Jack and the Beanstalk (1952 film)

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Jack and the Beanstalk is a 1952 film with a comedic take on the fairy tale.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough. Written by Nat Curtis and Pat Costello.
A comic twist to a classic tale!  (taglines)


Donald: Come in. Oh it's you. I'm sorry Arthur, I thought it was the babysitter.
Arthur: Just what do you have against babysitters?

Mr. Dinkelpuss: Can I help you put 'em away?
The Giant: Can I trust you?
Mr. Dinkelpuss: Why, what a ridiculous question!
The Giant: Can I trust you!?!
Mr. Dinkelpuss: Well, frankly, no.

The Giant: You numbskull! I can't eat, you ruined my appetite.
Jack: Oh Mr Giant, you should eat something.
The Giant: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jack: No, no,
The Giant: Oh yeah.
Jack: Oh no,
The Giant: Ahhh!!!
Jack: no.
The Giant: Ahhh!!!
Jack: no. Mr. Dinkelpuss! Mr. Dinkelpuss!

Patrick the Harp: Master, Master, 'tis a black day indeed!
Jack: You keep your mouth shut, or I'll cut you to ribbons!


  • A comic twist to a classic tale!
  • It's a giant sized joy!
  • Be happy go wacky!


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