Ivan Kostov Nikolov

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Ivan Kostov Nikolov

Ivan Kostov Nikolov (Bulgarian: Иван Костов Николов) (December 24, 1913 (O.S.) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – March 31, 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria) was a Bulgarian geologist, mineralogist and crystallographer.


  • Having in mind the theory of relativity, both special and general, I should like to extend with pleasure my warm greetings to all in attendance, colleagues and guests, no matter whether they consider themselves as eastbound or westbound citizens.
    ...I have always compared nations with heterogeneous conglomerates made up of individuals or social groups, all strongly cemented by homogeneous ethical feelings. Such indeed should also be our unique charming blue planet, and I nurse the hope that during what is left of time I shall witness the end product of such a process of international diagenesis. The reappearance of the Halley's Comet is perhaps an omen in this respect...
  • Crystals! Harmony of matter
    Born without any clatter
    but with Holy's mighty venture
    as the sparkling kids of Nature
    Crystals! Time past memorizing,
    Nature's story vitalizing,
    witnessing the world's creation
    warning its obliteration...
    • Ode on Crystals, st. 2 & 3 (24 January 2001).

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