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Isfahan , from its ancient designation Aspadana and later Spahan in middle Persian, rendered in English as Ispahan, is a major city in isfahan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. It is located 406 kilometres (252 miles) south of Tehran and it's the capital of Isfahan Province. Isfahan has a population of approximately 1.5 million, making it the third-largest city in Iran, after Mashhad and Tehran, and the second-largest metropolitan area.

  • Isfahan without the river has no future.
    • Conference for revival of Zayande roud
  • Esfahan is a multiethnic city where Muslims, Jews and Christians cohabit peacefully.
  • The cities of Baghdad and Isfahan were at the heart of the Islamic civilization.
    • Elaheh Kheirandish , Baghdad and Isfahan
  • The city is mainly known abroad as the site of Iran's premier nuclear research facility. What once was a sleepy town has emerged as the country's third largest metropolis.
  • All over Isfahan are murals of an angry Khomeini glaring down from the clouds.