Island of Doomed Men

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Island of Doomed Men is a 1940 film about a remote tropical island with a diamond mine manned by slave labor and run my a sadistic master.

Directed by Charles Barton. Written by Robert Hardy Andrews.
There's no escape... from his FIEND'S PARADISE of torture!  (taglines)


Jackson: Did you ever hear of a man named Steven Danel?
Mark Sheldon: I don't think so.
Jackson: Well, Danel is our man. Lincoln freed the slaves. Mr. Danel is back in the trade and doing very well at it.

Stephen Danel: I've been away for a long time. You should be very glad to see me.
Lorraine Danel: I hate the sight of you!
Stephen Danel: I know that. Lorraine, you have been in Mr. Smith's arms. Nothing like that must ever happen again, it embarrasses me. You're my wife, and he's a murderer.
Lorraine Danel: And what are you?
Stephen Danel: I'm your husband. [Takes a jewelry box from his pocket] Lorraine, remember this stone?
Lorraine Danel: You can't bribe me with that!
Stephen Danel: Why should I bribe you?
Lorraine Danel: You've tried everything else and failed. No matter what you do, you'll always fail!
Stephen Danel: I've never failed and I never will fail.
Lorraine Danel: I won't wear that! You can't make me!
Stephen Danel: Of course you will. [Puts necklace on her] So Mr. Smith approves of my taste, huh? There's only one thing Mr. Smith doesn't know. What I own I keep. But he'll learn. So will you.


  • There's no escape... from his FIEND'S PARADISE of torture!
  • Paroled prisoners ENSLAVED... in a tropical PARADISE of torture!
  • A beautiful woman... THE VICTIM... of this connoisseur of CRUELTY!
  • Men die under the lash... of his TORTURING WHIP...! Women SHUDDER at the touch!
  • Women shuddering at his cruel caress! Men dying under his torturing lash!
  • Beauty and the Beast!


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