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Ire Aderinokun is a Nigerian front end developer and Google developer expert. She is the first woman in Nigeria to receive a Google Developer Expert designation.

Ire Aderinokun


  • I find programming itself incredibly creative and fulfilling.
    • [1] Aderinokun Speaking on what she finds creative about her career.

  • Most of the operations-related tasks. I don’t enjoy them, but I have to do them so that the company doesn’t implode.
    • [2]Ire Aderinokun speaking on what she dislikes and she still does, you don't necessarily have to enjoy doing somethings it is important to just do them.

  • What I learned is that passion is like a great thing. But it's great because it actually just allows you to do all the hard work that you actually need to do to become really great at what you do. Because it's not like passion is going to be what you need to then put into the actual work. But if you have that PASSION that it doesn't feel like you're putting in so much hard work, it's just more like you're just doing something that you love.
    • [3] Ire Aderinokun speaking on Passion.

  • You just need to put yourself out there the worst case is you will get rejected but you will get a lot more opportunities that you would if you just never really put yourself out and it may not be an easy thing to do to step outside your comfort zone and really put yourself out there.
    • [4] Ire Aderinokun speaking on Rejection.

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