you. You're so correct. You do not feel because YOU do not have children. [gets up] You do not know what it's like. Everything changes when you have children. You don't think about yourself anymore. You think about nothing but them. You'd go around the world for them, you SELFISH YUPPIE! [runs for Raymond with the knife, Raymond shoots Dennis twice, killing him]


  • Trust him... he's a cop.


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