Island of Lost Souls (1932 film)

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Island of Lost Souls is a 1932 film about an obsessed scientist who conducts profane experiments in evolution, eventually establishing himself as the self-styled demigod to a race of mutated, half-human abominations.

Directed by Erle C. Kenton. Written by Philip Wylie and Waldemar Young, based on The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells.
HE DEFIED NATURE ... creating men and women from animals ... only to find that he could not control them!  (taglines)

Dr. Moreau[edit]

  • Did you see that, Montgomery? She was tender like a woman. Oh, how that little scene spurs the scientific imagination onward.
  • Mr. Parker, do you know what it means to feel like God?


  • Captain Davies: Now men, stay sober! Any drinkin' to be done, I'll do it myself.
  • Mr. Montgomery: Don't look back!


Captain Donahue: What kind of a place did you say this was, Doc?
Dr. Moreau: I didn't say.

Edward Parker: Those poor things out there in the jungle. Those animals. They - They talk.
Dr. Moreau: That was my first great achievement. Articulate speech controlled by the brain. And it was a great achievement! Oh, it takes a long time and infinite patience to make them talk. Someday I will create a woman and it'll be easier.

Dr. Moreau: She's never seen anything like him.
Mr. Montgomery: No?
Dr. Moreau: You and I don't count. The only reactions we get from her are fear and terror.
Mr. Montgomery: That's understandable.
Dr. Moreau: But how will she respond to Parker where there's no cause for fear? Will she be attracted? Is she capable of being attracted? Has she a woman's emotional impulses? I could scarcely hope for a chance like this short of London.

Captain Donahue: That jungle don't look any too inviting.
Ruth Thomas: We must go on. We've got to find him.
Captain Donahue: All right. I'd just as soon leave it for somebody else to do. If there was anybody else here to do it.


  • TERROR! Stalked the Brush-Choked Island...Where Men Who Were Animals Sought the Girl Who Was All-Human!
  • HE DEFIED NATURE ... creating men and women from animals ... only to find that he could not control them!
  • The PANTHER WOMAN ... there was danger in her smile ... death in her embrace!
  • THE PANTHER WOMAN lured men on - only to destroy them body and soul!
  • Beasts Into Men ! A Panther Into A Woman !
  • Your wildest fancies, your weirdest dreams, never conceived so strange a romance.
  • A sensational picture from the book that shocked a thrill-saturated world.
  • Charles Laughton as Dr. Moreau, the half-crazed scientist.
  • It begins where DR. JEKYLL & MR HYDE left off! A weird, fantastic adventure with a mad doctor who discovers how to turn animals into humans-but not how to control them! On a lonely tropical island he practices his black art! Changes wild beasts into creatures whose strangely human appearance and action hide raging animal passions! Something brand new in picture plots, with a specially selected cast, that will bring thrills to audiences and joy to exhibitors. Showmanship Plus!
  • SHRIEKING HORROR that will scare you to PANIC POINT !


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