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Jack Frost is a 1979 television special, one of the Rankin-Bass stop-motion classics, where Pardon-Me-Pete, the famous groundhog of Groundhog Day, tells the story of Jack Frost, and the one time he became human. Jack falls for a girl named Elisa, and as the tailor Jack Snip, he must fight the evil Kubla Krause to save Elisa and the town of January Junction.

Directed by Julie Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr.. Written by Romeo Muller


  • Pardon me?
  • (singing) I got a day named after me, February 2.
    That's the day that I decide what the weather's gonna do.
  • Think of a snowstorm as a Kingdom of the Winter Clouds. And the king of all winter, is Father Winter himself.

Jack Frost[edit]

  • (singing) The happiness of being me is not what it's cracked up to be. It's lonely being one of a kind.
  • Greetings, Snow Gypsies! Salutations, Sleet Sisters! Hail, Hail Fellow!
  • (after defeating Kubla Kraus) I guess this counts as a house. Uh-oh! (Klangstumper enters, then lets Jack pet him) I guess I have a horse, too! Look! Gold! Enough for 100 bags! Now there's just one more thing I need.

Father Winter[edit]

  • Oh... time. Give me time, Jack. A century or two to think it over.
  • Very well. You have until the first stroke of spring. If, in that time you have obtained the necessary items needed to make a life: a house to warm you, a horse to bear you, a bag of gold to sustain you, and a wife, to make it all worth the while, then you will be truly human, and may remain so, with my blessing, forever.
  • (after Jack asks how he knows if Spring is coming early) I look to a little groundhog.


Elisa: You certainly are clumsy on ice.
Jack Frost: Me? Clumsy on ice?!?

Dummy: Hello.
Elisa: Well, hello, little fella!
Dummy: And how is the New Year's bride?
Elisa: I'm not a New Year's bride, silly!
Kubla Kraus: That's what YOU think!!!!

Kubla Krause: Blast you! [Jack throws Dummy back to him, to Dummy] Who you like best? Me or Frost?
Dummy: Oh, you, Kubla! He's got cold fingers. Let's get him!


Jack, Snip, Holly, Elisa, Mama, Papa: It's just what I always wanted, it's perfectly right.
It's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight!


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