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Marvel's Iron Fist, or simply Iron Fist, (2017–2018) is an American web television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, a martial arts expert with the ability to call upon the power of the Iron Fist.

Season 1[edit]

Snow Gives Way [1.01][edit]

Big Al: You know you can get shoes at the shelter on East 13th.
Danny Rand: Okay.
Big Al: Just make sure you piss in 'em first. [Danny gives him a look] You know, they carry the bad juju from the previous owner. Only way to get rid of 'em is with your piss. Or or the blood of a she-goat. Uh, that's hard to find around here.

Big Al: Plenty of food if you know where to look. That's where it all went wrong.
Danny: Where all what went wrong?
Big Al: All mankind. It's true. For like a couple of million years, we were all hunters and gatherers. Life was good. People grew strong and tall and lived into their 70s. Then, like 10,000 years ago they all got hit with the idiot stick and decided to start farmin', build cities, and everything went to shit.
Danny: Yeah.
Big Al: Not me though, no way man. I'ma stay true to my purpose, I'm a hunter gatherer.
Danny: You're lucky then. Buddha said "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose."
Big Al: Sure, that makes sense. What's your purpose?
Danny: To protect K'un-Lun from all oppression. Honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the Undying.

Harold Meachum: Ward, try to learn from me. You hire people when they're young, single, looking for something to commit to, to build their lives around. Pay them twice what they're worth. It builds loyalty. It's something I learned from Wendell.

Harold: The first rule of war and business is to know your enemy.
Ward Meachum: Yes, you've told me that, but in this case...
Harold: Have you considered this might be someone hired to make us look bad at a time when we don't want to look bad?
Ward: Yes, Joy and I have been all through that.
Harold: Yeah, much trickier if this actually is young Danny Rand come back to life.
Ward: That's impossible.
Harold: Stranger things have happened. If this is Danny...
Ward: Dad, come on.
Harold: Think!
Ward: If this is Danny, we can't let him go public.
Harold: No, no we cannot. Now, there are other questions to consider as well. If he's still alive, does that mean his parents are still alive? Who else knows he's alive? What does he know? Who has he told? How the hell did he learn martial arts? Why has he waited this long to show up? Huh? And now that he's here, what does he want?
Ward: I don't know.
Harold: Neither do I. Which is why you can't just send some idiot to beat the shit out of him, understood? Now we need to approach this with finesse.
Ward: Like the way you handle everything in life?
Harold: Don't be smart with me Ward. Leave this to me. I'll tell you exactly what to do.
Ward: Like always.
Harold: Like always.

Joy Meachum: You know, my brother's a very black-and-white kinda guy. Something's either true or it isn't. I'm a little more... open.
Danny: Meaning?
Joy: You look like Danny Rand. Danny Rand is dead. Maybe the truth is somewhere in between.
Danny: If you wish to hear the truth, hold no opinions. It's a Zen saying.

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight [1.02][edit]

Simon: That what they tell you? 72 hours? [chuckles] Me, I had a little incident inside a pharmacy. 72 hours later, I'm a bipolar with mixed affective episodes layered atop a substance abuse disorder. That was two years ago. Billy was living under a bridge. 72 hours later, he's a paranoid personality disorder. That was just over a year ago. And Jimmy was screaming at people in Times Square. 72 hours later, he's a schizoaffective disorder. He's been here almost 15 years. Don't think you'll be any different.

Harold: Hello, Danny.
Danny: Harold?
Harold: Do you remember that song I used to sing, that would annoy the shit out of you?
Danny: Danny Boy, right?
Harold: Yeah. [hums the tune of Danny Boy] And I am dead, as dead I well may be. And you will come, and find the place where I am lying, and kneel and say, and I'll be there for me.
Danny: I thought you were dead.
Harold: And I thought you were dead, so I guess that's something we have in common.
Danny: I didn't die.
Harold: No, clearly not. I understand you were taken in by some monks. What? Order of the... Crane Mother?
Danny: Yeah, how did you know?
Harold: Oh, we dead know a lot. But not everything. Where exactly is this monastery? Hey, where is the monastery?
Danny: K'un-Lun. It's one of the seven capital cities of Heaven. I probably never should have left. At least I understood my place there.
Harold: And what was your place?
Danny: I was a warrior. Only in the middle of a fight did I fully come alive. The harder someone hit me, the more everything came into focus.
Harold: What kind of warrior are you? Hey, listen to me. What do you mean you're a warrior?
Danny: I became one in a long line... of Immortal Iron Fists. Living weapon. The sworn enemy of The Hand.
Harold: Wait? What's that? The sworn enemy of who?
Danny: The sworn enemy of The Hand.
Harold: What exactly does that mean?
Danny: It is my duty to destroy The Hand.
Harold: And this is something you can do? You can destroy The Hand?
Danny: I am the only one who can do it.

Colleen Wing: Why would Ward Meachum want me to sign papers that say you're dangerous?
Danny: Because the family think I'm a threat to them?
Colleen: And why would they think that?
Danny: I'm guessing because I'm Danny Rand and I probably own more than half the company.
Colleen: Wait a minute. Danny Rand, as in Rand Enterprises?
Danny: Yeah.
Colleen: It couldn't be something simple.
Danny: It is simple.
Colleen: The Meachums are trying to bribe me.
Danny: They got plenty of money. You gonna sign the papers?
Colleen: Are you dangerous?
Danny: To them? Very dangerous.
Colleen: And to me?
Danny: No, of course not. You must know that. Otherwise, why would you come here to see me?
Colleen: I don't know shit. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on.
Danny: Every word I have ever told you is the truth.

Joy: Danny sent all but the brown M&M's.
Ward: Is that supposed to mean something?
Joy: Yes! When we were kids... we would eat them together, all but the brown ones. Nobody would know that but Danny!
Ward: Joy, I'm sorry, but a bunch of M&M's doesn't prove anything.
Joy: It does! This is Danny, Ward. I have been in denial this whole time, but this is definite proof. We gotta get him out of that place. We've got to talk to him.

Dr. Paul Edmonds: Where have you been the last 15 years?
Danny: I've... I have been away.
Edmonds: Away, yes, I know, but where? What you said before about a monastery, is that all true?
Danny: Yeah.
Edmonds: In China?
Danny: In... in K'un-Lun.
Edmonds: K'un-Lun, where is that?
Danny: It exists in another dimension.
Edmonds: In another dimension?
Danny: Yeah, it only appears on this earthly plane every 15 years, give or take, depending on the celestial tilt.
Edmonds: Oh. Is this all part of you trying to focus your qi?
Danny: Yeah, if I can focus my qi, then I can summon the Iron Fist.
Edmonds: And the Iron Fist is...
Danny: The Iron Fist is me.

Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch [1.03][edit]

Colleen: I thought I was pretty clear.
Danny: Very clear.
Colleen: Then why aren't you gone?
Danny: I'm worried for your safety.
Colleen: Please, I don't need you to protect me.

Joy: You know, in another life this would've been romantic.
Danny: In another life you wouldn't've drugged me and sent me to a mental hospital.
Joy: Fair enough.
Danny: We're friends. Can't we start acting like it?
Joy: So you came with a peace offering of oranges and flowers.
Danny: Yeah, it's a Buddhist tradition. It's meant to remind you of our bond. Kind of like the M&M's.

Colleen: Someone attacked you?
Darryl: Oh no, I got this at the club.
Colleen: Darryl, please, how many times?
Darryl: C'mon sensei. I have my mom and two brothers. You think I can cover that with what I make pushing a broom?
Colleen: I get it, but those private fights are illegal.
Darryl: All the shit I could've got into, and you want to bust me for making a dollar fighting?
Colleen: You're up for a scholarship Darryl, and when the committee calls me they ask about character as well as skill. I want to be able to give you the highest recommendation.
Darryl: Scholarships and school, that's all in the future. I have to live today.
Colleen: You dishonor yourself when you fight for money.

Jeri Hogarth: Your father gave me my first job. He always wanted Rand to be something good in the world.
Danny: So I'm guessing you're not a fan of the Meachums.
Jeri: We have a very complicated relationship.
Danny: Well, they don't want me anywhere near there, so...
Jeri: That's totally understandable. They don't play well with others. We need to dig up every shred of physical evidence we can find to prove your identity.
Danny: Was I wrong? To turn down a 100 million dollars?
Jeri: It may have been the smartest thing you did, other than coming to me. You are worth billions Danny, not millions.
Danny: It seems that's the only thing anyone wants to talk about.
Jeri: Because it's the only language that they speak, and it is important that you learn to understand it if you want to win.
Danny: They're supposed to be my friends.
Jeri: Listen, I can help you get your business back, but I cannot help you make friends.

Danny: It's hard, really. Trying to get my head around all this.
Joy: This is not the time or the place.
Danny: You were like a brother to me. A terrible, jackass of a brother, but still, I looked up to you.
Ward: What does this have to do with anything?
Danny: I know you sent that guy. You were the only one with me the day I broke my arm.
Joy: What guy?
Ward: Why is this so important?
Danny: Do you hate me that much?
Ward: Yes! Because the Danny Rand I knew, he's dead and I want him to stay that way.

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm [1.04][edit]

Harold: Danny.
Danny: You died! I saw pictures.
Harold: Yeah, I did die.
Danny: You look the same age as when I last saw you. Your visit, it wasn't a hallucination.
Harold: No. No, I had to see for myself. We had to protect ourselves, protect Rand. It's not every day that someone comes back from the dead, is it? Yet here we are. [pause] So, are we good? [pause] Danny?
Danny: You've all I've got.
Harold: [hugs Danny] You're home now.
Danny: You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that.

Ward: You need to watch yourself Danny.
Danny: I'm not afraid of The Hand
Ward: Good for you. I'm talking about Harold. Be careful, he's not a replacement for your dad. The only person Harold cares about is Harold.

Jeri: For the record, I have never seen a deal come together so fast. What did you do?
Danny: Oh, I, uh, pretty much had to raise the dead.

Ward: [resuming a meeting after Danny's entrance] Like I was saying, this anti-parasitic antimonial will have far-reaching effects. There are–
Danny: [aside] What is this?
Joy: Pricing strategy for a new drug we patented.
Ward: –this will hit markets in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, even Eastern Europe. These are all possible customers.
Joy: Which means we can make this in bulk, making the production price less than $5 a pill.
Lawrence Wilkins: So we can sell for $50 per dosage. It'll fund new research and give a nice boost to our profit margin and pharmaceutical division.
Danny: Excuse me, but umm, how many people die from, what is it?
Ward: Leishmaniasis. If left untreated, the latest numbers show roughly 50,000 a year.
Danny: And we have the cure. We can save lives at 5 bucks a pill but you want to raise the price?
Ward: I know how this looks, but this is how business is done.
Danny: We should sell at cost.
Joy: That's... that's not how it works. This is normal business.
Danny: Then normal is not the best path to take. We can make our profits elsewhere.
Lawrence: Please Mr. Rand, we know how to do this. The World Health Organization will make most of the purchases and subsidize it for third-world countries. No one who needs this will be left untreated.
Danny: No one should make a profit off of the misery of others. It's wrong.

Danny: When I got to the monastery post-crash, I learned of a certain position. A powerful, important job and I wanted it.
Joy: Your dad always said to set your goals high.
Danny: Yeah. Everyone there, and I mean everyone, said there was no way a xiaoguilao like me could do it–
Joy: A xiaogui... what?
Danny: Yeah, uh it sort of means "an outsider". That's what they called me.
Joy: Sounds kinda mean.
Danny: Sort of cool too. Besides, it just made me want the job more.
Joy: Yeah, sure, I get that.
Danny: So, problem was I never thought through why I wanted this job. I mistook my stubborn will for a sense of destiny or something. I never counted the cost of what it would actually mean for my life.

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus [1.05][edit]

Joy: You want to know the truth about that meeting? It was brutal, just looking at those people in the faces, knowing exactly what they were suffering from.
Ward: That's because you're a good person.
Joy: I don't feel like it.
Ward: Because you're also a good businesswomen, and that means you have to make hard decisions. You have to find a balance, and you do that better than most of us.

Claire Temple: So when you were at that monastery, could you get a burger or was it all just vegetarian crap?
Danny: We only ate vegetables we grew in the monastery, but sometimes I'd sneak out with my friend Davos, we'd go eat some donkey.
Claire: Donkey?
Colleen: Donkey is actually pretty good. My grandma could stir-fry the shit out of donkey and veggies.
Claire: I'll take your word for it.

Ward: The suit against our Staten Island chemical plant has escalated rather quickly. I had hoped that Mr. Rand would be here to speak for his actions, but the concept of work hours is still foreign for him. However, we are a team and we need to support our colleague as he continues his transition back into this life and this company, so let us do what we do best, and save the day. I've carefully weighed our options, and after consulting with Joy, I've reached a conclusion: settling would be a mistake. Paying these people off admits there's something to hide when there isn't. This was an act of pure manipulation and I'm calling their bluff.
Wilkins: I think you might be letting right and wrong interfere with what's best for the company Ward.
Ward: Really, Lawrence? Are you willing to sacrifice $200,000,000 during one of the most challenging fiscal years this company has ever had?
Wilkins: The bad publicity could cost us even more in the long run! Can we honestly take that kind of risk?
Ward: We settle here, and suddenly everyone is knocking at the door, looking for a handout.
Maria Rodriguez: This looks bad.
Donald Hooper: They'll boycott our products.
Joy: If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that my brother has never given us a reason to doubt him. Look at his track record, every decision has been impeccable. I may not always see it at the time, but he has never once failed this company. We can trust Ward, we can trust that this is a risk worth taking.

Colleen: Those guards are carrying machine guns!
Danny: Yeah, because they don't have the faintest idea how to fight.
Colleen: This wasn't the deal.
Danny: You can go home if you want. Eat leftover takeout, wait for the repairman to fix your kitchen sink, fight strangers in cages.
Colleen: You think I'm proud of that?
Danny: C'mon, it is what it is.
Colleen: First time I fought in the cage, I convinced myself it was just about the money, for my students, for my dojo. Then I went a second time
Danny: It's okay, it feels good winning.
Colleen: What felt good was hurting those guys, really good, scared me.
Danny: Yeah well, the world hasn't really been kind to us. But maybe... doing something like this... Walk where I walk, and they'll never see us.

[Claire improvises with a credit card to stabilize Radovan after he was stabbed]
Danny: That was impressive.
Claire: I hope you don't want your card back.

Immortal Emerges from Cave [1.06][edit]

Lei Kung: Because of who you are there will always be forces gathering against you, preparing, waiting, looking for a weakness in you. Disguised as a friend, slipping past you as a stranger, they are everywhere. You must always be aware of their presence, because they are aware of you. [Veznikov brothers receive a call to the duel]. They study your every move, looking for what you reveal to them. In this way you are your own worst enemy. [Bride of Nine Spiders and Scythe receive calls to the duel]. And this is why I tolerate no questioning from you. Because doubt leads–
Danny: –to death.

Ward: That's yours?
Danny: Sure is.
Ward: You sure we're gonna be back in time?
Danny: In this? Yeah.
Ward: Monastery boy in an Aston Martin.
Danny: I had the fastest donkey cart in K'un-Lun too.

Danny: The duel begins at sundown, we haven't got much time.
Claire: Too risky... sundown... of course. Danny, what you're talking about is crazy.
Colleen: I'll go with you.
Danny: You can't. This is for me only.
Colleen: Danny–
Danny: I've been doing this for 15 years.
Colleen: But not against The Hand!
Danny: I know, you're right. The Hand was a myth drummed into me, I never met them face to face.
Claire: So you're saying I have more experience fighting The Hand than you do?
Danny: Well, if you want to get technical about it.
Claire: I know what they are, what they can do. This is not something you just walk into.
Danny: This is what I'm supposed to do.
Colleen: What do you mean? "Supposed to do"?
Danny: Look, I'm not just an ordinary fighter, okay? I'm the Iron Fist.
Claire: The hell does that mean?
Danny: It means I never lose.
Claire: The more you talk, the weirder this gets.
Colleen: Danny–
Danny: Look, this is right.
Colleen: Why?
Danny: Coming back to New York, I thought things were gonna be different. It hasn't been what I thought. I've been preparing to defend K'un-Lun my entire life against The Hand and now I find out that they're here? This is where I'm meant to be.

Colleen: You're scared.
Danny: No.
Colleen: I want to help. Let me help.
Danny: Just take care of Radovan. I'll get Sabina.
Colleen: I understand why you're going, I just don't want you to.
Danny: I'm not gonna get hurt. I promise. [sharply exhales while punching the air] I have a vision of total victory and nothing else. It's the reason I've gotten this far. [sharply exhales while punching the air] Defeat has no place in my mind.

Danny: You're a woman.
Bride of Nine Spiders: I am indeed. Does that make you uneasy?
Danny: No.
Bride of Nine Spiders: [chuckling] It does, I sense your fear.
Danny: No you don't, I fear no one.
Bride of Nine Spiders: We all fear something. There's no need to hide.
Danny: I'm not hiding.
Bride of Nine Spiders: Aren't you? Then why hide behind the mask of... Danny Rand?
Danny: It's not a mask, it's who I am.
Bride of Nine Spiders: Mmm... I don't think so. That child died long ago. I think someone new is waiting to get out.

Felling Tree with Roots [1.07][edit]

Alexi: Why is it that a man so obsessed with his own longevity, can be so careless with the people who control his fate? The Hand is concerned with this rebellious streak you've shown. You left the confines of your penthouse.
Harold: I explained that already. There was someone claiming to be Danny–
Alexi: Danny Rand. The lost heir to your company, yes. He and Madame Gao met earlier tonight. She finds it odd that you failed to mention the man whose identity you helped restore is also the legendary Iron Fist, the sworn enemy of The Hand.
Harold: Danny Rand doesn't even know I'm alive. I have no idea what an Iron Fist is. Sounds like a sex toy.

Colleen: Tell me another one. Another story. About K'un-Lun.
Danny: Man... I was there a long time. They aren't all great memories.
Colleen: How about how you got that tattoo?
Danny: Well... it's not exactly a tattoo. It's the mark of the Iron Fist.
Colleen: Danny, I still do not understand what that even means.
Danny: It's a... It's a unique force used to protect K'un-Lun. It's passed down from generation to generation, and it's given to one student from the monastery to wield.
Colleen: Why were you chosen to get it?
Danny: I wasn't chosen. I earned it.

Madame Gao: You really need to take better care of yourself, Danny. This room has terrible feng shui. Too many angles. Poison arrows can weaken the soul over time. [places a plant in on the shelf] That's better, don't you agree?
Danny: How did you get in here?
Gao: I've been in Rand far longer than you have. And I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. [Danny steps towards her] You're not going to attack an old woman in front of all your employees, are you? I think Danny Rand is in enough trouble around here.
Danny: I passed your test. You know who I am, what I can do.
Gao: You're not the first I've met to carry the mantle of the Iron Fist.
Danny: Is that why you use that symbol on your heroin packages? The dragon without the wings?
Gao: The other Iron Fists I've known were fierce, unrelenting in their mission to protect K'un-Lun from The Hand. They would never have backed down from a grand duel just to save the life of one girl.
Danny: How did you know my father?
Gao: [smiles to herself] I've been alive long enough to watch the world change in many ways. But this change now, it feels significant. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen. The man with unbreakable skin. And now, an immortal weapon has left K'un-Lun, not to fulfill his duty, but in dereliction of it. History says that the Iron Fist and The Hand are mortal enemies. But I wonder... in the spirit of change, perhaps we can be something different. Last night showed me the truth. K'un-Lun did not send you to hunt us down. You left of your own free will, because you want to be Danny Rand. So, why not enjoy the life you traveled so far for? I need your company. But the spoils are for you to enjoy. Buy a yacht, eat at fancy restaurants with your friends, like Claire Temple and Colleen Wing. Stop your war. This city is no place for the Iron Fist. You're a businessman now, and this is the best offer you're ever going to get.
Danny: My father... did you make him an offer too?
Gao: [smiles and leaves the office] Don't forget to water your plant, Danny. It is your responsibility now.

Danny: I know some of you aren't happy with me, and I know what you want me to do. But, I've made a decision. Until we can be sure it isn't causing illness, we're shutting down the Staten Island plant. We're also gonna keep everyone on payroll. That way no one loses their job.
Lawrence: Don't be a jackass Danny. This isn't the way business gets done. If your father were here–
Danny: But he isn't. And as far as I can tell, he's nowhere in this company. And believe me, I've spent most of the day looking. I know you all want me to back out on this, but my dad once told me: "If something is worth fighting for, you stand and you fight." So I'm standing.
Maria: Danny, you may have a voice on this board, but it's just a courtesy.
Lawrence: Don't expect anyone here to be listening to a kid who got his MBA from a Himalayan monastery.
Joy: Lawrence, you don't have to attack him. Danny's plan is–
Lawrence: The idiotic dream of a child.
Danny: Karen Page at The Bulletin seemed to like it.
Board Member: What? You already went to the press?
Danny: She seems to think it's gonna make front page tomorrow. [Board members check the news on their phones, seeing an article authored by Karen about it] Listen, I know this isn't what you wanted, any of you. But if you look deep down at the better part of yourselves, you'll know we're doing the right thing.

Danny: You've refused to sell The Hand's heroin. They've taken your pier, butchered your men. They've given you two choices, serve or die. I'm here to give you a third. Join with us, we know where the heart of their operation is.
Colleen: We attack together. Before they even know what's hit them, we can end The Hand's heroin business in one strike.
Yang Hai-Qing: You can fight, I'll give you that. But The Hand is legion. Why attack now? Why do you think you can even the odds against our enemies?
Danny: Because I've heard Madame Gao's plans for you. And if you do nothing, you'll all be dead by the end of the week. You don't know me, but The Hand does, and they fear me. With you and your men by our side, they'll fear you too.

The Blessing of Many Fractures [1.08][edit]

Danny: But if I did kill her, I would only be fulfilling my duty as the Iron Fist.
Claire: And you really think that you can justify murder?
Danny: I swore to protect the people of K'un-Lun from the hand, okay?
Claire: Killing is wrong no matter who pulls the trigger or why.
Colleen: I wonder if you'd feel the same way if someone killed your mother and father.
Claire: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Colleen: That's an easy opinion to have... when you're not the Iron Fist.

Colleen: I need information. About the factory, the guards and the woman who runs it: Gao. I can pay.
Beggar: The only fool bigger than one seeking information about that witch is the fool willing to provide it.
Colleen: I'd rather be a fool than a coward. If you know how dangerous Gao is, this is your chance to do something about it.
Beggar: Do you really believe you can stop her?
Colleen: I believe someone has to try.
Beggar: Then ask me your questions.

[Joy gives Ward her phone to look at pictures]
Ward: What's this?
Joy: A way back.
Ward: [looks through pictures of the board members in compromising situations] Jesus... is this real?
Joy: Unfortunately. Half our board is either screwing the company or someone who is not their spouse.
Ward: You couldn't put this much dirt together overnight. Where'd you get this?
Joy: I hired a private investigator awhile ago to start digging. She's worth every penny, when she is sober.

Danny: I'm not sure what's gonna happen. If Gao had anything to do with my parents' deaths, then I'm gonna rip her apart. It scares me.
Colleen: Because you're not in control?
Danny: Exactly.
Colleen: I know the feeling.
Danny: You do?
Colleen: I'm in the fight club. I'm beating the shit out of people. I'm completely out of control. I have no idea what I'm doing. And this from someone who's always been in complete control.
Danny: So what happened?
Colleen: I met you.
Danny: So it's my fault.
Colleen: Everything's your fault.

Colleen: You okay?
Claire: I've almost been killed three times this week, so no Colleen, I'd say I'm pretty freaking far from okay.

The Mistress of All Agonies [1.09][edit]

Claire: Are you uncomfortable?
Gao: What difference would it make? You will not untie me.
Claire: You're right, I was just trying to be polite. I won't make that mistake again.
Gao: Regret hovers about everything you do. Am I wrong?
Claire: You don't know anything about me.
Gao: You often find yourself fraternizing with people with gifts. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Danny Rand. You secretly hope that the thing that makes them special will rub off on you, but it hasn't, and you have failed each of them in different ways.
Claire: Bullshit! I helped them all. When they were beaten up and bleeding and looking for help, they came to me.
Gao: But where do they all end up? Ruined. And the only thing they have in common is you.
Claire: First you wouldn't talk, now you won't shut up.
Gao: You are looking for who you want to be, searching for your destiny. But it's selfish of you to involve Danny in your quest. He has greater problems to deal with. If you were going to be special, it would have already happened. The only thing that can come out of this for you is sorrow, heartbreak and pain. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is leave. Danny would understand that.

Gao: It's exhausting, isn't it?
Colleen: You know, I'm not above shoving a sweaty sock in your mouth to shut you up.
Gao: I know the burden you carry, a woman in this world. You are consistently underestimated.
Colleen: Last... warning.
Gao: Your grandfather was right to train you the way he did.
Colleen: You didn't know my grandfather. This is what you do, you mess with people's heads.
[Gao speaks in Japanese]
Colleen: [translating] "The frog trapped in a well does not understand the sea." So what? That's a saying anyone in Japan would know. It was printed in his obituary, you could have looked that up.
Gao: He spoke it to you many times, because you always saw the wider world, understood what was at stake, just as you do now. If you allow this charade to continue, all will be lost. Release me and I will allow you to proceed with your life untouched, I can guarantee that. They are coming Ms. Wing, you know what they'll do when they arrive. Get out now, before it is too late.
Colleen: Stop talking.
Gao: Do you know what he will do when he finds out the truth? Danny Rand belongs to someone else. He will never be yours. Your path leads in a different direction. Honor the warrior your grandfather created.

Harold: What would you do if you found out you could live forever?
Kyle: Oh, anything I want, I guess.
Harold: No, be specific. What would you do?
Kyle: I'd eat ice cream for breakfast.
Harold: Really?
Kyle: Well, and lunch. Yes, sir.
Harold: Amazing.
Kyle: Thank you, sir.
Harold: That wasn't a compliment.

Gao: You are about to face something you are completely unprepared for.
Danny: You've got something scarier than a dragon in a cave?
Gao: Yes, yes I do.

Ward: Danny Rand told me that you've had experience with The Hand, that you understand what they can do. Name your price.
Yang: No amount of money will buy the answer you are looking for.
Ward: There has to be a way to kill him.
Yang: There is a legend about a shepherd from the village of my great-grandfather. He made an arrangement with The Hand, just like your father. He was killed on the battlefield, more than once. And every time he arrived back at the village his wife was overjoyed. It seemed like such a miraculous gift, but it wasn't. Each time he came back...
Ward: He was worse
Yang: [nods] One night, without warning, he took two of his own children and roasted them on a fire. When his wife discovered it, she fled with her only remaining child in her arms. They destroy the ones closest to them first. The only solution is to run.

Black Tiger Steals Heart [1.10][edit]

Bakuto: You weren't taught how to recharge your qi?
Danny: Let's just say my training went a little sideways.
Bakuto: Fair enough, then step this way. Just follow my lead. I've studied many traditions, so you'll recognize most of the moves, but in this order they're gonna take you somewhere else. I call it harnessing the Five Elemental Energies.
[Bakuto and Danny start doing tai chi]
Bakuto: Why are you frowning?
Danny: I'm not.
Bakuto: But you are. Our bodies always give away our inner truth. Release whatever's binding you: pain, lack, fear, and replace it with energy, abundance, trust. You are rooted, tied to the force that binds all life. Let it course through you. Let it replace everything that is broken.

Bakuto: Colleen has spoken to me about you quite a bit.
Danny: That's funny, she's never mentioned you.
Bakuto: She's just being protective. Does that bother you?
Danny: No, but why keep all of this a secret?
Bakuto: There's a difference between "secret" and "secure". You see, we take in people from all walks of life who need safety. They need that because their lives were complicated, even dangerous sometimes. Because of that, we try and keep a low profile. We give them a safe have, and much more.
Danny: What's that?
Bakuto: Well, each person needs a purpose, something to believe in, a place to belong, a community that can help you become all that you can be.
Danny: So it's a cult?
Bakuto: [laughing] Yes, just like the Girl Scouts, so be prepared.

Bakuto: I don't need a guard Danny, I need a partner. With you at my side, no one would stand against us. The Gaos of the world would be destroyed.
Danny: So what do you know about Gao?
Bakuto: I've been trying to stop her for a long time. I have seven students here rehabbing from her drugs. When you ask me what's in it for me, that's what it is. There are Gaos everywhere. I need you to train and lead a group of people who will take care of those that our culture's left behind: The marginalized and forgotten. People like Colleen, people like you.
Danny: :[laughing] Come on, I'm a billionaire.
Bakuto: Is that how you feel? Inside? You know you don't fit in at Rand. I've read the news, you can use help there as well. I can provide that, but your destiny is here, doing something only you can do.

Danny: [speaking to Gao in her cell] I'm glad you're finally getting what you deserve.
Gao: Punishment is so juvenile, and quite boring I might add.
Danny: Not for me.
Gao: I'm not surprised, you're still a child.
Danny: Yeah, well at least I'm not in prison.
Gao: Is that what this is? I offer you freedom, was willing to let you live whatever life you wanted, and you rejected that offer, pursued and kidnapped me. Then, you ran towards slavery as fast as you could. You're an idiot.
Danny: Really? Now you're baiting me with insults?
Gao: I am treating you with respect by being who I truly am. Not everyone around you does the same.
Danny: That's not true!
Gao: They are stealing your ability to trust, that is how they crush you.
Danny: Who?
Gao: The Hand.
Danny: What are you talking about?
Gao: Open your eyes young man, where do you think you are?

Davos: We're going home Danny.
Danny: No.
Davos: The way to K'un-Lun is open, and you are not there to protect it. We're going back.
Danny: Look, I understand, but I can't just leave.
Davos: You had no trouble leaving us.
Danny: That's not true.
Davos: One day you were just gone, without a word. I kept waiting Danny, thinking you'd be back. What happened?
Danny: I'm not sure I can explain.
Davos: You owe me an answer. The people of K'un-Lun need to know why they were abandoned.
Danny: And what about the people here?
Davos: The ones who were just trying to kill you? You have failed, Danny, failed in every way.

Lead Horse Back to Stable [1.11][edit]

Danny: We're not going anywhere, not yet.
Davos: Danny, the path will not remain open forever. If we miss it, it'll be years before we can return.
Danny: They killed my parents Davos!
Davos: What?
Danny: The Hand. They poisoned the pilots, they crashed my plane! They're the reason for all of this.
Davos: But you wanted to be the Iron Fist, Danny.
Danny: I am the Iron Fist.
Davos: You knew what your duties would be and you don't get to decide what that means.
Danny: The hell it doesn't!
Davos: You don't belong here!
Danny: If I'm supposed to be the destroyer of The Hand, then I should be here destroying them where they are.

Claire: They killed friend of mine and you knew that.
Colleen: And that is why I couldn't tell you, either of you.
Claire: You let me think that I was actually doing something to stop them!
Colleen: We were! There are different groups within the Hand, okay? I'm part of one that is trying to help people.
Claire: Then did you think of trying a different name for the group? Like The Ear or The Arm?
Colleen: I didn't want to hurt you.
Claire: You lied, Colleen, to the both of us. What did you think was gonna happen?

Colleen: You need to go to the hospital, Danny!
Danny: Yeah, because your sensei stabbed me.
Colleen: He says you attacked him first.
Danny: It's not what happened.
Colleen: Okay, then what did happen?
Danny: He's not a good guy Colleen. He's building an army in there. How can you not see that?
Colleen: He is empowering those kids!
Danny: To do what?
Colleen: To become the kind of people who help make the world a better place. He's getting them jobs in hospitals and businesses.
Danny: He's using them for his own means! It's the same thing he's doing to you.
Colleen: Are you gonna believe everything they taught you in K'un-Lun? The world is more complicated than what a bunch of monks think.
Danny: The Hand is evil!
Colleen: You're wrong!
Danny: Why are you even here Colleen?
Colleen: Because... because I care about you. And the way things are going, I wanted to say I'll try to make things right between us.
Danny: Did Bakuto tell you to say that to me?
Colleen: Just stop, I'm telling you the truth.
Danny: How can I ever trust you again? I am the Iron Fist, protector of K'un-Lun, sworn enemy of The Hand.
Colleen: And I am Colleen Wing, and I took an oath to serve The Hand. Look, I know you won't believe me, but I am sorry, for everything.

Davos: [eating pizza for the first time] It's not.. it's not horrible.
Claire: That's your reaction to Joe's? The best slice... in New York?
Davos: It's... it's chewy.

Colleen: [being led strapped to a chair] Is this detention, huh? Why won't you answer me?
Bakuto: Because I ordered them not to, and you taught your students how to respect the chain of command, something you seem to have forgotten.
Colleen: Bakuto, what the hell is this?
Bakuto: You were supposed to tell me when you found Danny. I blame myself for this.
Colleen: Bakuto, I believe in The Hand!
Bakuto: I don't know if I believe in you. Not anymore. You've let Danny infect you with doubt about our cause, and there's no cure for that.

Bar the Big Boss [1.12][edit]

Ward: This has a cost, right?
Bakuto: We are living in a new age, where governments aren't the true controllers of man's destinies. It's corporations like Rand Enterprises that govern the world.
Ward: So you want to run Rand, like Gao?
Bakuto: No, not like Gao. She's all stick and no carrot. I want you in charge, because Harold has become−
Ward: Goddamn dangerous.
Bakuto: He can't be trusted. Our relationship would be more... quid pro quo.

Joy: I'm helping Dad free us from The Hand.
Ward: Jesus!
Joy: What?
Ward: He's using you, Joy.
Joy: He's not using me. I came up with the plan, he needs me. Ward, he needs us.
Ward: You need to get away from him, right now. You have no idea what you're up against here.
Joy: I know exactly what I'm up against, I've laid out everything The Hand's doing.
Ward: I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about Dad.
Joy: He needs us.
Ward: No. He's always been a bastard to me, ever since he came back from the dead. It's like... a piece of his soul got left in the grave. He will use you, hurt you, and throw you aside without a second thought.

Bakuto: This is all very touching, but... time is up. [draws his sword] This blade has cut down kings, emperors, lords and tyrants. If you would've told me I might use it on a... businessman−
Harold: Well, I wouldn't want to desecrate the integrity of your blade.
Bakuto: Hmm. [swings and misses on purpose] You're not going to want to move Harold. I don't want to have to swing twice. Any last words?
Harold: Yeah. Ward, I invested my life into you, to raise you to be a great man. You've been the biggest disappointment of my life. Joy, I apologize for choosing Ward over you, it was a mistake. Never trust him again. Joy, I love you.

Bakuto: Those people upstairs are a pit of vipers. You should thank me for getting you away from them.
Danny: What use do you have for the Iron Fist?
Bakuto: When I was a child, my mother told me the story of the Sack Man, a sort of boogeyman who shows up at disobedient children's homes and steals them away in his sack to sell them. It's nonsense really, but it kept us in line, nobody wanted to be captured by him.
Danny: So what? You want your own personal Sack Man?
Bakuto: Not just mine. There's someone in our organization who's very anxious to work with you. We're going to change the world. The promises I've made you are still in place. I'll help you realign your qi, so you can access the Iron Fist again. I'll help you become what you were meant to be.
Danny: I don't even know what I'm meant to be, how are you going to help?

Colleen: [raises her sword to kill Bakuto, but stops herself] You were right Bakuto, I never was cut out to be Hand.
Davos: Kill him.
Colleen: If we kill him, we're no better than them.
Danny: So, what? We call the police?
Colleen: We have enough on him, he'll be the first leader of The Hand to ever get arrested.
Davos: Danny, we do what we came to do.
Bakuto: Is this really who you want to be? A living weapon? An assassin for K'un-Lun? Is that what your father had in mind for you, when he was raising you to be Danny Rand? If you kill me, then all you'll ever be is K'un-Lun's Iron Fist, in a long line of living weapons, whose only purpose is to be used by others.
Davos: [speaking Chinese] We stay the course. [stabs Bakuto in the heart]

Dragon Plays with Fire [1.13][edit]

Claire: Look who I found.
Jeri: Huh. As an officer of the court, I'm obliged to tell you to turn yourself in.
Danny: You really think that's a good idea?
Jeri: No, of course not. You're a billionaire facing federal drug charges, you might as well have the words "flight risk" stamped on your forehead. You surrender, and you will end up in a jail cell for 6 to 12 months minimum before this even goes to trial.
Claire: Trust me, our criminal justice system sucks.

Danny: I need information.
Gao: Why should I tell you anything?
Colleen: Because if you don't, I'll cut off your head and feed it to the rats.
Gao: That does not sound pleasant.
Danny: I need access to everything that was on the tablet I took from you.
Gao: I purged all that information from my computers.
Danny: There are no other copies?
Gao: There are not.
Colleen: You're lying!
Gao: I have never lied to him. Can you say the same?

Claire: Danny, you're not the first friend of mine with special powers. They're all dark, haunted people. You know, when I first met you in Colleen's dojo, I couldn't help but notice that you had this... sweet innocence, but the more you continue to fight against something that happened fifteen years ago, a fight you can't possibly win, the darker you become.
Danny: I can win any fight!
Claire: Danny, some shit you just can't punch. You know you weren't given this gift so you could commit murder. And I know that you think that killing Harold is gonna make you feel better, that it's somehow gonna make everything okay, but it's not.
Colleen: She's right Danny, you can't kill Harold.
Danny: I can, and I will.
Colleen: Please, just listen. I was raised on the Bushido code, okay? From the time I could pick up a sword, I was taught to never harm another for personal reasons, but Bakuto? I really wanted to kill Bakuto. But I'm glad that in the end, it was Davos and not me, otherwise I'd spend the rest of my life wondering if I killed a man for the wrong reasons. I think that if you kill Harold out of your own vengeance, it'll corrupt your qi. You'll never be the Iron Fist you're meant to be... Which is why I have to kill Harold for you.
Claire: What? Jesus! Is there a version of this where we don't kill someone?

Ward: The sooner we can get Dad locked up, the better.
Danny: Why are you helping me?
Ward: I'm helping me. I want Dad put away just as much as you do.
Danny: I seriously doubt that.
Ward: You think your being on the run for one day can compare to my lifetime of abuse?
Danny: He killed my parents. He caused my plane to crash.

Danny: I'm still trying to figure out who I'm gonna be as the Iron Fist. Lei Kung taught me that I was a powerful weapon, a flame meant to destroy our enemies. But I keep thinking that... maybe I can be something else. A light, for those trapped in the darkness.
Colleen: There's a lot of darkness right here in New York.
Danny: Yeah, there's also a little light too.
Colleen: I'll miss you... while you're gone.
Danny: Well, I was... I was kind of hoping that... you'd come with me.

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The Fury of Iron Fist [2.01][edit]

The City's Not for Burning [2.02][edit]

This Deadly Secret [2.03][edit]

Target: Iron Fist [2.04][edit]

Heart of the Dragon [2.05][edit]

The Dragon Dies at Dawn [2.06][edit]

Morning of the Mindstorm [2.07][edit]

Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance [2.08][edit]

War Without End [2.09][edit]

A Duel of Iron [2.10][edit]


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