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Isa Boletini in 1914

Isa Boletini (1864–1916), Hero of Kosovo and Hero of Albania, was a prominent Albanian patriot, strategist, military leader, visionary and believer in fair pacifism who fought for the remaining of Kosovo within Albania. Isa was born in Boletin, Zvečan, his real name was Isa Shala. Isa joined the Albanian Prizren League forces when he was only 17, and fought in the battle of Slivova against Ottoman forces. Later, Boletini became a major figure of Albanian resistance against the Ottomans, Serbia and Montenegro.


  • The Turk is cruel, but he is perfectly stupid , and is no match for the sagacious Albanian.
    • New York Times (September 12th, 1912) [1].
  • "When the spring comes, we will manure the plains of Kosova with the bones of Serbs, for we Albanians have suffered too much to forget." — Isa Boletini, Albanian leader 1913

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