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I don't sing a song without it meaning something to me...

Jack Vidgen (born 17 January 1997) is an Australian singer, best known for winning the fifth season of Australia's Got Talent.


  • You are like a star in my night
    I'm gonna make it alright
    Yes I am
  • There was this whole thing of ‘Jack's voice breaking’ about three or four months ago, and I think I sort of laughed at the whole thing, 'cause they sort of made out like I couldn't sing anymore, and my whole life was over, which it wasn't.
  • I like to drink hot honey in water, I like to be very calm before going onstage, I don't talk at all before hand unless I'm doing warm-ups.

Quotes about Vidgen[edit]

  • The kid can sing better than nearly anyone I know, he’s a charming, good, well-natured likeable kid, he’s now a songwriter.

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