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Invisible Agent is a 1942 film about an american Agent who turns himself invisible to spy on Nazi Germany.

Directed by Edwin L. Marin. Written by Curtis Siodmak.

Frank Raymond[edit]

  • You Nazis. I pity the devil when you boys start arriving in bunches.
  • I can't tell you Japs apart.

Maria Sorenson[edit]

  • People who live in transparent bodies shouldn't be so suspicious.
  • I'll find out.

Conrad Stauffer[edit]

  • It's good for you to see your friends arrested. It hardens you.
  • Four stories high and no fire escape. I wouldn't jump if I were you. You might break every invisible bone in that poor, invisible body.


  • Karl Heiser:: He has his own ideas, and that's dangerous. The Fuhrer doesn't like people who think their own thoughts.
  • Baron Ikito: Occidental decay is nowhere more apparent than in that childish sentimentality of white men for their women.


Maria Sorenson: Are you insane?
Frank Raymond: No, just transparent. You wouldn't call a window insane, would you?

Conrad Stauffer: Sign this.
Arnold Schmidt: What is it?
Conrad Stauffer: Our common form of release. It merely states that you've been well-treated and that no one has harmed you.
Arnold Schmidt: I... I can't sign it.
Conrad Stauffer: You won't?
Arnold Schmidt: I can't. You've broken my fingers. You...


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