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John Joseph "J.R." Moehringer (born December 7, 1964) is an American novelist and journalist. In 2000 he won the Pulitzer Prize for newspaper feature writing. He is a national correspondent for The Los Angeles Times.


  • Beer is amazing. Nutritional. Medicinal. A beverage, but also a meal.
    • The Tender Bar, p. 108, ppb edition.
  • If only Ed Fleming had a mother who gave such sound advice. The manager of Wazoo's, a downtown Denver restaurant, Fleming is a CSU alum who has been darned giddy about the Rams' recent success. So giddy that he donned a necklace made of Pez candies, a red blazer - and nothing else. A few people gaped (some actually set aside their beers), but most ignored Fleming as he strutted like a red-blazered rooster, demanding that all hail the Mighty Naked Beer King.
    • The Rocky Mountain News, Going Gonzo In Ft. Collins - CSU Fans Let It All Hang Out As They Cavort And Revel Before Big Football Game Against Utah, October 23, 1994

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