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Jânio Quadros (January 25, 1917 – February 16, 1992) was a Brazilian politician who was President of Brazil in 1961.


"One Man's Cup of Coffee," Time Magazine profile (June 30, 1961)[edit]

See here for the complete article. The writer of the article is unnamed.

  • Unless we make revolutionary reforms, some day — in some unknown serra — some unknown Fidel Castro will rise up in Brazil.
    • To his cabinet
  • Lincoln was one of history's greatest men, but Americans are not like him. He was a lonely exception.
  • How can the reality of 600 million Chinese be ignored?
    • About withdrawing diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in favor of the People's Republic of China
  • From a distance I became more convinced than ever that Almighty God destined us to become a great people.
  • Your place is here, in my heart.
    • To an old friend who demanded a place in his cabinet

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