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Jace Lee Norman (born March 21, 2000) is an American actor. He starred as Henry Hart in the Nickelodeon television series Henry Danger from 2014 to 2020.

Norman in 2018


  • I want them to know that they’re not stupid and there is another way, so keep pushing.
    • [1]Jace encourages those with dyslexia.
  • I think people look at it like a major disadvantage, and it is when it comes to school but as I’ve got into entrepreneurship and got into business a lot of these high up people I talk to like Kevin O'Leary and all these great entrepreneurs they have dyslexia as well. So, it’s like I’ve learnt it can be a great advantage if schools were to promote it.
    • [2]Jace shares that dyslexia is not a great problem for him when it comes to acting.
  • Run to just go all out and not really limit ourselves.
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