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Isabella Ayuk(born 10 May 1986) is a Nigerian ex-beauty queen, serial entrepreneur, actress and philanthropist. She is renowned for winning the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2012.


  • Be strong and always believe in God and His promises.
    • [1] interview with thenation.
  • I was able to cope with the challenges because I knew what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me, not even the distractions at that moment.
    • [2]interview with thenation.
  • It’s good knowing that the efforts put in are being appreciated and recognised.
    • [3]interview with thenation
  • I am a product of polygamy and I don’t see that as a perfect example
    • [4]interview with thenation
  • Believe in God and His promises, believe in yourself, do not procrastinate.
    • [5]interview with thenation
  • Go for what you want as long as it is of positive impact, work hard and work smart.
    • [6]interview with thenation
  • They always say their minds and stand for what is right and rebuke what is wrong. I admire these men greatly.
    • [7]interview with thenation
  • Those things they said about me don’t really exist. Perhaps, they exist only in the imagination of the tale bearers.
    • [8] when asked about what people say about her.
  • Being a queen is not an easy task because you have to always be at your best in terms of dressing, walking, speaking, sitting, wearing a smile at all times. That’s challenging and at the same time great. I must say that I enjoyed the ride.
    • [9]what she feels most time.
  • I love everything throughout my reign.
    • [10]what she hates about her reign.
  • I have learnt to give more to the less privileges I have realized that giving remains a better option.
    • [11]what she feels most time.
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