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Island of Terror is a 1966 film about an remote island community that is threatened by an attack by tentacled silicates which liquefy and digest bone and tissue.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Edward Mann and Al Ramsen.
How could they stop the devouring death...that lived by sucking on living human bones!  (taglines)

Dr. Brian Stanley[edit]

  • [Sarcastically] One more transfusion and I'll be a full-blooded Irishman.


  • Morton: John, I've just found one of my horses dead. At least, I think it's my horse. It's all soft and flabby.


Ian Bellows: You know what? It smells like fog.
Dr. Reginald Landers: Nonsense. I think it's going to be a lovely evening.
Peter Argyle: Ah, if you weren't a newcomer you'd feel it in your bones.
Dr. Reginald Landers: A newcomer? I've been here for ten years!
Mr. Roger Campbell: You're a newcomer, just the same.

Dr. Lawrence Phillips: The potential across the cell membrane must be maintained during irradiation of the nucleus. Is the tri-chem stage complete?
Carson: Yes.
Dr. Lawrence Phillips: And the, uh, vapor-applicator?
Carson: It's been corrected. The histo-connect problem has been solved. There shouldn't be any snags.
Dr. Lawrence Phillips: Good. Now that we've received the infusion equipment, well, I'm certain they will understand my reason for going ahead. I waited a long time for this moment. If we're successful today, it may well be that we have the cure for cancer.

Peter Argyle: More books, Doctor?
Dr. Reginald Landers: You islanders are too hardy. I have to do something to keep busy.
Constable John Harris: You know, Doctor? You and I should take up chess. I've got nothing to do, either, except when Andy McCracken has a wee drop too much and tries to break up the pub.

Constable John Harris: You know that I'm not a man who's easily shaken, Dr. Landers. But by all that's holy, I've just seen somethin' I can't be sure about. I - I think it's Ian Bellows.
Dr. Reginald Landers: You think it's Ian? Well, what's happened to him?
Constable John Harris: I don't know. His body's all like - like jelly.
Dr. Reginald Landers: Jelly?
Constable John Harris: Aye. There was no face. Just a horrible mush with the eyes sittin' in it.

Dr. Brian Stanley: What the devil did Napoleon do on that island to keep himself busy?
Dr. David West: He invented solitaire.
Toni Merrill: I've a much better game in mind.
Dr. Brian Stanley: Can three play?

Dr. David West: [arriving at the mansion] Toni, you stay in the car.
Toni Merrill: I'm not staying here with all those things running around.
Dr. Brian Stanley: Oh, let her come. I wouldn't want to stay out here alone, either. It's too damn creepy.

Halsey: We've got to get out of here.
Old Woman: Where can we go? We can't reach the mainland.
Halsey: Look. If you'd seen what I've seen at two in the morning, you'd swim for it!
Mr. Roger Campbell: Halsey! [Walks closer] Shut up. [to the crowd] Listen, all of you. If anyone leaves this building they'll be killed for sure. Now we're safe enough in here; we've got enough food and water to wait.
Old Woman: I'm so frightened, Mr. Campbell.
Mr. Roger Campbell: Now if you do as we say, you've got nothing to fear. Will you trust me?
Old man: Yes, sir.
Mr. Roger Campbell: [Drags Halsey aside] Now listen, Halsey, and listen well. If I hear another sound out of you, I'm going to smash your face in and throw you out for those things to get. Now I'm talking to you straight, man. Do you understand?
Halsey: Mr. Campbell, I can't stand anymore...
Mr. Roger Campbell: Do. You. Understand? Mind that you do.


  • How could they stop the devouring death...that lived by sucking on living human bones!
  • They lived by eating human bones!


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