International Association of the Congo

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Flag of the International Association of the Congo

The International Association of the Congo, also known as the International Congo Society, (1879 - 1885) was an association founded on November 17, 1879 by King Leopold II of Belgium to further his interests in the Congo. It replaced the Belgian Committee for the Study of the Upper Congo", which was part of the International African Association. The Berlin Conference recognised the society as sovereign over the territories it controlled and on August 1, 1885, four and half months after the closure of the Berlin Conference, King Leopold's Vice-Administrator General in the Congo, announced that the society and the territories it occupied were henceforth called "the Congo Free State".

Quotes about the Congo Society[edit]

  • Sir, The act making appropriations for the diplomatic and consular service, approved July 7, 1884, provides “for an agent to the States or the Congo Association, $5,000, said agent to be charged with introducing and extending the commerce of the United States in the Congo Valley, and for such purpose the further sum of $10,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and the President is hereby authorized to appoint, in the recess of the Senate, such agent, whose commission shall expire at the end of the next session of the Senate."

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