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Ivica Osim

Ivica Osim (6 May 1941 – 1 May 2022) was a Bosnian professional footballer and football manager. As a player, he was a member of the Yugoslavia national team and played in the 1964 Summer Olympics.


  • Inevitably you start to loose ideas and authority. You don’t want to provoke crises, but you need problems so you can create solutions.
  • A team is successful when they make a difference, not because of their trophies.
  • Normally, cultures don't fight. That is why they are cultures: because they do not wage wars.
  • This sphere has enough problems as it is, and slowly we could start thinking about how we can live better together. I ask myself: Aren't they starting to get a headache from the constant warfare?
  • In modern football all teams run and fight. Football needs to come back a little to be a game, if it is even coming back. If there is too much tactics, too much money, too much fight, maybe the people do not want to see it any more. Football is a game.
  • You don't dig a new well if you have water in an old well. If we are going to build a team, we must build it around a group of experienced players.

Quotes about Osim[edit]

  • When we were ahead, he he saw the most serious problems in our game. When we were behind, he stayed calm, relaxed, gave hints what we are able to do, what we could do better.

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