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The Itsy Bitsy Spider is an fantasy-comedy TV animated series in The Itsy Bitsy Spider franchise produced by Hyperion Animation, and aired on the USA Network cable channel. The series focuses on an imaginative city girl named Leslie McGroarty, who has a spider friend named Itsy.

Leslie McGroarty[edit]

Leslie: [at the beginning of the series' opening sequence, to the viewers] Hi, my name is Leslie McGroarty, and this is my cute spider friend, Itsy Bitsy.

Itsy Bitsy[edit]

Pilot episode (1992)[edit]

Leslie: [after she puts her glasses back on, she sets eyes on Itsy for the first time] He's so cute.

Leslie: [to Itsy] He looks like he means business.
Itsy: Him?!

The Exterminator: [gets out a spider tracking device]
Music Teacher: What is that?
The Exterminator: It's a high-tech microchip thermonuclear light-sensitive radioactive blue-screen laptop computer generator triple decker arachnid detector and etch-a-sketch, any more questions?

The Exterminator: [attaching a huge tube to the vent]
Music Teacher: What's this big thing?
The Exterminator: It's a highly virulent malodorous toxic poison that upon contact will burn and corrode, you might want to crack a window.
[Langston tries to open the window, but nothing happens]

The Exterminator: [getting out a vacuum cleaner]
Music Teacher: What is that thing?
The Exterminator: This is my bugmatic auto-suction compressor with turbocharged instant matter-mulching attachment, it really sucks!

The Exterminator: [while trying to suck Itsy with the vacuum] Try this you fly-eating son of an egg-sack.

[after The Exterminator being tripped and crashing the dining room table]
Music Teacher: My dining set is ruined!
The Exterminator: This bug needs killing REAL bad!

Leslie: [seeing Itsy doesn't get killed] ALRIGHT!!! HE MADE IT!!!!!!
The Exterminator: [after failed to kill Itsy] He leaves me no alternatives, but to bomb the house.
Leslie: I gotta get out of here! [bikes away even faster at a very far distance]
Music Teacher: BOMB DE HOUSE?!? You mean like the Hoffmires there?
Itsy: Duh.

[last lines]
Leslie: [in tears] Oh... poor Itsy Bitsy.
Itsy: [to Leslie] Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo! YO! DOWN HERE! Hi!
Leslie: [happily] There you are!
Itsy: Going up. Men's shoes, women's lingerie. Hello.
Music Teacher: [weakly] Help me... call 911...
[Langston angrily hits the teacher's head with the iorn pipe]
Leslie: [bicycling back home to the city, to Itsy] I guess next week's lesson is off, huh?
[Leslie and Itsy laughs happily]

Season 1[edit]

[1.01] One Flew Over the Spider[edit]

[1.02] Itsy Gets Cooking[edit]

[1.03] Enter the Spider[edit]

[1.04] Troop Itsy[edit]

[1.05] Garden of Itsy[edit]

[1.06] The Bug Shops Here[edit]

[1.07] Itsy Ships Out[edit]

[1.08] Big Top Itsy[edit]

[1.09] Downhill Itsy[edit]

[1.10] Itsy Does Hollywood[edit]

[1.11] Miss Muffet Roughs It[edit]

[1.12] Nutcracker Cha-Cha-Cha[edit]

[1.13] Basic Insect[edit]

Season 2[edit]

[2.01] Spider in Spurs[edit]

[2.02] Itsy’s Favorite Haunt[edit]

[2.03] Code Purple[edit]

[2.04] Beach Planket Spider[edit]

[2.05] Big Time Spider[edit]

[2.06] Deep Space Spider[edit]

[2.07] Short Orders Spider[edit]

[2.08] Spider Sense[edit]

[2.09] It’s a Zoo Itsy[edit]

[2.10] State Fair Itsy[edit]

[2.11] Spider at Work[edit]

[2.12] Something Fore Itsy[edit]

[2.13] Sugar-Coated Spider[edit]

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