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Jackie Chan Adventures is a fictional animated children's television cartoon series that premiered on Kids' WB. The series focuses on the fictional adventures of Jackie Chan, an archaeologist, martial arts expert, and reluctant secret agent who pursues evil forces in their attempts to acquire magical artifacts and take over the world.

The series ran from September 9, 2000 to July 8, 2005 for a total of 95 episodes over five seasons.

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Season 1 (The Twelve Talismans)[edit]

The Dark Hand [1.1][edit]

Jackie Chan: Bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day, BAD DAY!

Jackie: What is it, Uncle?
Uncle Chan: Come, give Uncle a hug. [Jackie approaches Uncle with open arms, only to be cuffed by him.]
Jackie: Oww!
Uncle: You did not make coffee this morning. Coffee is the only thing that is keeping Uncle’s ancient heart beating. You want dead Uncle?! No? Then you make coffee!

Uncle: One more thing. You receive phone call from the university. They want you to translate parchments.
Jackie: Okay.
Uncle: One more thing. I cannot read these inscriptions. Very old writing. I must go in back to get my journals.
Jackie: Okay.
Uncle: One more thing. This is Jade, your niece. She will live with you for a year, okay?
Jackie: Okay. [shocked] I have a niece?!

[After learning that Jade will live with him and Uncle for a year.]
Jackie: Nobody asked me!
Uncle: Did not want to bother you. Now, you both get acquainted while I go do work.
Jackie: But I don’t know anything about children! [Uncle leaves, leaving him alone with Jade] Uh, hello, I am Jackie. [Jade remains silent, staring at him.] Hmm, no English. [speaking in Chinese.] Ni hao ma? [translates to "How are you?"]

[The Dark Hand Enforcers enter Uncle's shop.]
Jackie: Welcome to Uncle's Rare Finds! How can I help you?
Finn: You're Jackie Chan, the archaeologist?
Jackie: Heh, I dabble in the study of past civilizations.
Finn: Well, we are aware that you recently "dabbled" a shield from a Bavarian castle. Our extremely wealthy employer is interested in purchasing that shield.
[Jackie eyes the thugs suspiciously.]
Jackie: I’m sorry, I already donated that piece to the university.
Finn: Really?
[The Dark Hand thugs try to break some antique vases as a threat, but Jackie stops them.]
It would be in your family’s best interests to undonate the shield, Mr. Chan. By this time tomorrow.

[After the Dark Hand Enforcers leave the shop.]
Uncle: Did they buy anything?
Jackie: No.
Uncle: You are terrible salesman!

Uncle: Where am I going to hide a big shield? It... where did I put it?

[Jackie falls onto the hood of the Dark Hand's limousine.]
Jackie: Heh, that will buff right out!

[Jackie wakes up after being knocked unconscious following his fight with the Dark Hand Enforcers.]
Jackie: Augustus Black! What are you doing here? Ow, what am I doing here?
Captain Augustus Black: I’m afraid it’s official business my friend.
Jackie: I didn’t think these were your pack-up singers. Where have you been? I don’t hear from you for six years... Boom! You’re in San Francisco saving my butt. Oh, those thugs must've knocked me out.
Captain Black: Actually, I knocked you out.

Captain Black: Tried to warn you.
Jackie: How did you get down here?
Captain Black: The stairs.

Valmont: You are telling me one man stopped you?
Finn: Uh, yes, but--
Valmont: Three of my enforcers armed with high-tech weapons were defeated by an... archaeologist?
Finn: Did we mention he had windshield wipers?

[Jade comes riding toward Jackie and Captain Black on a scooter.]
Jade Chan: Jackie!
Captain Black: Who is that?!
Jackie: No relation.

Captain Black: Young lady, how did you get in here?
Jade: The stairs.

Jackie: Jade, these people are my friends.
Jade: Your "friends" knocked you out and took you to a super secret underground base?
Jackie: Uh, yes.
Jade: America is so cool!

Captain Black: Care to explain how our security was penetrated by a child?
Jade: I’m not a child! I’m Jackie’s niece.
Captain Black: Didn’t know you had a niece, Jackie.
Jackie: Join the club.

Jade: Hi!
Jackie: Wha-- how did you--?
Jade: The stairs.
Jackie: Well, take these stairs to your room!
Jade: Aww, let me help! Uncle is my uncle too! ...I think.

Jade: Uncle’s up there, huh?
Jackie: You speak English?
Jade: You know I do!
Jackie: So what part of “Go to your room” do you not understand?
Jade: Aww...
Jackie: Stay here, or I’ll put you on the first flight back to Hong Kong.
Jade: Scout’s honor! [Jackie leaves to confront Tohru.] Tch, like I’m a scout?

Captain Black: Jackie, I never meant for your family to get involved in this.
Jackie: It’s not your fault. The Dark Hand was after the shield. [Uncle cuffs him.]
Uncle: I told you! Shield not important! The talisman in the center of the shield is. That is where the magic lies.

The Power Within [1.2][edit]

[Shendu expresses his anger to Valmont with the Dark Hand's failure to acquire the rooster talisman.]
Ratso: Why is the boss taking gut from a statue?
Finn: ‘Cause it talks.

[After Jade tries to practice martial arts in the restaurant.]
Jade: I was just trying to getting you to teach me,Jackie.
Jackie: The wise seek power within themselves. The foolish seek it within others. Until you harness the power within yourself, I cannot teach you.
Jade: Huh?
Jackie: It means you must have the discipline to behave yourself. Now eat your food.

Never mock the cookie.
[Jade opens a fortune cookie and reads it.]
Jade: "Danger looms in your future."
Uncle: We must be very cautious.
Jackie: [skeptical] You listen to a cookie?
[The Dark Hand's Enforcers enter the restaurant and approach the table.]
Finn: Evening, Chan.
Uncle: Never mock the cookie.

[After the Enforcers unsuccessfully try to steal the rooster talisman.]
Finn: Mr. Valmont, sir. It didn't go quite as planned.
Valmont: Regale me.
Finn: [lying] Well, we stomped Chan--
Ratso: --Stomped him good!
Finn: But we didn't see any talisman.
Valmont: You will be punished.

[While being pursued by Shadowkhan.]
Jade: Aren't you gonna womp em'?
Jackie: Ancient proverb: Do not fight when you can run!

[Jackie and Jade defeat the Shadowkhan who were chasing them.]
Jackie: I don't understand why they were after--
Jade: Jackie, the coolest thing ever happened; I went and ran off the bridge but I didn't fall; I stopped in mid-air and then I ran back just like in cartoons! [dumbfounded] ...I can fly!
Jackie: Jade, enough fooling around.
Jade: Fooling around?! I just saved your butt.
Jackie: Language, Jade. The Dark Hand is after you and I want to know why...

[Jackie and Jade are captured by the Dark Hand.]
Jade: Hello?! Let me outta here! I mean it! Just wait 'til the "Jackinator" comes to. You guys are gonna get so creamed!
Jackie: Jade?
Jade: "Jackinator"?

Tohru: I hate fish.

The Mask of El Toro Fuerte [1.3][edit]

[After observing Jackie enter the Aztec pyramid.]
Finn: He's in the pyramid. Let's move.
Novice Bad Guy: Uh, don't pyramids have mummies inside them, sir?
Finn: Only in Egypt.
Novice Bad Guy: Why don't we just let Chan find the talisman? Just take it from him when he climbs out.
Finn: Listen new guy. We don't know what power this ox talisman has. Chan might come busting out of there 50 feet tall with laser eyes.
Novice Bad Guy: [scared] I don't wanna fight giant laser eyes! Everyone after him! Now, now, now!

[After Jade tries to sign up Jackie for a wrestling match with El Toro Fuerte.]
Jade: Gracias, amigo. Anyway, I told this boy that you were the best wrestler in the world. You have to prove it!
Jackie: Jade, one should not fight for the sake of fighting, but only when one has no other choice.
Jade: Makes sense. When you get in the ring and this El Toro guy starts wailing on you, you'll have no other choice.
Jackie: Uh... you have an interesting mind, young Jade.
Jade: Jackie!!!!! You have nothing better to do tonight!
Jackie: Oh?! I don't... How about, "Search for the Ox talisman?"
Jade: But you said it yourself. You can be a million miles away.

[The Dark Hand enforcers notice Jackie at the wrestling match.]
Finn: Hmm, didn't take Chan as a sports fan.
Ratso: What sport? Wrestling's fake, everybody knows that.

Finn: El Toro, meet Tohru. Tohru, Toro. Toro, Tohru. Tohru-
Tohru: [annoyed, pushing Finn away] The mask!
El Toro Fuerte: El Toro Fuerte never removes his mask!
Tohru: Then I will remove it for you!

Jackie: Why are you here?! You're supposed to be back at the hotel doing your homework.
Jade: Lucky for you, I raced through. Tohru was gonna bust you like a piñata.
Jackie: Thank you. But don't finish your homework early again. It's too dangerous.

Enter the Viper [1.4][edit]

[Jackie accidentally bumps into a cloaked figure at the museum.]
Jackie: Oh, I'm so sorry! I broke your spy camera. [pauses] Spy camera?
Ratso: Chan!
Jackie: You! Uh... Dark Hand guy!

Jackie: The magic! [gathering items]
Jade: So, whatcha gonna do? Sneak into the museum before the bad guys do and steal the talisman yourself?
Jackie: Steal?! What?! That's crazy, Jade! You're crazy!
Jade: You totally are gonna steal it!

Jade: [whispers] You got in! You are so cool!
Jackie: [whispers] I am not cool! I'm breaking the law!
Jade: Uh-huh.

Jade: Wow! She rules!
Jackie: Wha-- ?
Jade: Uh, I mean, go Jackie.

Jade: Wow! When I grow up, I wanna be just like her!
Jackie: A criminal?!
Jade: A female Jackie Chan!

Jackie: You are under arrest!
Viper: You do realize we both go to jail, right?
Jackie: I am not a crook! I am an archaeologist!
[Jackie accidentally knocks over a vase and breaks it, sounding the alarm.]
Jade and Viper: Way to go.

[Jackie calls Uncle from prison.]
Uncle: Jackie, why did you steal the Pink Puma? There is no puma in the Chinese zodiac. It has NO magic!
Jackie: I know Uncle, it's... complicated.
Uncle: One more thing. You are a criminal! You are a very bad influence on Jade!
Jackie: I know, but-- that's why I need you to take the next flight here and--
Uncle: One more thing... oh, wait I am getting another call.
Jackie: No, no, no! Uncle, you don't know how to do that! I am only allowed one phone call--!
[Uncle clicks the line]
Uncle: Hello, Uncle's Rare Finds. May I help you? [line clicks] Hmm?

Ratso: [visiting Jackie in prison] Hey, bro.
Jackie: What do you want?
Ratso: What rock...is the legless reptile under?
Jackie: What?
Ratso: Tell me where the serpent, sleeps.
Jackie: What are you talking about?
Jackie: Don't you read the newspaper? I took the Pink Puma.
[Ratso checks the Talisman tracker which is not lighting up]
Jackie: See? No Talisman. Like the gizmo says. Now if you'll excuse me, my delicious prison food is getting cold.

[After Viper pulls a "viper" on Jade for the snake talisman.]
Jade: Viper... pulled a viper... on me?!
Jackie: Old proverb: There is no honor among thieves.

Jackie: I'm sorry! I'll bring it back! Thank you!

Police: Freeze!
Jackie: It's okay! [shows Pink Puma] I have it! It's yours! [Jackie hands over the Pink Puma to the police.]
Police Officer: Real good. Now, tell us what you did with the Statue of Liberty.

[Jackie and Jade look back to the Statue which has disappeared due to the Snake Talisman's power, Jackie and Jade shrug]

Project A, for Astral [1.5][edit]

[as soon as Jackie uncovers the Sheep Talisman]
Jackie: Jackie had a little lamb. [turns around as Shadowkahn appear, he stuff the talisman in his pocket] It's not here! Can you believe it?

[after Jackie cheats death by escaping a Train which just fell off the tracks and into a gorge]
Ratso: No way he's human.

Shendu: Chan posses yet another Talisman, while I have none?! You are weak, Valmont! And your men are fools!
Finn: That's it! I ain't taking no more lip from a statue! [proceeds to pull out a handgun]
Shendu: I am no statue! You stand in the presence of a Demon Sorcerer! I once held dominion over a vast empire, but my subjects betrayed me. They cast a Chi spell which imprisoned me in this pitiful icon, where I have remained for 900 years! The twelve magic Talismans, from which I drew my power, were scattered to the winds.
Ratso: Whoa.
Finn: You got jacked.
Shendu: Acquisition of all the Talismans, will allow me to be free of my confinement, and walk the Earth once again.
Valmont: At which point we will be rewarded the lost treasure of Ching-sui Hai. Well worth taking a little lip, don't you think?

Uncle: One more thing! Stay awake! You break many antiques when you sleepwalk!
Jackie: [yawning] I don't sleepwalk.
Uncle: So you break my antiques for fun?!

Melvin Moose: Uh... Smile for the camera!
Shendu: [in possession of Jade's body] Soon I shall devour your soul!
Melvin Moose: [gasp]

Jackie: [running towards Captain Black and Jade, who is still possessed] Captain Black, get away from her!
Captain Black: Whoa there, Jackie!
Jade (Possessed): [growls]
Jackie: She's not really Jade! The Talisman's magic has turned her into a sheep! [stuttering] Uh, no, I mean- Look, I'll prove it. [looks around, grabs the Melvin Moose mascot] What's the moose's name?! The name!!!
Jade (Possessed): [growls again]
Jade (Astral): Give you a hint, it's another word for wedgie.
Jackie: You can't name it, can you?! You're evil! YOU'RE EVIL!!!!!

Shell Game [1.6][edit]

Jackie: [Takes a deep breath] Breathe deeply. The breath flows to the finger tips,then down to the toes...
Jade: Then the toes goes up...The bad guys's nose! Hyah! [Jade high kicks and punches while Jackie just stares at her] What? He was asking for it.
Jackie: Discipline, Jade.
Jade: But I want to be a lean, mean Jackie Chan machine!
Jackie: Don't be in such of a hurry! Slow and steady wins the race.
Jade: Chinese proverbs, right?
Jackie: Greek, actually. The story of "The Tortoise and the Hare". Once upon a- Where are you going?
Jade: Breakfast. Race ya!

Jade: ...so there I was, flying the plane, all by myself, no co-pilot. And Jackie's hanging out the back, flopping around with no parachute or anything!
Drew: Yeah, right. I bet the Snake Lady was there too.
Jade: Viper? No, that was in New York.

Valmont: You know, Shendu, these Talisman expeditions, let's just say are raking up some hefty out of pocket expenses. And as of yet, there's nothing coming back into my pocket!
Shendu: When and only when your men acquire all twelve Talismans, the lost Treasure of Ching-sui Hai shall cover your...expenses...ten thousand times over.
Valmont: The reputed lost treasure.
Shendu: Ahhh, so we have a skeptic.
[a Shadowkahn appears holding a golden goblet, covered with a lid, which he lifts revealing gold and jewels, and amazing Valmont]
Shendu: Patience, Valmont. Slow and steady wins the race.

[Jackie tricks Jade into getting in a Taxi with Uncle]
Uncle: So how was school?
Jade: [in a bad mood] Peachy.
Uncle: Ah, peachy! One more thing. Did Jackie Find the Rabbit Talisman?
Jade: [voice becomes raspy] I am not Jade. I am Paigon the Powerful, ruler of the Rabbit Realm.
[Uncle gasps in terror]
Jade: I must fulfill my destiny or the universe itself will be UN-MADE! RELEASE ME AT ONCE!
[taxi stops and Jade gets out]
Jade: [coughing] Man, that's rough on the throat.

Carl Nivore: Gentlemen.
Finn: Are you...Carl....Kniver?
Nivore: Nivore. Dr. Carl Nivore, in the flesh.
[out of sight]
Jade: Who's this Nivore guy?
Jackie: SHH!
Nivore: And this fellow must be the merchandise of which my friend Valmont spoke. Mmmm, yes. You're a fine specimen, aren't you? Aren't youuu?
Tohru: [annoyed] THE MONEY.
Nivore: [sigh] Borris. [a chef appears holding a briefcase of money] Pay the man. [Tohru accepts the briefcase] Care to join me for dinner?
Tohru: Thank you. No.
Nivore: [licking his fingers] But we're having, quite the delicacy. A dish so rare, you might say it's endangered. Turtle soup.
[out of sight]
Jade: Eww! He's gonna eat Aesop?! [gasp] He's gonna eat Aesop...
Nivore: Are you sure? Hmm?
Tohru: Y-yeesss...we uh...uh...ummm [clears throat] I must deliver this to Valmont. [holding the Rabbit Talisman]

Nivore: Well, the sooner you find a forklift, the sooner I may lift a fork...to my lips.

Ratso: Uncle!
Jackie: [looking around] Where?

Jackie: Careful! That one, uh...turns you into a chocolate bunny!

Nivore: Borris, that brazed manatee you prepared last week was absolutely exquisite, and the grilled American condor on a bit of fava bean [puckering sounds] to die for. Don't forget the carrots.

Jade: Release Aesop, you tortoise-eating creep!
Nivore: [chuckling] Such a delightful child. She'll go well with a nice Bearnaise sauce, wouldn't you say, Borris?
Jade: WHAT?!
Nivore: Only joking, princess. Children are much too common for my sophisticated palette.

Jade: Whoa. How'd you get from there to here so fast?
Jackie: [shows Jade the Rabbit Talisman] And now we'll save the tortoise. See? Slow and steady, wins the race.
Jade: But you have super, rabbit speed! I'm getting mixed messages here!
Jackie: Oh-er-uh. Don't be smart!

Shendu: Valmont, your men are supposed to acquire Talismans! Not sell pets!
Valmont: Perhaps if you'd given fair consideration to the advance I requested, none of this would have-
[Shendu in a fury shoots fire at both Valmont and Tohru]
Tohru: WHOA! I did not know he could do that!

Drew: Come on! A turbo-turtle?
Jade: Faster than a speeding rabbit.
Drew: No way!
Jade: Way!
Drew: Yeah, right. I bet that super strong Ox guy was there too!
Jade: El Toro? Nah, that was in Mexico, when I was flying the plane!

Bullies [1.7][edit]

Shendu: Valmont? Where is the Dragon talisman?
Valmont: My men are on it.
Shendu: Your men could not find their own shadows, and your incompetence continues to stupefy me.
Valmont: Oh? I'll stupefy you-- [the Shadowkhan appear around him]
Shendu: Temper, Valmont...

Valmont: The arrogance of that over-sized lawn ornament.
Finn: Valmont! Check it out! [holding up the Dragon Talisman]
Valmont: You actually did your job? Imagine!
Finn: You're not stoked?
Valmont: [angrily] I'm absolutely giddy! [hurls the Dragon talisman into the wall, which activates the power, blasting a hole in the ceiling]

Valmont: [infusing the Dragon Talisman to his hand] Puff, the Magic Dragon...

Finn: Valmont, you are da bomb! Pun totally intended.
Ratso: Hey, ain't ole dragon breath gonna start wondering where his rock is?
Valmont: Pity. It's doing wonders for our cash flow.
Finn: One more heist, Big V?
Valmont: One for the history books.

[after catching Jackie]
Valmont: Jackie Chan! Finally, we meet. [holding up the Dragon Talisman] It was nice knowing you.

Valmont: You really go for the gold, Mr. Chan. Fool's gold.
Jackie: You know, Valmont? I was wondering, what is one of these worth? An all expenses paid trip to Melvin World? [tosses a gold brick into the water]
Valmont: You'll pay for that!
[Jackie begins throwing dozens of gold bricks into the water]
Jackie: What about these? A new Ferrari?
Valmont: Chan!
Jackie: A summer home? Your own private island to build it on? A robot butler for that home?
Valmont: Aaarrrgh! [blasts his ship in half] Blast.

Valmont: Shendu, I beg your forgiveness.
Shendu: You may earn it. Rumor tells of a talisman hidden at the North Pole. Dress warmly...

Jade: I make such a good Jackie.

Tough Break [1.8][edit]

Auctioneer: The next item up for auction, is a Porcelain lamp featuring, well, an unusual rat motif. What are my bid for this piece?
Jackie: One hundred dollars!
Auctioneer: Do I hear one-fifty?
Tohru: [entering the room] Two hundred!
Auctioneer: Smashing! Do I hear-
Jackie: Two-fifty!
Tohru: Three hundred!
Jackie: Three-fifty!
Tohru: Four!
Jackie: Five hundred!
[Auctioneer looks on in bewilderment]
Tohru: Six!
Jackie: Seven!
Tohru: Eight!
Jackie: Nine!
Tohru: One thousand!
Jackie: [hesitant] Two....thousand!
[Auctioneer's monocle falls out in astonishment]
[Ratso and Finn are giving money to Tohru]
Finn: This is all we got Tohru.
Ratso: Think they take nunchuks?

Jade: Another train wreck, Jackie?
Jackie: [looking at Jade's messy room] I was going to ask the same thing. Do baboons live here?

Uncle: Run down the side of an exploding building, no problem. But step on a child's toy, break your leg. Sounds like Chinese proverb.

Jackie: Stay back, Jade.
Jade: No, Jackie. You have a broken leg and Gnome Cop is my responsibility.

The Rock [1.9][edit]

Finn: Big V, d-d'you think you c-could turn up the h-heat?
Shendu: Allow me.
[Shendu breathes fire at them]
Finn: That's plenty!
Ratso: Much o-obliged.
Valmont: Careful, Shendu. If you charbroil the help, they'll never find the next talisman.
Shendu: The next talisman is insufficient, Valmont. I need all twelve to shed this petrified form, and regain my true powers.
Valmont: We are working on it, Shendu.
Shendu: With your customary ineptitude, once again, this Chan has snatched a talisman from your so-called professionals...
Ratso: Too bad Chan ain't working for us!
Valmont: Perhaps he can be persuaded...

Jackie: It's not polite to hack into security systems that don't belong to you!
Jade: I saw a '7'!

Uncle: I have translated the inscription on the back of the talisman! A very perplexing riddle...
Jackie: 'If activated, the noble Horse expels all alien forces within'.
Jade: I bet those 'alien forces' fly out and latch out onto human brains and turn people into mind-control zombies to conquer the world!
[Jackie and Uncle stare at her]
Jade: Uh, alien forces signal the Mother Ship to launch an invasion?
[Jackie and Uncle stare at her]
Jade: This... isn't the Martian talisman?
Uncle: There is no such thing as Martians! The talismans are magic!

[Jackie Chan sees a Talisman in one of the eyes of Mt. Rushmore]
Jackie: Ah, what big eyes, you have. Don't blink Mr. President. [reaches inand gets the talisman, only to reveal it is the Snake Talisman] The Snake Talisman? We already got that one.
[the counterfit Talisman opens up and injects Jackie with the poison, causing Jackie to drop it below; a weakened Jackie climbs back up only to be greeted by Valmont] Valmont!
Valmont: [lifts Jackie up] Upsie-daisy! [Jackie assumes a fighting stance, revealing his wound] Ah, snake bite! Could be fatal.
Jackie Chan: You bring me all the way out here to poison me?
Valmont: A rather appropriate lure, since the venom, now rushing through your veins, will soon turn you to stone.

Jackie: What? What is it?
Uncle: Nothing. Don't look in the mirror.
Jackie: Ahhhh!!!!!
Uncle: I told you not to look in the mirror!
Jackie: I'm a lizard! I will become a stone lizard!

Uncle: I have a new antidote. This may sting. [sprays Jackie with antidote, which immediately combusts upon leaving the sprayer, blasting Jackie through the wall]

Tohru: [checks all talismans in the bag] One is missing!
Jade: No way! I cleaned out the vault! [gasp] I forgot the horse one at Uncle's! Um, if you give me the antidote, I really for sure promise to get you the other one. Scout's honor?
Finn: Tch. Like she's a scout. [Tohru drops the antidote]
Jade: No!!!!! [vial containing the antidote shatters] Why?!
Tohru: [sneezes] Because Chan makes me sick!
Jade: Jackie...
Jackie: Don't worry, Jade. Uncle will come through.
Jade: ...We don't need your stinking antidote!

[after catching the talisman]
Jackie: The Dark Hand... will... never... have all... twelve! [turns to stone]
Jade: Jackie!!!!!
Ratso: A dollar says his hand will snap right off!
Finn, Chow: Deal!

Tohru: My cold is gone! Like magic!
Uncle: 'The noble horse expels all alien forces within'...
Jade: The riddle! It doesn't mean aliens within the talisman, it means aliens within the sick person holding the talisman!
Uncle: The Horse is the healing talisman!
Jade: Think it only works on colds?

The Jade Monkey [1.10][edit]

Drew: Hey Jade, is your Uncle Jackie gonna wow the class about... [chuckles] the secret agent business?
Jade: You bet, Drew. And the truth is gonna blow your mind.
Drew: Oh, you mean the truth about ninjas, magic talismans, that four hundred pound giant named Tofu?
Jade: His name is...[Tohru suddenly burts through the wall] ...Tohru. [Ratso and Finn follow Tohru holding a bound and gagged Jackie and Uncle] Jackie! Uncle!
Tohru: Jade, hand over the talismans.
Finn: Or we chop down your family tree.
Jade: You guys are the ones going down. [kicks Ratso] Hyah! Hyah! [punches Ratso, Tohru charges her and is kicked to the floor] Hyah!
Drew: I'm sorry I doubted you, Jade!
Mrs.Hardman:: No homework for the rest of the year! [the kids cheer wildly]
Mrs. Hardman: Jade! Jade! Jade!

[Jade wakes up]

Mrs.Hardman: If you're through daydreaming, could you tell us the capital of Italy?
Jade: Uh...Pizza? Heh, heh.

[Jackie is narrating a boring speech about archaeology to Jade's class]
Drew: [To Jade] So much for "Secret Agent" man.
[Jade raises her hand]
Jackie: Uh, question?
Jade: Jackie, tell us about the time you whooped a bunch of Shadowkhan on the roller coaster at Melvin World!
Jackie: That's a bit off topic, Jade. [Jade groans] Now, once an artifact is unearthed-
Jade: Really! He tanned their ninja hides! He's got amazing reflexes! Watch! [Takes an apple from her lunch and throws it at Jackie]
Jackie: Ow!
Mrs.Hardman: Jade has quite an imagination, doesn't she, Mr. Chan?
Jackie: Heh, heh. Yes, she does. And a good throwing arm too.

[Jade has discovered a Talisman after immediately starting to dig]
Jade: Oh, Jackie! [holds up the Talisman]
Jackie: You've gotta be kidding me.
Jade: It's the Monkey Talisman! Must be a Sea Monkey!

Uncle's Head: Jackie! Jackie! [Jackie wakes up] Jackie, you are shipwrecked.
Jackie: [dazed] Yes, Uncle. Shipwrecked.
Uncle's Head: One more thing. Jade has the Monkey Talisman.
Jackie: Jade's a good girl.
Uncle's Head: One more thing. Bad men are chasing her. She needs your help. Now! [whacks him in the head]

Jackie: Jade? Jade? Ja-? [Notices a feeding giraffe] A giraffe? We drifted all the way to Africa?!

The Dog and Piggy Show [1.11][edit]

Tohru: Chan! The tali--
Jackie: -sman? What talisman?
[Tohru holds up the talisman-tracking statue]
Tohru: The ones the dragons indicate!
Jackie: Ohh, this talisman! You know, Tohru, you really should consider coming over the good side! Section 13 has a marvelous dental plan, and every Thursday is Donut Day!

[on the phone]
Jade: Jumping Jackal? It's me. Fearless Hyena.
Jackie: Jade--
Jade: Shh! Wise old goat roams near!
Jackie: What?
Jade: Ancient rabbit has very long ears!
Jackie: What are you talking about?
Jade: It's Uncle's birthday, where are you?
Jackie: My flight had a layover in Bavaria. If I never see Bavaria again...
Jade: Jackal, this isn't about you!
Jackie: Don't worry, Jade. My plane will arrive in plenty of time [whispering] for Operation Surprise!
Jade: Cool! So,whatca' get him?
Jackie: Uh...

Uncle: Jade. Jade! Jade!
Jade: Ah! Uncle, you scared me!
Uncle: And the rock and roll noise is scaring away the customers.
Jade: Tch, it's hiphop, duh! Come on, Uncle Coolio, I'll teach you some moves!
Uncle: [sighing] My hip does not hop...
Jade: Sure it does. You just move with the Grand Master Groove!
[Uncle drops a vase, which shatters]
Uncle: I am like that antique.
Jade: Uh... valuable?
Uncle: Old... and brittle.

Uncle: I will do research now.
Jade: But Uncle, we have cake! We have to celebrate!
Uncle: When I am another year younger, then I will celebrate.

Jade: Jackie, has Uncle always been like all... You know, uncley?
Jackie: No, Jade. When Uncle was young, he was just like me.
Jade: Does that mean you're going to be grouchy, constipated, and smell like garlic when you're Uncle's age?

Valmont: You failed to retrieve the talisman, and you sat on this! [holds the broken Seeking Device]
Shendu: The Seeking Device was forged by magic. Such things are hard to come by.
Tohru: Apologies, master.
Valmont: Perhaps the time has come to have a freelancer lead future missions...
Tohru: No need, master. I will do better!
Valmont: Ah, too late! Tohru, meet Hak Foo.

Uncle: "The Dog talisman is best friend to man. It restores youthful energy to its holder... and grants eternal life." Hmm... immortality...

Tohru: So... uh... where shall we begin our serach for the talisman?
Hak Foo: I don't know. You sat on the seeking device, remember?
Tohru: Well, the only talismans left to be found are the Tiger and the... [sees pigs everywhere] Pig.
Hak Foo: Wait here and stand watch. And I mean stand. Less chance you'll break something.

Jade: Something's different about you.
Uncle: Like what?
Jade: Well, for one thing, you haven't said [imitates Uncle] "One more thing", since we got here.

Hak Foo: Seeking a talisman? [holds up a chocolate] Only counterfeits here.
Jackie: Do I know you?
Hak Foo: I am Hak Foo, the last human you will ever lay eyes upon.

[After Hak Foo defeats Jackie]
Hak Foo: Black Tiger crushes Chan.
[Uncle and Jade enter the room]
Uncle: You! Tiger Man! Remove your feet from Jackie!
Jackie: [groggily] What's a Jackie?
Hak Foo: Take your leave, or feel the burn!
Uncle: You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

[Uncle is unconscious after Hak Foo knocks him out]
Uncle's Head: Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle: Yes, Uncle?
Uncle's Head: What happened? You got such a whooping!
Uncle: Big mouth had a big fist!
Uncle's Head: One more thing, there is work to do. You must acquire the Pig talisman and discover the power that it possesses.
Uncle: But... I'm dead.
Uncle's Head: Ai-yah! How can you be dead? You are wearing the immortality talisman!
Uncle: Oh. Right.
Uncle's Head: One more thing! [whacks him in the head; Uncle wakes up]
Jackie: Uncle! You're okay!
Uncle's Head: See? Lots of garlic is good for you! We must get the Pig talisman before the big mouth finds it!

Jackie: Uncle! Explain.
Uncle: Jackie, thank you for letting me re-experience my youth. [hands over the Dog talisman] But being young is too dangerous! And exhausting! Uncle needs a nap.
Jade: You earned it Uncle! [hugs him]

The Tiger and the Pussycat [1.12][edit]

Shendu: After nine centuries, all twelve Talismans have been recovered. Yet I possess only two, while Jackie Chan has ten! You have failed me, Valmont!

Jackie-Lite: Uncle!
Uncle: What is it?
Jackie-Lite: I stepped on a bug! [sobbing] Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho...

Uncle: What happened to Jackie? He is such a cry-baby!
Jade: He's such a jerk!
Uncle: He is in the library, weeping all over all of my research!
Jade: No, he's in the kitchen, raiding the fridge!
[they realize]
Jade and Uncle: Jackie?

Uncle: The Talisman broke, Jackie's ying, was separated from his yang.
Jade: Whoa. Jackie-Lite, and Jackie-Dark.
Jackie-Lite: I am the Dark side! I murdered a bug!
Jade: [to Jackie-Dark] You're the side who ate my candy? You're evil! EVIL!!!

Jade: [as the Dark Hand arrives outside Uncle's store] What are we gonna do?!
Jackie-Dark: Laugh like circus clowns while they scream for mercy!
Jackie-Lite: RUN!
Jade: Guess we'll never know if two Jackies are better than- [Jackie-Lite grabs Jade] WHOA!
Jackie-Lite: This is no place for children!

Finn: [driving away from Jackie-Dark who moments ago creamed them in a fight] He'll never catch us.
Chow: Weren't we supposed to catch him?
Finn: Shut up!

[Jackie-Dark, Chow, and Finn are laughing loudly about their recent fight]
Jackie-Dark: And when the fish hit the road, you guys all went, "BWAH!"
[more loud laughter]
Finn: You know, Chan, you're all right!
Chow: Too bad we gotta eliminate you.
[more loud laughter]
Jackie-Dark: ELIMINATE ME?! [laughing hard]

Ratso: Get in there!
Jackie-Lite: [getting in the car] Are those seats real leather? Oh, those poor cows! [sobbing]

Jackie-Lite: It's not nice to drop-kick little girls.

Tohru: It's always Tohru's fault. Everyone blames Tohru.

[After Jackie-Lite and Jackie-Dark eliminate a room filled with Shadowkahn]
Jackie-Dark: You have pretty decent chups for such a big baby.
Jackie-Lite: [putting an arm on Jackie-Dark] Oh, I owe it all to teamwork!
Jackie-Dark: Don't touch me.

Valmont: [after fitting the last half of the twelfth Talisman into Shendu] Game over, Chan. Way over.
Shendu: [no longer a statue, but a walking demon] I LIVE!!!

Day of the Dragon [1.13][edit]

[The Dark Hand Enforcers see Shendu brought back to life for the first time.]
Finn: Whoa, Shen-dude!
Ratso: Uh, welcome to Earth?
Chow: Good to see ya up and around!

[After Shendu refuses to reward the Dark Hand with the treasure he promised them.]
Valmont: Tohru, make this deadbeat puny up!
[Finn, Ratso, and Chow back away from Tohru.]
Finn: You go bro.
Ratso: We're right behind you--
Chow: --in spirit.

Ratso: Too bad about the lost treasure of... y'know, whatcha call it.
Finn: Uh, will this affect our bonuses?
Ratso: You get a bonus?
Valmont: Shut it!

Jackie: Who...what are you?
Shendu: I am the keeper of the Talismans. I am the Apocalypse of which Legend speaks! And I am, for once and for all, your executioner!

Uncle: Did the demon have any specific markings?
Captain Black: Red eyes, great big claws, and razor sharp teeth isn't SPECIFIC ENOUGH FOR YOU?!
Uncle: Thousands of demon sorcerors have existed throughout history! I need more information! A symbol, a name, ANYTHING!
[Tohru enters the shop, bandaged after his encounter with Shendu]
Tohru: Chan!
Jackie: [annoyed] Go away! We have no more Talismans!
Tohru: The demon's name...Shendu!

Uncle: Shendu's former palace is located near what is now Hong Kong. His vengeance is to begin at the toll of Midnight, ushering in the Chinese New Year.
Captain Black: Chinese New Year? That gives us only a couple of days!
Jackie: Less. Hong Kong is sixteen hours ahead of San Fransisco!
Captain Black: We'll take Section 13's fastest transport!
Uncle: Finding the demon is not enough. One must have a means of... [reaching for a book he cannot reach] ...defeating it... [Tohru grabs the book and hands it to Uncle] Thank you. I will come with you!
Toru: I will come... [grunts in pain] ...too!
Jackie: Umm...that's okay.
Captain Black: Tohru, why help us?
Tohru: I am told Section 13 serves donuts on Thursdays.

[On the Section 13 plane to Hong Kong.]
Uncle: Go away! I am busy!
Agent: Uh, you've been in the lavatory since take-off.
Uncle: That is right! Laboratory! Do you want Jackie to defeat the evil demon? Yes? Then go away! Let Uncle work!

Uncle: Never question the inscriptions.

Captain Black: Let's turn up the heat.
[The agents aise their weapons]
Uncle: No! Shendu is immortal. Magic must defeat magic.
[The agents lower their weapons]

Captain Black: He's out cold! Men!
[The agents raise their weapons.]
Uncle: Aiiee-yaaaahh!! No! Magic must defeat magic!
[The agents lower their weapons.]
Captain Black: Argh...

[Shendu seems to be gaining the upper hand against Jackie again]
Captain Black: That tears it! Men!
[Uncle grabs Captain Black's shoulder, knocking him out]
Uncle: Who else wants a piece of Uncle?
[The rest of the agents stand down their weapons]

[Shendu is defeated; Captain Black comes to again]
Captain Black: What happened?
Uncle: See? What have we learned?
Agents: Magic must defeat magic.

Jackie: Happy New Year Jade! Happy New Year Uncle! [Uncle cuffs Jackie.] Oww!
Uncle: You destroyed the demon! Yin and yang! Now the world is out of balance! Nobody told you to destroy the demon!
Jackie: Jade did it.
Jade: Hmmph...
Uncle: Now there is a void for a new, stronger evil to fill!

Finn: [as the Dark Hand emerges from the dust of the palace] I know how much the treasure meant to you, Big V... [looks to the Talismans now scattered in the dust] ...but how about a consolation prize?

Jackie: You should visit your parents.
Jade: They might want me to stay with them.
Jackie: Would that be so awful?
Jade: Tch...For you. [starts crying]

Season 2 (The Demon Sorcerers)[edit]

The Stronger Evil [2.1][edit]

Valmont: [angered] It would seem we have lost the lost treasure of Ching-sui Hai. On the bright side, however, Jackie Chan has done me a tremendous favor by eliminating my albatross.
Ratso: [whispers] Albatross? I thought Shendu was a dragon.
Valmont: Which means we now have exclusive access to... [picks up the dragon talisman.] some very potent magic.

Shendu: Once I make Jackie Chan pay, I shall tear that buffoon Valmont to pieces--!
Dai Gui: SILENCE! The only future you have is here with us, brother!
Xiao Fung: Indeed. Let the eternal torment begin!
Shendu: "Torment"? "Eternal"?!
Tso Lan: To punish your betrayal, Shendu. You chose to spend your time ruling China.
Bai Tza: While we withered in this bone-dry pit!
Hsi Wu: Bored out of our wits all those centuries, each exactly like the one before it!
Po Kong: You never even attempted to free us!
Shendu: [nervously] I... your rescue was in the planning stages, but I became imprisoned in a statue--
Tchang Zu: Excuses! You desired the earthly realm for you alone! [strikes Shendu with lightning]
Hsi Wu: A shame you never learned to share, brother.
Shendu: No, wait! I can free you!
Bai Tza: Do not toy with us! The doorways can only be opened from the other side.
Dai Gui: The human side.
Shendu: Precisely. As the humble spirit you now see before you, I am free to cross over and possess any human I wish, enabling me to undo the sacred spells that keep you here... if you so deem it.

[Valmont distributes the talismans among his Enforcers.]
Valmont: Twelve talismans, four Enforcers, three each.
Ratso: Uh, boss... there's only three of us since Tohru cashed in his frequent flyer miles.
Finn: So, I'll just hang on to these--
Hak Foo: Hungry crane spears fish!
[Hak Foo snatches the other talismans.]
Valmont: Everyone remembers Hak Foo?
Ratso: [nervously] Heh, hiya Hak!
Chow: Or do you prefer Foo?
Valmont: Master Foo. The Black Tiger shall be your new lieutenant.

Finn: Astral projection? Motion to the motionless? Yin yang? How come I get all the loser powers?
Security Guard: Freeze!
Hak Foo: Mule kick!
[Hak Foo easily dispatches the security guard without his talisman powers.]
Finn: No fair, you're not even using yours!
Hak Foo: The horse for healing - I am not easily injured. The rooster for levitation - I already fly. The dog for immortality - there is not a man alive who can vanquish me!
Finn: [intimidated] It's cool. Trade ya?
Hak Foo: Baby.
[Hak Foo gives his talismans to Finn.]
Finn: Score!

Ratso: Haha, we're like superheroes, who steal stuff!

Shendu: So, I trust you would agree that my, err... martyrdom has left a void for a new, stronger evil to fill - namely you, my brothers and sisters. Shall I proceed, then?
[The other Demon Sorcerers cast a spell on Shendu.]
Shendu: Gah! What trick is this?!
Hsi Wu: You have proven crafty, brother. So we require a safety measure.
Bai Tza: Our spell will keep you bound within a human of your choosing, until you release us.
Xiao Fung: A precaution, so that we know exactly where to find you!
Tso Lan: In the event we deem it necessary to resume your eternal torment.
Shendu: I accept your terms. I will choose my vessel well to best serve you. And the human most capable for this task is my nemesis: Jackie Chan!

Finn: Immortality and healing? That's redundant!

Jackie: Look out!
Finn: Yeah right, like I'm gonna fall for tha--
[Finn crashes into the ceiling of a tunnel entrance.]
Ugh, immortality hurts.

Hak Foo: Black tiger crosses bald eagle!

Hak Foo: Angry crow takes flight!

Shendu: Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated, Chan. Destroy them!

Jade: Jackie! We can't move back to Uncle's. It reeks in there like mung beans and mothballs and it's totally boring.
Jackie: Jade, you say boring like it's a bad thing.
Jade: Awww...

Jade: Jackie!!!!!
Jackie: Not now,Jade. I'm busy... Jade!

Jackie: Jade,what are you...
Jade: Talk later!

Jade: Heh. Talk now.

Jackie: Jade,you should never play with things you don't know how to work.
Jade: I didn't know anything to know, now I do.
Jackie: Well, perhaps now you know why we have to leave Section 13.
Jade: But. Tohru'll have no where to sleep.
Jackie: I found a very charming apartment for us. They allow children and pets but no secret agents, no Dark Hand thugs, or magic Talismans.

Jackie: One last time.
Jade: Just when you think you're out,they pull you back in. So can I...
Captain Black and Jackie: No. (They leave Jade behind)
Jade: (Angry grunt) Didn't even let me ask.

Jade: Need a lift? (Jade lifts Jackie up)
Jackie: I thought I told you never play with things you don't know how to...
Jade: Ignition, steering, throttle, brakes.
Jackie: Faster.

Hak Foo: Angry crow takes flight!

[Jade lifts Jackie way up high]

Jackie: Bye-bye. Have a nice day!
Jade: Uh-oh.

Jackie: Jade, what are you doing?!
Jade: I can take him. I can fly.
Jackie: Wha... No, Jade! Jade!

Jackie: At the Chinatown. I'll have Jade spend the night at Uncle's.
Jade: Hey, I heard that!

The J-Team [2.2][edit]

Hak Foo:Mad Monkey Kung Fu! Octopus Fists Of Fury! Shredding Bear Claws! Minnow wallops whale!
Tohru: I'm sorry, what was that last part?
Hak Foo: I said Minnow-


Hak Foo: What was that last part?

Hak Foo: I wasn't going to use these, but now you've made me mad! Huh, astral projection? Aghhh!


Hak Foo: OWW!!!

Chow: My glasses!

Finn: Our powers!
Chow: My pants!

Jackie: Jade?
El Toro Furete: Paco?
Jackie and El Toro Furtre: Where are the children?!

Jade: Jackie,we gotta get...
Jackie: Talk later,Jade.

Jackie: But I have to go,Jade.
Jade: Jackie, you can't face Shendu alone. You need backup.
Jackie: That's why I'm going to get Uncle.
Jade: Uncle's just the brains. You need muscular on your team. Hmph. And I know just where to find you some.

Jackie: Jade,explain.
Jade: It's your team,duh. The J team,the Chan Clan,the Chan-tastic five!
Jackie: Chan-tastic?
Jade: Five,see? You and me make two. And there's Viper,El Toro makes four.
Paco: And I,Paco am the fifth member of the Y team!
Jade: I actually had someone less puny in mind. (Looks at Tohru)
Tohru: Hmm? I am honored.
Jackie: I am sorry you all came here for nothing,but I did realized my niece read so many comic books.
Jade: Hmph.

Jade: Okay,team. Let's move out!
Jackie: Jade,there is no team.
Jade: Oh? These J team jackets say you wrong.

Finn: Tohru,buddy!
Ratso: You're alive!
Tohru: Good to see you. (Squashes Finn,Ratso and Chow tightly and throw them to the wall)
Chow: Tohru,the traitor!

Jade: Well,if nobody wants it,thank you very much!

Jade Times Jade [2.3][edit]

Jade: Sounds like you could use my help,Jackie-o. And I never been to Tokyo!
Jackie: Jade, it's a school night.
Jade: (Groans)
Jackie: Now promise me, that you'll stay here and do your homework.
Jade: Promise.
[Jade sadly goes to her room and suddenly got a great idea.]
Jade: (Gasps) I can do my homework, and go with Jackie! [Pour some magic dust on herself] (Groans)
Two Jades: Whoa, freaky. (Cover their mouths) Jinx! (Giggling)

Jackie: :That which runs but never walks". (Follows The Dark Hand)
Jade: I got your back,Jack.
Jade 2: Tokyo's monolow coolio, dontcha' think?
Jade: (Gasps) What are you doing here?!
Jade 2: Tch. Like I was gonna miss this.
Jade: But my homework! We promised Jackie!
Jade 2: No, You promised Jackie. Hmm.
Jade: (Humrph)

Jade: You can tag along, but no more surprises, compesh?
Jade 2: (Groans)
Jade: (Gasps)
Jade 2 and 3: Uh... Surprise?
Jade: (Screams)
Jade: Uh, what just happen here?
Jade 2: Talk later!
Jade 3: Let's roll!
Jade: Wait!

Jade 2: Jackie, I'm open!
Jackie:' Jade, what are you doing... Why did I bother to ask? (Finn,Ratso, and Chow grab Jackie, but he use his foot as Jade got the box)
Jade 2: Got it!
Valmont: Get her!

[The Dark Hand Goes To Catch Jade, leaving Jackie behind}

Jackie: Jade!
Ratso: I got her! (Jade 2 passes the box to Jade 3)
Chow: No! I got her!
Finn: What do you mean I got her?
Jade: (Gasps)
Finn: But she don't got the box.
Jade: Hyah!
Finn: Hey!

(The two Jades run in the opposite direction while Ratso and Chow bump into each other.)

Jackie: Jade, where's the box?
Jade: Uh... (Jade runs off when Hak Foo is about to attack Jackie)
Hak Foo: (Angry Grunt) Kazuma Pounce!

(Jackie sends Hak Foo on the stairs while Jade 3 brings him the box)

Jackie: Good!
Hak Foo: (Angry Grunt)
Jade: (Gasps)
Jackie: Go,hide!

(While Jackie has dodging Hak Foo's Martial arts moves, the real Jade stood there where Jackie founds her)

Jackie: Jade, please. I told you to hide!
Jade: Did not!

(At the Tokyo hotel, Jackie was about to shave, while Jade deals with the other Jades)

Jade: Can't you guys just pull yourself together?!
Jade 2: Hey, don't look at us,Copperfield.
Jade 3: You're the one who cast the spell.
Jackie: Jade.
Jade: (Gasps)
Jackie: Have conter playing the riddle?
Jade: Sure. What riddle was that,Uncle Jackie?
Jackie: The riddle we must solve before Shendu does. "Runs but never walks, Mouth but never talk".

(Just then, Jade 5 and 6 arrive late)

Jade: Where were you two?!
Jade 5: Hello? Ice?
Jade 6: So maybe you should like, chill.
Jade: Waahh! Quick, hide!

(All the Jades hide in the closet)

Jackie: "Mouth but doesn't talk,Runs but never...
Jade: Waahh! Quick,Jackie! Look out the window!

(While the real Jade distracts Jackie, one of the Jade clones gets a lollipop)

Jackie: Window?! What are you talking... (Gasps)

(As the Jade clone fetches the lollipop on the floor, the real Jade stops her.)

Jackie: Jade, you are a genius!
Jade 6: I am? (Gasps)
Jackie: "A river runs but never walks, Has a mouth which never talks."

(The real Jade stood down below)

Jackie: The Semiya River must lead us to the portal.

(Suddenly, Jade 6 become Jade 7)

Jackie: Waahh!!!!
Jade: Jackie, don't worry. I can explain everything!

(Suddenly all the Jade clones fall out off the closet)

Jade Clones: Whoa! Whoa! (Chuckles) Hi,Jackie.

(Jackie panics as he cover his eyes) (All the Jade clones eats Soba Noodles)

Jade Clones: Mmmm. Boy,this is good. Mmmm.
Jackie: Um... When Uncle arrives, tell him where to find me.
Jade: Can I come,Jackie?! They're getting on my nerves!
Jackie: But you have so much in common (Chuckles). You will have to stay here. All of you!
Jade clones: Awww,Jackie....

Tohru: But we only work on the original Jade.
Jackie: Jade!!!!!
Jade Clones: Pick me! Pick me! Over here!
Jackie: (Freaks out) Okay! Whoever cast the spell in the first place, is Grounded, with no TV for a year!
Jade Clones: (Gasps) She did it!
Jade: Tch. Tattletales.

Rumble in the Big House [2.4][edit]

Shendu: The portal of Xiao Fung the Wind Demon lies on the southern land mass, four million and one cubits above the southern hemisphere, beyond the blasted forest, nestled between the rolling hills.
Ratso: Uh, the only thing I see nestling...
Finn: ...is Hollowlands Penitentiary!
Valmont: You mean to tell us that the demon portal lies within those prison walls, Shendu?
Shendu: Do not take that tone with me, Valmont! I did not build the fortress!
Ratso: I've heard of busting out of jail, but breaking in?

Captain Black: Valmont and his pals have been spotted downtown. You in, Jackie?
Jade: We're there!
Jackie: Is your name Jackie? [Jade frowns] Captain Black, I thought all Dark Hand matters had been reassigned to Section 12!
Captain Black: That may be so, but I'm not going to sit pretty while the Dark Hand strolls into my backyard and hands a hall pass to a hobgoblin!
Jade (impressed): Captain Black is in the house!

Captain Black: Don't worry. All you have to do is fix your way into Valmont's gang, and get ahold of that Pan Ku Box before they open the portal with it.
Jackie: Oh, is that all?

Xiao Fung: Ahh, the sweet scent of freedom!
Finn: Uh, actually, Your Breeziness, sir? You're not exactly free.
Xiao Fung: No?
Ratso: You're in the hoosegow!
Finn: Prison!
Xiao Fung: This 'prison' is paradise compared to the ghastly abyss I escaped.

Xiao Fung: Where is Shendu?
Ratso: Shendu's in Valmont.
Finn: And Valmont's in solitary.
Xiao Fung: Hmm, if I do not free this Valmont, I will be burdened with freeing my brothers and sisters. Very well.
[changes into a human]
Finn: Whoa, you guys can do that?
Xiao Fung: Concealment seems prudent. Demons seem to stick out like sore thumbs in this modern world...

Finn: Whoa! We struck demon.
Xiao Fung: Not any demon. Xiao Fung, Demon of the Wind.
Ratso: Uh, like breaking wind?
Xiao Fung: [blows them backwards with his powers] Like breaking bones!

Captain Black: Demon. I see a demon.
Therapist: And this one?
Captain Black: Socks. Worn by a really big demon.

Xiao Fung: So good to see you again! In fact... [transforms back into demon form] I'M ALL A-BLUSTER!

Jade: Fire in the hole.
Jackie: Jade, stay here.
Jade: Tch. In the prison?

And He Does His Own Stunts [2.5][edit]

Jade: (Kung Fu yell)
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: What?!
Jackie: (Chuckles) Uh, told Mickey to work on that form.

Jackie: Watch her.
Jade: Awww.....

Jade: You're going to Los Angeles? Can I come with?
Jackie: I don't think so...
Jade: But Jackie, Raphael DiCapizio is getting his handprints in cement at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood this weekend! I just have to go!
Jackie: Who's Raphael DiCapizio?
Jade: Who's Raphael DiCapizio?! Only the most important movie star in the history of... history!

Jackie: You know,Uncle. This is one time Jade could come along and NOT be in the way.
Jade: Yeah!!!... Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Queen of the Shadowkhan [2.6][edit]

The kids: (Laughing) No way!
Girl: Drew got a tattoo!
Jade: Hmmm. Yeah. Been thinking I'll make it one of those.
Drew: (Chuckles) Yeah.Sure,Jade. Like you're digging the dirt with tiny brushes Uncle Jackie would ever let you get a tattoo.
Jade: He will so let me,Drew! By tomorrow I'm gonna have the gnarled tattoo in the history of... Gnarled!

(Jade got home from school as she,puts her backpack down and climbed on a tall ladder waiting for Jackie)

Jade: (Talks fast) Hey,Jackie. How's your trip? Have you lost weight? Can I get a tattoo?
Jackie: Ha,my trip was... (Shocked) A tattoo?!
Jade: Please,Jackie? All the kids at school are...
Jackie: No.
Jade: But...
Jackie: No.
Jade: But...
Jackie: No.
Jade: But...
Jackie: No tattoos for Jade. Period.
Jade: Awwww. (Sighs) Drew was right,what am I gonna...

(Looks at the book of Tarakudo)

Jade: Whoa. My tattoo doesn't have to be real,it just has to be gnarled.

(Jade grabs a book,rip a piece of paper,grab a marker, and start to draw the cover.)

Jade: A little ink...
Jade: A little water...
Jade: A little sqeeze, and I'm bad to the bone!

The kids: Wow!
Girl: It's even gnarled as Drew's tattoo.
Jade: And I didn't scream once when they doing it.
Drew: (Scoffs) That looks about as real as those magic ninjas Jade always talking about.
Jade: The ninjas are real,and so does my tattoo! Unlike yours!
Girl: Where's your tattoo?
Drew: Uh... I thought you knew,they peel right off...like this!
Jade: Hey, watch it,Drew! Cut it out!

(Drew realizes Jade's new tattoo is still there.)

Drew: Whoa.
Jade: Uh... told ya it was real. Come on,off,off! I'm in trouble!

(Meanwhile,Uncle,Tohru,and Jackie were in the shop until Jade arrives home early to school and Jackie looks suspected her as she walks past him wearing snow boots on her feet.)

Jade: Hey.
Jackie: Jade...
Jade: Huh?
Jackie: Why are you wearing snow boots?
Jade: Heard it might snow?
Jackie: (Scoffs) It's 72 degrees out.
Jade: Avalanche!

(Jackie looks in a different direction while Jade removes her leg and went inside her backpack.)

Jade: (Nervous chuckle) False alarm.

(Jackie removes Jade off her backpack and realize her tattoo is there.)

Jackie: (Shocked) Jade,wash this off right now!
Jade: Er... Tried that.
Jackie: What?! It's a real tattoo?!
Jade: By accident!

Jade: Whoa. The tattoo. That's what happened last night. I call for help and you guys came.
Jade: Tre Chic. Now this has to be our little secret,if Jackie won't let me get a tattoo,there's no way he let me get my own ninjas! (Gasps)
Jackie: Ha,forgot my wallet. Are you ready for...
Jade: Under control.
Jackie Why are you wearing black?
Jade: I'm in a dark mood.

Jade: Get ready, you guys. Time to prove my magic ninjas for real.
Drew: (Chuckles) Oh, yeah?! Being dumb enough for a real tattoo is one thing,but ninjas?! Come on! (Drew shows off his kung fu moves)
Jade: (Eyes grew red) Let me show you. (The Shadowkhan ninjas are attempt to grab Drew just as the bell rang)
Drew: Later, Ninja girl.

(Jade walks very proudly as she was on her way to her shop)

Jade: Having ninja tutor is gonna make homework way more fun.
Finn: Can you believe he fought my disguise?
Jade: (Gasps)
Ratso: (Chuckling) What a plan!
Chow: We're geniuses!
Hak Foo: Huh?

(Jade's tattoo makes all the ShadowKhan ninjas appear out of nowhere.)

Hak Foo: They're here.
Finn,Ratso and Chow: (Gasps)
Jade: Give them a spanking!

Jade:It's okay. He's one of us. See, Jackie? Total control. They do what I tell them,and I only tell them to do good. So,can I keep them?
Jackie: No,Jade.
Jade: Awww. Why not?
Jackie: Because you're turning blue.
Jade:Blue's my favorite color,besides you gave Tohru a chance.
Jackie: Tohru is human. Now I want you to make them go away,until Uncle could find...
Uncle: A-cha! I found a portion that will make Jade's tattoo vanish!
Jade: But I like my tattoo! You can't do this to me!
Jackie: It's for your own safety,Jade.
Uncle: Now, sit still,while I apply the portion.

(As Uncle pours the portion on Jade's leg,she is so angry)

Jade: Do not touch me! I am,and shall remain Queen Of The ShadowKhan!

(The ShadowKhan ninjas surrounds Jade)

Jackie: Jade! You're grounded!
Jade: Tch.You're not giving me orders anymore! [Jade and the ShadowKhan disappear]
Jackie: I must find her. I'll take the potion.

Jade: Po... Shi... Kong... Shu... Wui. (Angry growl) How can I know the secrets of the archive if I can't understand a single stupid word of it?! Bring me someone who can!

Jackie: Don't listen to him,Jade. He's a demon. I'm your uncle,your friend.
Jade: Tch. You were,but things are different now I have new friends!
Jackie: Oh? If Shendu is your friend,why is he stealing your book?
Jade: (Gasps and saw Shendu escapes) Traitor! After him!

Shanghai Moon [2.7][edit]

Jackie: I'm on my way.
Jade: Hey!
Jackie: Uh...
Jade: Going on a mission,Jackie?
Jackie: Uh... no. Not a mission it's a conference of fung shui.
Captain Augustus Black: Minnesota.
Jackie: Want to come?
Jade: Um... I would,Jackie but you don't have the new science project to cook up. Tch.

Jackie: Waahh!
Jade: Hi,Jackie.
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: Check out the monkey suit,literally.
Jackie: (Flips out) How did you...
Jade: Speed Talisman. Fastest way to Minnesota?
Jackie: Heh.

Shendu: Tso Lan, so good to see you.
Tso Lan: Skip the pleasantries, Shendu. I am interested only in seizing control of the moon's gravity, so that I may pull the ball from its orbit.
Jade: But... but that'll wreck all of Earth's ecosystems!
Ratso: How do you know?
Jade: I watch the science network. (Ratso makes a raspberry noise with his tongue at her)
Tso Lan: The child is correct. And only then will Earth's landscape be to my liking.
Ratso: (to Shendu) Whoa. He wants to kabosh the planet!
Finn: And you made us let him out?
Shendu: Just be glad you are up here!

Valmont: Shendu, I despise you.
Shendu: I heard that!

Jackie: So long, Tso Lan.

Armor of the Gods [2.8][edit]

Jade: Hey,Jackie.
Jackie: Jade, what are you doing up?
Jade: Old Yeller is keeping us all up. He hasn't slept in days.

(Jade changes the channels on the TV)

Uncle: Jade,TV is too loud! (Jade changes another channel)
Uncle: Still too loud! (Jade groans and got angry when she turn the TV off)
Uncle: I can hear the electricity and the wires unplugged!!!!
Jade: (Sighs) I wish there was a way to unplug Uncle. (Realized) Hmm.

Tale of the Demon Tail/Demon in Di-Skies [2.9][edit]

[Shendu approaches the women's bathroom]
Ratso: Whoa, boss! You can't go in where no man has gone before.
Shendu: We are not going in, fool! Hsi Wu the Sky Demon is coming out!

Captain Black: I don't care if you are wearing a dress, Valmont. You are NOT going in the little girl's room!

Drew: Hey, Jade, going to the spring dance Friday night?
Jade: Eh, was thinking about it.
Drew: Who are you gonna go with? A ninja? Or do you only fight them?
[children laugh]
Jade: You're a riot, Drew.
Hsi Wu (as Seymour): Hey, Drew, who are you gonna go with? Your mother?
Drew: No...I... (All the children laugh at Drew)
Kids: Mama's boy.

Uncle: This friend of Jade's is too polite.
Jackie: Uncle, Jade finally has a friend her own age. This could keep her away from portals and demons.

Jade (about Seymour): We're like Yin and Yang, Yang and Yin.
Tohru: Good and evil?
Jade: Left and right; two halves of the same whole. Duh.

Seymour: I smell a spell!
[the tail flies towards him; he catches it]
Seymour: Stee-rike!
Jade: You're--you're...
Seymour (changing into Hsi Wu): A demon? Still want to go the dance with me?
Jade: No!

[Jade takes the Tiger Talisman]
Jade: Fight fire with fire. Fight yin... with yang.

[after Hsi Wu's banishment]
Jade: So long... Seymour.

Jade: You were right about the good and evil thing, T.
Tohru: There will be other dances, Jade.
Jade: Dance, schmance. I am so over Seymour! I just miss having someone around who listens. [pause] Someone... like you!
[gives Tohru her necklace] Yin and Yang. Big and small. You and me.

The New Atlantis [2.10][edit]

Valmont: Shh. You'll wake Shendu.
Jackie: He's napping?
Valmont: I rendered him unconscious. Now please, you must help! I want him exorcised!
Jade: Tch. Like we're going to help Shendu get in shape.

Valmont: I'd be careful if I were you, Chan. Tohru turned coat on me, after all.
Tohru: You forced me to fight a demon!
Valmont: [sarcastically] Oh yes, that's completely different from what Chan's got you doing!

Valmont: Wearing the skirt is demeaning enough, Shendu. But this is over the line!
Shendu: Do you think I am pleased with our union, Valmont? If I am to remain in your pathetic body, I must at least make a few cosmetic improvements! Now hold still while I sprout our tail...

Shendu: Now that I have opened the last portal, sister Bai Tza, it is time to liberate me from my prison of flesh--
Bai Tza: You dare request your freedom?!
Shendu: Have I not earned it? I have released all our brothers and sisters.
Bai Tza: How curious, then, that six demon sorcerers remain trapped in the void! I should obliterate you on their behalf!

Jade: Hup. Guess we won't be needing the chi spell after all.
Jackie: Don't be so sure,Jade. Jade! I thought I told you to stay with...Tohru.

The Eighth Door [2.11][edit]

Po Kong: [about Shendu] Can he be trusted?
Dai Gui: Of course not!
Xiao Fung: Yet we have no other options.
Tso Lan: And all of eternity to punish him, should he again deceive us.

Jackie: Waahh! (He's being watched by Jade's video camera) Jade?
Jade: (Moose voice) No,I'm a moose. Marlin Moose.
Jackie: Jade, you are supposed to wait back at Section 13.
Jade: Tch. I've been every demon send off so far. Did you really think I was set out the last one? Besides that way we can solve our story to reality TV.

Demon World (Part 1) [2.12][edit]

[Shendu is being tortured by the other demons]
Shendu: Stop!
Hsi Wu: So what now, Shendu?
Shendu: Admittedly, I have failed you, my siblings. But I may yet save you as well! We can all regain our freedom, and even reclaim the centuries wasted in this void... if you allow me to pursue one last recourse.
Po Kong: Huh! And that would be?
Shendu: The Book of Ages.
[The other demons gasp in shock]
Dai Gui: Ludicrous!
Hsi Wu: Even we never dared to tamper with that!
Bai Tza: You risk altering the very fabric of reality!
Shendu: Am I to assume this reality pleases you, sister?
Po Kong: Hmm... These are desparate times.
Shendu: Then I will make things right. All you need do is allow me to once more depart from this realm and possess a human. The right human.

Jade: Surprise!
Jade's Parents: Jade!
Jade: Mom! Dad!

Jade: Jackie? What did you do to your hair? What are you doing?
Jackie: Your job.
Jade: Sweeping dragon do?
Jackie: Where have you been,Jade? Where's your uniform?
Jade: Um... Why excatly have to wear uniforms?
Jackie: Because it is required for all servants of the supreme ruler,his majestic highness, Lord Shendu.
Jade: Are you telling me Shendu rules the world?!
Jackie: Of course not! Each of the eight emperors have his or her domain.
Jade: Since when?!
Jackie: Since the dawn of history! What is wrong with you today?!

Jackie: My hair!
Jade: You're do for the trim.

Jade: Same here. [ Chuckles nervously]
Uncle and Tohru: Jade.....

Jade: Jackie? Jackie, where'd you... Whoa! [Gasps]
Jackie: Today you must scrub Master's bath chamber.
Jade: No way.
Jackie: Then, fill his tub with fresh muck.
Jade: Ewww... Yuck!
Jackie: And it's talon's day. So don't forget to trim Master's toenails.
Jade: Jackie, listen to me! I don't work for Shendu and neither do you! Demons don't rule the world,humans do! The demons were banish to the Nether World by the eight mortals a long time ago. Then they got out and we banish them again,but Shendu possessed you, found this magic book, change the past and now none of that ever happened.
Jackie: That's crazy,Jade. You're crazy. Humans ruling the world.

Demon World (Part 2) [2.13][edit]

Dui Gui: So he is behind this.
Tso Lan: And things were going so well...
Bai Tza: We were almost beginning to like you, brother.
Shendu: I... was just visiting--
Dai Gui: Hsi Wu? He has been banished to the netherworld.
Shendu: [notices Jade's watch on the ground] Technology? The child!
Tso Lan: She somehow escaped the historical alterations!
Bai Tza: And if she knows the history that was...
Shendu: Then Chan now knows of the book!

Dai Gui: Shendu and his accursed Talismans!

Jade: First, the ancient art of butt whoop starts with breathing. The breath flows to the fingertips then down to the toes.

[Jade and Paco are right in front of "The Book Of Ages" and argue about who is better]

Paco: Now El Toro is the greatest!
Jade: Jackie is the greatest!
Paco: El Toro!
Jade: Jackie!
Paco: El Toro!
Jade: Jackie!
Paco: El Toro!
Jade: Jackie!
Paco: El Toro!
Uncle: You want to defeat the demons? Yes? Then write so that Uncle banishes the demons already!
Jade and Paco: Duh.

Jade: Here comes Super Tohru!

Jade: Say hello to Robo-Viper.

Jade's Parents: Jade!
Jade: Mom! Dad!
Jade's Mom: Cousin Jackie!
Jade's Dad: Uncle.
Jade's Mom: What brings you to Hong Kong?
Tohru: Hong Kong Moose World. [Winks at Jade and she winked back at him]

Jade: So? I could show you how much I learned from America?
Jade's Mom: We know you have been doing very well there,Jade.
Jade's Dad: No doubt due to Cousin Jackie's excellent training.
Jackie: In all honesty it is Jade who sometimes trains me.

The Mother of All Battles [2.14][edit]

Jade: What's so yuck about a visit from your mom?
Tohru: [groan] I am the black sheep. All I've ever wanted was my mom proud of me.
Jade: Well, she will be. You're handsome and... big. You've got a... you're big!
Tohru: You do not understand; my mother is very hard to please.

Mama Tohru: My son, a servant in a junk shop!
Uncle: "Junk shop"?
Jade: This is an antique store!
Momma Tohru: Only antique I see here is the billy goat there!
Uncle: "Billy goat"!?
Tohru: Mommy...
Momma Tohru: Hush up!
Uncle: Dragon Lady should watch her forked tongue unless she wants a piece of Uncle!

Jackie: [working as a security guard for an artifact] Jade, how did you get in here?
Jade: Security's lousy.

Uncle: [to a gangmember] Hand is quicker than the eye. [kicks him] But should have been watching foot!

Uncle: Evil eye can not work on me!

Tohru: I am so sorry for the unpleasantness, mommy.
Mama Tohru: My brave little boy,you make your mother proud. I am glad you're not hurt. And also glad you are with people who care about you: Jackie, Jade, the billy goat!

Danger in the Deep Freeze [2.15][edit]

[Jade calls Uncle's cellphone number]

Uncle's Voicemail: Uncle's not here. Go back!

Jackie: Jade,what have you done?!
Jade: Defrost him. Didn't I, Dwayne?
Jackie: Dwayne?
Jade: Named him after a friend's dad. He got this real hairy back and...
Jackie: Jade,this is not a cute,furry animal. This prehistoric prehumanoid very dangerous.
Jade: Come on,Jackie. Dwayne is totally mellow. [Dwayne swallow a can and burp] Okay, so he could use some table manners. But that's what I come in. I can teach him all kinds of stuff. Wait till I show you the TV, Dwayne. Cable channels gonna blow your mind!
Jackie: You will not show him anything. He does not belong here. He should be... on ice! [Points to the freezer]

[Dwayne saw the ice cube melted, throws it outside and ran away]

Jade: Nice going,Uncle Jackie. You hurt his feelings.

Into the Mouth of Evil [2.16][edit]

Jade: His mouth's so numb at the dentist. He said, "Who sends any homework; it's a mistake, just toss it."

Jade: (Whispers) Go, Jackie.

Jackie: Jade,return to the hotel room!
Jade: Didn't say, "Please".

Jade: Hyah! Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!
Jackie: Jade?! I told you to go back to the hotel room!
Jade: Lost my key. Okay,now. Let the Chan Man go.

Lost City of the Muntabs [2.17][edit]

Jackie: I cannot believe I'm stuck in the jungle with such a spoiled brat.
Jade: You invited me.
Jackie: I was talking about him.

The Lotus Temple [2.18][edit]

Jade: I'm in the woods, I'm tired, cold, and hungry. And I'm being hunted! (Shines flashlight on Jackie) Ahhh!
Jackie: Jade, I thought you were going to gather firewood.
Jade: Phew! Hello?! Have you learn nothing from the movies? Whoever gets the firewood is always the creepy terror's first victim.
Jackie: So that's what happened of a little girl I sent for firewood.
Jade: Very funny.

The Curse of El Chupacabra [2.19][edit]

Jackie: Incredible.
Jade: Incredibly boring. What kind of lame pyramid is this? No mummy curses, no booby traps, no bonus points.
Jackie: This is not a video game, Jade. This is important research.

Showdown in the Old West [2.20][edit]

Jade: The ghost of Jackie.
Jackie: "The Hong Kong Kid".

Jackie: Amazing! The picture looks just like me! This book must be about my great-great grandfather!
Uncle: Fine, take home. Make good, but sad story.
Jade: I want to hear it now.
Jackie: Me too.

Origami [2.21][edit]

Jade: Hi,Jackie
Jackie: Jade. You're supposed to be taking a tour of Paris.
Jade: Tch. You obvious never been on the tour bus with Uncle.

Viper: Hey, the kid's a good listener.
Jackie: No... How come you never listen to the things I said? For example, "Stay with Uncle".
Jade: Aw,man.

Jackie: You are supposed to be with Uncle.
Jade: Tch.
Uncle: You are driving too slow. I want to see all of Paris before I get old!
Jade: Don't have a cow. I told him I'll meet you for the movie.

Agent Tag [2.22][edit]

Jade: Bored... Uncle Jackie, where are you gonna score us some missions?
Jackie: Jade, I am not a secret agent, I'm a researcher,but do not worry when I'm come home, we will make a big bowl of popcorn and you can help me proof my notes.

Jade: All you have to do is save the world!
Jackie: No. I'm taking all three of us back to Section 13 right away.

The Return of the Pussycat [2.23][edit]

(Jade dresses up as Mr. Hyde sneaks up on Jackie)

Jackie: Waah! Is it Halloween already?
Jade: You forgot,didn't you? Tonight's the school play,I'm Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde and it's my big day debut!

Scouts Honor [2.24][edit]

Jackie: Hello?
Jade: I suppose you were having fun without me,Jackie.
Jackie: Fun? No, not really,Jade. What is it you need?
Jade: I need to be where the action is. How come you didn't take me with?
Jackie: I told you school is too important and...

Jackie: Awww, you look so cute! (Tohru whispers to Jackie) Oh, I mean cool.
Jade: I look like an elf.

The King and Jade [2.25][edit]

Jade: A king? Cool. Count me in.
Captain Agustus Black: Sorry,Jade. This is a diplomatic visit. The king can't see anyone of Level A clearance.
Jackie: Besides, don't you have a book report to work on?
Jade: Jackie, why bother reading about some president a gazillion years ago when I can be meeting a real life king?
Jackie: I'm sorry,Jade. But you heard Captain Black.
Jade: So the king can't see someone who isn't cleared,huh? Hmm.

Jade: (Groans)
Jackie: The Talisman?

Jade: Jackie,let me come. Please? Lee Lee's my friend.
Jackie: I know that,Jade. But it is too dangerous. Captain Black is on his way,he'll be picking you up on a helicopter.
Jade: But, Jackie...
Jackie: You will return the talisman to the vault,do your homework and go to bed.
Jade: Tch.

Enter the Cat [2.26][edit]

Jade: I think I hear it.
Jackie: "It" is a staute,Jade. Not an actual... [Jade founds a little white kitty]
Jade: Aww,a little kitty. Got your little leg on the palace junk? [The kitty says "Thank you" in cat language] Hungry,girl? [Feeds her yogurt] So,what's your name? [The little kitty says her name is Ruby] Ruby. (giggles while Jackie is thinking) That tickles,Ruby.

Jade: Then we take the cat back. Right,Ruby? [Ruby meows "Yes"]
Jackie: Jade! You can not bring an animal to a public restaurant. It's not hygienic.
Jade: Jackie,cats are very clean.

Jade: Think again, Cat Man Don't.
Jackie: [Jade turn into a cat] Wahh! Jade!

Jackie: You... You scratch by the statue!
Jade: They're old jeans anywho. Oh,you mean turning into a cat thing? I was wondering about that.

Jade: Nobody messes with Jade,queen of the jungle cats [Cat growl]
Jackie: Jade,you're not the jungle cat.
Jade: I know that,Jackie. Hello? I know I'm gonna change back.

Pleasure Cruise [2.27][edit]

Jade: Oh,you mean you tossed your cookies just the cures like medicine gotta keep taking it. I'll get the talisman. (Bumps into Jackie) Oof.
Jackie: Talisman? Where is it,Jade?

Jackie: I will be checking on the dragon after breakfast but not finding the talisman in the vault, you will be spending the rest of the cruise inside your room.
Jade: Awww...

The Chosen One [2.28][edit]

Jade: Help! Jackie,hang on... Need... (Gross Out) Food!
Jackie: You're not starving to death,Jade.
Uncle: You can have some Uncle's mung beans.
Jade: I'll never be that hungry. (Groans) Tohru went to get dinner forever ago. What? Did he get attack by ninjas or something?

Jade: Pillow fight! [Being grabbed by Uncle]
Uncle: You are too young to watch the battle of the forces of darkness.
Jade: Awww...

Jade: Hyah!
Uncle: Jade. [Shuts the door] You are still too young!
Jade: Awww!

Uncle: Uncle is too old for this.
Jade: Tch. I'm too old for this. Oof.
Jackie: Let's just try to make the best of... Oof!
Jade: Hey!
Uncle: Huh?
Monks: (takes everyone's mattressess and gives them to Tohru) When the chosen one sleeps well, everyone sleeps is rested!

(Jackie, Jade and Uncle glare)

Glove Story [2.29][edit]

Jackie: I'm sorry, but this find belongs to the museum.
Haggus: Uh...your name is...The Museum?

Jade: Jackie!!! (Leaps on him)
Jackie: Hello.
Jade: (Gasps) Are these from GreenBeard's ship? Can I keep em',please? I'm reading about GreenBeard!
Jackie: You've been reading about Pleasure?
Jade: Tch. Not like there's anything else to do around here?! (Picks up the book and read) "The meanest pirate of them all! GreenBeard's war he keep stealing forever,even after he died. Argh!" How cool was he?
Jackie: There is nothing "Cool" about stealing,Jade.
Jade: Awww...

Tough Luck [2.30][edit]

[Finn is dreaming of the Dark Hand starting a rock band with a massive audience. Mid-way through their song, Jackie leaps from a helicopter and grabs Finn by his collar.]

Finn: But...we're not even doing anything wrong!
Jackie: You are off-key. [punches Finn]

Tohru: Um... It is from China. (The customer leaves the shop)
Uncle: Huh. You are a terrible salesman! You must know the merchandise.
Jade: Uncle's right,Tohru. For example, this lovely lamp is from the junk dyansty.
Jackie: You are not helping,Jade.

Tohru: Uh... Note the hand painted details and um... Duck shape?
Jackie: How nice. I will take two.
Uncle: Aieeeyaaah! Tohru,you must mention its age. And Jackie, I did not believe your performance for a second.

Jackie: Jade?
Jade: Uncle may go for garlic and rabbits,but we both know I'm your real good luck charms
Jackie: Jade,you are going back right... Ow!
Man: Top off the morning with ya.
Jackie: You're going back... Ow! You're... Ow! Why does everyone keep doing that?
Jade: Cause' it's Ireland. You're not wearing green. And it's kinda St. Patrick's Day.

The Amazing T-Girl! [2.31][edit]

Benshui Monk: Do not be concerned, friends. The power of the Talismans, lies within.
Jackie: You got them back?
Black: Jackie, Jackie...the Holy man speaks in the mystical sense, as in, May the force be with you, or We are the world. Right?
Monk: Oh, no no. The power of the Talismans, truly lies within.

[After Uncle, Jackie, and Black have been captured and trapped in the ground by Daolong Wong]

Uncle: Do not waste your strength, someone will come.
Jackie: Let us hope it's not a wolf.
Black: Or a yeti. [pause] Well they have those here, right?

[after trying to heal Supermoose with the Horse Talisman, which actually uses the Dragon Talisman's power and destroys Supermoose]

Jade: Uh, what was the Dragon Blast doing in the Horse Talisman?

Jade: Jackie,check it out! I'm super strong! Super fast,super gone,super chimp,super talisman power. (Grabs a green cloth) I'm T-Girl!
Jackie: (Froze) How?!
Jade: Not sure. But I think each finger controls a different power. Which will lead two Unencountered for.
Jackie: Not what I meant.
Jade: Oh, not sure how it happened. Maybe... (Gasps) When I got zapped in the vault! Duh. (Accidently heat vision on Jackie,Uncle,Captain Black and the monks) Whoa. So that's how I do heat beam eyes,maybe my dragon blast is my belly button.
Jackie: No Jade,no dragon blast!

Jade: Well,what are we waiting for? Let's find Wong and stop his ancient troub... whoa! But Jackie, I have the power!
Jackie: Which Daolon Wong wants. Which is why you must stay here. Safe.

Jade: Jackie,hello? I may be a rag doll but I'm still T-Girl.

The Chan Who Knew Too Much [2.32][edit]

Jackie: [after stumbling into a secret meeting] Uh, hello. Sorry to interrupt your function. I'll just find my way-
Magister Leader: Thou knoweth too much! Thou must be smoten!

Magister Leader: He seeketh to learn the mysteries of our fortress!

[Jackie runs into a room, which the Magisters follow him into]

Magister Leader: He has spied, the secret library!
Jackie: Umm, library? What library? [runs again into another room]
Magister Leader: He hath discovered the hidden armory!
Jackie: I'm just looking for an exit! [runs down a hall into another room]
Magister Leader: Ehh! He hath entered the private water closet!
Magister: He is privy to our privy!

Magister 1: [pointing to Jackie's cell phone] He has knaved to others of the Magisters!
Jackie: Magisters?
Magister 2: He knoweth our name!
Jackie: He just said it!

Uncle: [hitting the fax machine with a broom] Tohru! The giant phone is possessed!

Magister: Thou has faxed our insignia!
Jackie: It didn't go through!

Magister Constable: Halt! Ye shall be smoten, post-haste!

Magister Constable: Methinks yon varlet wisheth to challenge us in armed combat.
Jackie: No! I don't wisheth that at alleth!

Magister Constable: Yon twain knoweth nothing of our magicks!
Jackie: That is what I have been trying to tell you!

Magister Leader: Deny it no further! Thou knoweth too much!
Jade: Tch...now we do.

Shrink Rap [2.33][edit]

Jade: Jackie,no!

Jackie: Shoe!
Hak Foo: No one shoos me!

Jackie: Bad dream,bad dream,bad dream,bad dream,bad dream!

Jade: Uncle,I used the disappearing spell on Hak Foo!
Uncle: Hmm? You are not supposed to use magic! Jackie, your niece needs a talking to!
Jade: Jackie can't hear you cause' I disappear him too.
Uncle: What?!
Jackie: (Squeaky voice) I can hear you! (Normal voice) Jade! Uncle! I'm not disappeared! I'm... Shrunken?

Jackie: Stop! (Shiva voice) Uh... Do not take that which does not belong to you, uh... Mortal!
Hak Foo: Shiva speaks! With a familiar voice!
Jackie: Shiva runs too!

Jackie: (Squeaky voice) Tohru! (Normal Voice) Tohru,it's me! Jackie!!!!! Jackie!!!!! (Squeaky voice) Jackie!!!

I'll Be A Monkey's Puppet [2.34][edit]

Jade: Uh... I don't know. He's kinda creepy looking.
Jackie as a Monkey King: You're not so cute yourself. (Raise eyebrows)
Jade: Waahhh! (Jackie tries not to chuckle)
Jade: You know how to throw your voice?
Jackie as a Monkey King: Jackie won a few talent shows when he was your age.
Jade: You gotta teach me,Jackie!

Jade: Uncle, you have to do something!
Uncle: I am not Geppetto! I do not bring puppets to life! (Jade got a great idea.)
Jade: You're a genius!
Uncle: Well,thank you.

(Jade brings the Rat Talisman to make toys come to life.)

Jade: The Rat Talisman brings "Motions to the motionless". This oughta get Jackie up on his feet.

(The Rat Talisman brought Jackie to life just like Pinocchio and he was going to wake up.)

Jade: Well, it start.
Puppet Jackie: What? What is it?
Uncle: Nothing. Do not look in mirror.
Puppet Jackie: (Sees himself in the mirror) Wahhh! (Falls down) Huh?
Uncle: I told you not to look at mirror! He never listens.
Puppet Jackie: I'm a puppet! A living puppet!

Chi of the Vampire [2.35][edit]

Jade: This place is like Chinese Transylvania! Cool!
Jackie: You have seen too many movies,Jade. Jade? (Gasps) Jade?
Jade: Boo!
Jackie: Waahh!

Jade: Creepyrama. Betcha it's crawling with mummies, or wolfmen,or vampires!
Jackie: (Chuckles) Sorry,Jade. The monsters like that do not... (sees a wolfman) Waahh! Wolfman!

Jade: Can you believe we're spending the night?
Jackie: Yes,Jade. (Runs after her) And can you believe it is past your...
Jade: Bedtime!?
Jackie: Aaahh! (Panted)
Jade: We are creatures of the night,never sleep (evil laugh)
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: Gotta give Jackie one last scare before bed. (Looks around and found a bed to hide) Perfect!
Jackie: You are not going to scare me,Jade. So don't even try. Jade?
Jade: (Giggles)

Jade: Jackie! (Screams) Jackie!!!! There's a vampire... (Bumps into him)
Jackie: I told you, you will not scare me.
Jade: It was a real vampire,Jackie. With fangs and claws and tried to grab me, but I slammed the lid and it's trapped inside... (Gasps) Vampire on the loose! We gotta get outta here! (Pushes him)
Jackie: Okay. "Waahh,I am so scared!" Now will you go to bed?
Jade: Jackie,I'm totally serious,there's a real... (Screams when the vampire roams near) There it goes! (The vampire's gone) But it was...
Jackie: Jade,please it's late and...
Jade: Look! (The vampire's gone again) It...
Jackie: I'm sure this is very funny to you,Jade. But...
Jade: Jackie,look! He's right... Please just...
Jackie: Jade,you seen that last... No,I had enough for...
Jade: But...
Jackie: No butts. Bed.
Jade: Awww.

The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute [2.36][edit]

Jade: (Whispers) What is Uncle doing now?
Jackie: Jade,if you listen once in awhile you might not want to ask so many questions.
Jade: What was that?

[Jackie stops Jade and told her, "Not so fast,Jade."]

Jade: Uh.. What's that,Jackie?! You want to join the bowling league?!

[Jackie crosses a line for Jade to stay there.]

Jade: Awww!!!

The Warrior Incarnate [2.37][edit]

Jackie: (Shocked) What did you do?!
Jade: What did you do?! You put an old junky in the middle of the floor!

Jade: Yeah,well. I tried to be a bit help.
Jackie: Yes, and I wish you would stop helping. (Gasps) The Talismans,how?!
Jade: Uh... you know that broken statue? Well,he's not so broken anymore.
Jackie: What?!
Jade: Don't worry,Jackie. I can help! (Covers her mouth) the H word. I meant help you find the warrior,not help do the laundry. Hmph.

Snake Hunt [2.38][edit]

Jade: Waahh!
Jackie: Hi,Jade.
Jade: (Breathes harder) Jackie, don't sneak up on me like that.
Jackie: Oh, I was sneaking up on you? You're supposed to back at the hotel.

Through the Rabbit Hole [2.39][edit]

Jade: Please,Jackie?! I need it for school.(Jackie shook his head.)
Jade: Nobody believes me about the talismans,but if I show them super rabbit speed... (Jackie takes the Rabbit talisman out of Jade's hand and she ran without it.) Huh?
Jackie: A talisman is not a toy,Jade.
Jade: Come on,Jackie. You were a kid once. Didn't you ever wanted to be a big Chan on campus?
Jackie: Yes,I did. And this is the scar I have to show for it. (Jade looks bored as he explain her safety.) I don't want you to getting hurt too,so no showing off. (Jackie pats Jade's head as she walk away.)
Jade: Hmph. But as long I don't show off,I can still borrow it,right?

(Jade hides the Rabbit talisman as Jackie looks at her.) See you after school,bye!

Jade: Jackie will never even notice will...(Gasps)
Kapler: Jade? Jade!
Jade: Wahh!
Kapler: Jade,did you intercept my cornatombeam?
Jade: Me,Kapler? No.
Kapler: Can't have you disrupt the time continuum.
Jade: (Chuckles nervously while Jackie caught up with her) Wahh!
Jackie: There you are. You forgot your lunch.
Jade: (Chuckle nervously) Thanks. (Sighs in relief) And she's safe.

Little Chan: I'm sorry,I'm late. I'm your new student, Jackie Chan.
Jade: No way.
Mrs. Hardman: Another Chan? Are you two related?

Boy 1: Can not.
Boy 2: Can so.
Boy 1: Can not. Nobody can jump this fence,it's too tall.
Little Chan: I can.
Boy 2: Ha!
Little Chan: Watch. (Jackie steps up to the fence until he is slipping and about to fall.)
Jade: Gotcha! (She catches him as Jade and Jackie fall down)
Jackie: Where did you come from?
Boy 2: Ha,ha. Evil can evil wannabe. (Laughs and walks away)
Jade: You okay? You didn't hurt yourself,didn't cha?
Little Chan: I'm just very embarresed.

Little Chan: I really will be able to jump on that fence someday.
Jade: Oh,I believe you.
Little Chan: I'm learning kung fu. My parents send me America,so I can train with my uncle.
Jade: (Gasps) Uncle! Why didn't I think of that? (Grabs Jackie's arm) Come on!

Jade: I think we ditched them!
Little Chan: Ditched who? Who are those men? Why are they after me? What's that rabbit thing? How can you run so fast? What's going on?
Jade: Okay,here's the deal. I'm from the future. You're my uncle,the talisman's magic. The Dark Hand's after it,and now they wanna destroy you so they won't have to fight you when you grow up! Get it?
Little Chan: That's crazy,Jade. You're crazy!

Little Chan: Wet Willie!

Past Uncle: The talisman's magic.
Jade: Uh-huh. Give me a hand,Jackie.
Two Jackies: Coming! (Realized) Wahh! (Look at each other) Wahh! (They realized they are the same Jackie) Are you... You are!
Jade: I hate to break up the love fest,but the bad guys said they're going home?!
Jackie: Which means they can go home.
Jade: Must be the crystal ball thing.
Little Chan: You mean this? I took it from the man who grabbed me.

Season 3 (The Talisman-Powered Animals)[edit]

Re-Enter the J Team [3.1][edit]

Jade: Jackie, I keep having the same weird dream. I show up the first day of class without my... what I did during summer vacation essay.
Jackie: Gee. Perhaps you could start writing your essay.
Jade: Tch. You mean write about how boring vacation's been? We haven't seen a single demon,or ninja, or Dark Hand thug.
Jackie: Hmmm. My kind of summer.

Jackie: Jade!
Jade: The niece or the stone?

Jade: Captain Black did say that the ships were smuggle Jade onto the island!
Jackie: The stone! Not the niece!

The Powers Unleashed [3.2][edit]

Chow: *about Daolon Wong* Who are you anyway?
Ratso: Oooh oooh, I know! He's the drummer from KISS!

Jackie: (Sighs) Some herbal tea will lull me to sleep.
Jade: Hey,Jackie.
Jackie: Wahhh! Jade,you should be asleep.
Jade: So did you. And I know just the thing to help you on one. First, we strap on roller blades instead of trash can goal points. Then we slip a few talismans out of the vault and...
Jackie: Just because I can sleep, doesn't mean you don't have to.
Jade: Awww...

Jade: Jackie!!!!!!!!
Jackie: Wahh! Jade? (Rushes over) Oh,Jade.
Jade: They have the talismans!
Jackie: Who?

Jackie: Jade,shoo.
Jade: Awww...

Viva Las Jackies [3.3][edit]

Jade: Are we there yet?
Jackie: Patience,Jade. We will not know where it is,unless Uncle's locator spell leads us to the animal we seek.

Jade: Come on,Jackie. We'll take care of the tiger then we'll take Vegas,some shows,some all you can eat buffets...
Jackie: Jade,what part of Daolon Wong's magic did you not understand?
Jade: Aww...

Aztec Rat Race [3.4][edit]

Jade: Tch. If we're going deeper into Mexico, we'll hit China.
Jackie: Jade,on the phone?

Monkey a Go-Go [3.5][edit]

Jackie: Hot,hot,hot!
Jade: Hang on,Uncls! (throws punch at Jackie and Uncle)
Uncle: Jade,the monkey!
Jade: Right!

When Pigs Fly [3.6][edit]

Jade: Hyah! (Chow,Ratso, and Finn got knocked out by falling and disappear)
Jade: Jackie? (Jackie groans)
Jackie: Jade,you are supposed to be on...
Jade: Observation Deck. How do you think I observed you getting creamed?

The Invisible Mom [3.7][edit]

Jade: Whoa. Now I see why they call this place bizarre.
Jackie: Jade,it is a bazaar.
Jade: Anywhere grown men playing with baby toys is bizarre in my book.
Uncle: Uncle is not playing ,this rattle's filled with enchanted demon mongoose which will lead us to the snake possesses the power of invisibility.

Uncle: You?
Tohru's Mother: Billy Goat!
Tohru: Mommy!

Jade: Uh,Jackie? Are you alright? Jackie? How many fingers do you see?
Jackie: Uh... What's a Jackie?
Uncle: Jackie's bitten by snake!

Jackie: Hello!!!!

Jackie: Yarr, matey!

Jackie: Yo ho ho! (Pirate dance)

Jade: Uncle,it's working!
Jackie: Hello.

Mama Tohru: My baby will not fight forces of darkness!
Finn: (Laughing) Hear that?
Ratso: Yeah. Tohru's mommy won't let him come out and play.
Chow: (Chuckles) Maybe he needs his diaper changed.

Tohru's mother: What? What is it?
Uncle: Do not look in the mirror.

[Tohru's mother screamed that she's a lizard while Uncle laughs]

Tohru's mother: Billy goat, you will pay for this!!!

Sheep In, Sheep Out [3.8][edit]

Jackie: Jade?
Jade: Hey, Jackie.Uncle.
Jackie: You are supposed to be at the bed and breakfast when there is no Daolon Wong,no dark chi warriors.
Jade: No cable.

Jackie: You won't be hitting with a guy wearing glasses... would you?

(Daolon's powers got the ram along with Jackie and Jade)

Jade: Tch. That didn't hurt one bit.
Jackie: No!
Jade: Hyah! (Daolon Wong's evil chuckle) Huh?
Jackie: (Looks at himself and hers) Jade,get back here! We must return our... Waahh!

(Daolon's staff zaps on both of Jackie and Jade's body and it hits them both)

Jackie: Uncle, we're right here!
Jade: Hello?! He can't see or hear you?!
Jackie: Then how he'll know where we are?

(Jade and Jackie both groan)

Uncle: It worked?!
Jade as Jackie: Uncle,you rock! Now let's find Daolon Wong and kick some trlibo... Ahhh! Why there were two of me?!
Jackie as Jade: (Panics) Why is your voice coming out of my body?!

(They look at each other including their hands)

Jackie and Jade: Ahhh!!!! (Touching their chests)
Uncle: I told you spell complicated.
Jackie as Jade: Uncle, you return to our astral forms to the wrong bodies! You must switch us back!
Uncle: No time! With the power of the sheep Daolon Wong can travel astral plane and easily seek the location of the other talismans from powers.
Jade as Jackie: Hyah! A-yah! (Nervous chuckle) I'm okay with this.

Jackie as Jade: There's only one way inside. (Climbs on the wall and falls down) Heh. I forgot who I really wasn't.
Jade as Jackie: Try to do this, Jackie? (Climbs on walls with her feet) Cool, huh?
Uncle: Jade is better at being you than you, Jackie.
Jackie as Jade: (Groans)

Jackie as Jade: (Blows hair) Jade, how do you keep this out of your eyes?

Jade as Jackie: Uh, oh.
Jackie as Jade: Stay back, Jade.
Jade as Jackie: Yes, Jade. Maybe you should stay back.
Jackie as Jade: Uh... Okay, but I'm giving you permission to defend us. (Blows hair again) This one time only.
Jade as Jackie: I'm gonna do you proud. Hyah!

Jade as Jackie: Who's the man? I'm the man! (The Shadowkhan appears from the darkness) Whoa! Heh. You wouldn't hit a little girl?
Jackie as Jade: Tch. When in Jade, do like Jade. Hyah!

Jade as Jackie: Cool!
Jackie as Jade: Jade, do not try that at home.
Jade as Jackie: Oh, no.
Jackie as Jade: Bad day, bad day, bad day!

Jackie as Jade: Oh,no. Loch Ness Monster! (Shadowkhan look the other way)
Jade as Jackie: Nighty night ,ninjas. (Throws a sword and the chandelier lands on thm)
Jackie as Jade: What do you know? I better look.

Jade as Jackie: So, Uncle. can I keep this skin a while longer?
Uncle: If Jackie agrees to do your homework in the meantime...
Jade as Jackie: Please, Jackie? (Bob looks sheepish)
Jackie as Jade: Uh no, Jade. You cannot.
Jade as Jackie: Awwww...

Rabbit Run [3.9][edit]

Jade: It's gotta be one of these gigantic rabbit holes.
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: Yeah,yeah, I know. "You are supposed to be in the tour."
Jackie: No,Jade. Those are not rabbit holes.
Jade: (Reading) "Danger geysers"? Uh oh. (Gasps) (Grunts) Jackie,help!

Jackie: Jade,you know the dark warriors could return anytime. Uncle and I will search the rabbit alone.
Jade: But,Jackie. I'm such a member of the Chan Clan.
Jackie: Which is why I'm giving you on a encentural mission. Go to a nice library on the block and do your homework.
Jade: Ooh. Highly classified.

A Jolly J-Team Xmas [3.10][edit]

Santa Claus: Oh,my.

Santa Claus: If you come for a gift,then I'm afraid you'll just made the naughty list.

Uncle: Thank you! Merry Christmas! Bye bye! (Chuckles)
Jade: Are you sure Uncle isn't running a fever?
Jackie: Jade,Uncle loves Christmas. It's been said the best. Ow!
Uncle: Commercialism is not important! Christmas spirit is. (Puts Santa Hat on Jackie's head the wrong way)

Tohru: We must leave out from you know who.
Jackie: Who? (Tohru protests him not to tell Jade,but she was standing there)
Jackie: Oh! I mean uh... I'm sure Santa will be hungry tonight. (Tohru chuckle)
Jade: Tch. Nice try. But I'm old enough to know the low down Kris Kringle scamp.
Tohru: Jade,you do not believe in Santa Claus?
Jade: Sure,I do. Just like I believe the tooth fairy, right Jackie? [Flashes back to a previous night; Jackie places a dollar under Jade's pillow until she tricks him.]
Jade: Gotcha! [Scene pans back to present]
Jackie: I told you the tooth fairy was sick and I was filling in.
Uncle: Tooth fairy does not exist.
Jade: Ha! See?
Uncle: But Santa Claus does.
Jade: Huh?
Uncle: I have research to prove it.

Santa Claus: Oh,dear.

Santa Claus: Oh,my.

Santa Claus: Oh,dear.

Santa Claus: Oh,my.

Santa Claus: Oh,dear.
Elvin: Let's get you home,sir.

Santa Claus: Oh,my.

Little Valmont, Big Jade [3.11][edit]

Jade: Come on... (Wishes luck while Jackie traces a mark for her) (Gasps) No! The whole time I've been in America, I haven't grown one inch. I'll never grow up, Jackie.
Jackie: Patience, Jade. Enjoy your childhood while it lasts.
Jade: Tch. I have a billion years of school left. I can't reach anything in the freezer and I'll never get invited on your missions. Way enjoyable.

Jade: (Chuckles nervously) Hey, Jackie.
Jackie: Uh, she's with me.

Jackie: While Uncle and I search for the horse, you two will wait here and stay out of trouble.
Jade: Awww.
Little Valmont: Now see here. Just because I look like a child, doesn't mean you could treat me like one.
Jackie: I'm treating you like a criminal, Tohru will treat you like a child.
Tohru: (Cracks knuckles) Now, are you going to be a good little boy?

Little Valmont: You're not the boss of me! You're not the boss of me!

Jackie: Jade,what happened to you?!
Daolon Wong: Attack!
Jade: Talk later.

The Ox-Head Incident [[3.12]

Finn: Say,"Goodbye,Chan."

[Giant rock crushes Finn,Ratso and Chow]

Jackie: Goodbye, Chan?

Jackie: Hak Foo?
Jade: Hak Foo?
Tohru: Hak Foo?

Tohru: Jade, please keep the birds off your Uncle.
Jade: Awww...

Jade: I don't know the anti- Uncle is up too,but this will teach him a job to guarding Jade is in the house! Hyah!!!!! Oof! [Daolon Wong's is in the invisible force field] Huh? Invisible force field?! No fair!

Jade: Tch. Piece of cake. Come on,Jackie. We're going head hunting!
Jackie: Uh, Jade. Perhaps you should remain here and be Tohru's apprentice.
Jade: Oh, right. Hak Foo was all, "Mondo Mega Super Turbo Charge". Way dangerous.
Jackie: Yes. It is.

Daolon Wong: An intruder?
Chow: Hak Foo. (chuckles nervously) What brings you to town?

Re-Enter the Dragon [3.13][edit]

Jade: Tch. Just be glad he doesn't have super speed.
Jackie: Waah! Jade, are you crazy?! If anything ever been too dangerous, this is it!
Jade: Hey, where my pooch goes, I go.

Animal Crackers [3.14][edit]

Jackie: (Clears throat) You can finish your introductions later, Jade. It's almost time for school.
Jade: (Gasps) School?!
Jackie: All good things must come to an end, even spring break.
Jade: No! I totally spaced! I am so in trouble.

Drew:(Gasps) Whoa! Dark warrior!

Jade: (Nervous chuckle) I bet you're wondering why all the animals...
Jackie: I know why.

Jade: Wahh!
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: Um... Can you believe these stray cats wandered in? Section 13 is so turning into a barn. Shoo,shoo.
Jackie: Oh,Jade. Have you come up with anything for the fair yet? I cannot wait to come and see.
Jade: Uh...fair? Uh... You really don't want to come.
Jackie: I don't?
Jade: No! Um... I decided to make an exhibit of,um... mashed potatoes sculptures, snoreville. Heh-heh. Well, uh... gotta cook up some spuds. Later!

Jackie: Remain here.
Jade: But, Jackie. There are nine animals, four evil dudes, and three of you. We need to even-
Jackie: Jade, you have caused enough trouble.

Jade: Um... Would you believe I had to help rescue a super strong ox from the dark warriors?
Drew: What? No invisible rabbit?
Jade: Put a sock in it,Drew. And it's a super speed rabbit.

Drew: No way. A petting zoo?
Jade: Look. Don't touch.
Drew: Where did you get all of these?
Jade: These,Drew. Just happen to be animal of... Of... Borrowed from my cousin,the zookeeper.
Drew: Hey,these are the magic animals aren't they?
Jade: No,I mean... (nervous chuckle) You got me,Drew. I was making all that magic stuff the whole time. (Nervous chuckle) Me and my imagination.

Drew: Come on,Jade. I never seen a magic animal trick.
Jade: Um,shouldn't you be annoying people at your own booth,Drew? (Gasps seeing Jackie,Uncle & Tohru)

Jade: Drew,buddy! Uh...hold the fort for me (runs off in a hurry) And whatever you do,don't touch anything.
Drew: Sure thing,Jade.

Drew: Come on,bunny. Show me your tricks. (The bell lands on the grass) Whoa!

Drew: Whoa! I wonder what else Jade's been saying it's true.

Jade: Uh... Would you believe...
Drew: The dark warriors like...uh...appeared from out of thin air and...and then the magic animals ran off and...turn invisible and stuff!

(Everyone stared at Drew in silence)

Mrs. Hardman: Oh,Drew. Think you may be spending too much time with Jade.(Everyone laughed at him)

(Just then Drew sees Super Moose up in the sky)

Super Moose: Antler Action!
Drew: A flying moose!

A Night at the Opera [3.15][edit]

Jackie: Uh... Boys and girls, I am trying to concentrate.
Jade: So are we. We have to get medivial level 7.

Jade: Hey, Jackie.
Jackie: Wahh!!!
Jade: Trying out for the oprea?
Jackie: Jade, what are you doing here?!
Jade: Thought you should know, Uncle's not himself. He and Wing Ding had a falling out.

Jade: Uncle won't need to know it's us.
Jackie: You have to be kidding.

Jackie: Uh... (singing) I will take the sick cow to join the doctor.

Jackie: The cow must see the doctor!

Jade: (Singing) A doctor! Don't you goons know anything about proper cow care?

Tohru Who? [3.16][edit]

Jackie: (Scoffs) You expected reality of brain draining freaks from "Planet Medola"?
Jade: Hey, I'm sleeping with Nose Plug tonight.

Attack of the J-Clones [3.17][edit]

Tohru: Not the stairs!

Viper: J clone, 12:00.
Jade: Where? Oh.. You mean me.
Jackie: Jade, we left you at Section 13 for a reason. How did you find us here?
Jade: Tracking device.
Jackie: (Muttering) Tracking device.

Two Jades: Let's rock,T!
Two Jackies: Jade,leave this to the grown ups.
Two Jades: Awwww....

Jackie: Just what I need; another J-team.

Season 4 (The Oni Masks)[edit]

The Masks of the Shadowkhan [4.1][edit]

Jade: Dullsville.
Jackie: No, the capital of Georgia is Atlanta. Jade, you're geography test is tomorrow. Let's try Oregon.
Jade: Why does Tohru get to study the fun stuff?!

Jade: My tattoo just have to be gnarrled.

Jade: Yes! (Jackie catches her)
Jackie: 50 states,50 capitals.
Jade: (Groaning)

Jade: Hi,Jackie.
Jackie: Waahh!
Jade: Before you get mad, listen. The capital of Kansas is Kansas city.
Jackie: The capital is Topeka and that is not the point!
Jade: Uh,oh. (Stares at Tarakudo) Whoa.
Tarakudo: You. (Reconizes Jade, the queen of the ShadowKhan) Ah, the former queen of the ShadowKhan returning to the forces of darkness. (Jackie swoops up Jade)
Jackie: Thank you,no. Not today!
Jade: Er... What Jackie said.

Jade: Let me guess. Mr. Creepyhead?
Jackie:(Gasps) Jade, you're suppose to be with Captain Black!
Jade: Thought I should be here in case you fall another plane.

Jackie: And what do they want with these disobedent children? (Jade sticks her tongue and raspberry him)

Uncle: Feh. Floating head cannot be oni!
Tohru: It can't?
Uncle: Of course not! Everyone who has control the ShadowKhan has been Chinese! Shendu,Chinese! Daolon Wong,Chinese but oni are Japanese. [Uncle heard the beeping sound coming from Jackie's laptop]
Jackie: Radar indecates Dark Hand jet has landed in Hong Kong.
Uncle: See? Hong Kong,Chinese.

Hak Foo: [Angry Grunt] I wanted that!

Tohru: Uh, I read Japanese,but it has been many years in fact I am probably too shakey so forget that I...
Uncle: Tohru, read country now!
Tohru: Yes,sensi.

Tohru: The genchi tell of ancient warriors who once cast a spell to defeat this oni trapping its spirit within the mask. The key ingredient was Japanese steel specially forth for samurai sword.

Tohru: It goes on to say that Tarakudo once terrorized the land of the trusted oni generals. Each demon general control its own army which could comprized different tribe of ShadowKhan. [Jackie slaps his fore head]
Jade: Uh... Different how?
Jackie: I will prefer not to find out.
Tohru: Tarakudo's range came to an end when the spirits of his generals were trapped within masks. 9 generals,9 masks.
Jade: 9 different types of ShadowKhan.

Jackie: Let me guess. The masks are scattered across the Earth?
Tohru: Yep. Uh.... One more thing. Should the 9 masks ever be rejoined their combine power summon enough ShadowKhan to engulf the entire Earth eternal darkness.
Uncle: Aieeeyaaah! Tohru, you must do research!
Tohru: He must?
Uncle: You were told by childhood tales of oni by mother. You read Japanese, you are Japanese so you must do research!!!

Samurai Ratso [4.2][edit]

Tohru: [holds an onion up to Tarakudo menacingly]
Tarakudo: Whoa! easy with that veggie, big fella.
Tohru: [tosses it at him]
Tarakudo: Aaaah! My eyes! My eyes!

Jackie: Jade,go with Uncle.
Jade: Awww.

(Jade goes with Uncle until Tohru and Jackie waves goodbye to him as the train sped off,but not for Jade.)

Jade: I miss him already.
Jackie: Jade! I told you to go with Uncle! Not stay with...Uncle.
Jade: Tch. No wonder I'm confused. Too many uncles.

Tohru: (Groans) I hate fish.

Jade: Karaoke break,anyone?
Jackie: Jade, the first rule of research is patience.

Uncle: You have the willies?

Hak Foo: (Groans) I wanted that mask!

Uncle: Being away from my shop for so long makes me... nervous?
Jackie: Uncle?
Uncle: [Sighs] I'm only getting in your way. Tohru has knowledge of Japanese which Uncle does not, Tohru gets willies from oni which Uncle does not, Tohru knows tricks with vegetables which Uncle does...

The Amazing T-Troop [4.3][edit]

Jade: Jackie, Scruffy hates puppy prison. How long we keep tormenting him this way?
Jackie: Jade, Scruffy must attend obdient school until he learns to listen. No doubt he takes after his master.
Jade: Har,har. Look I can prove Scuffy obeys all my commands. You ready,boy? Play dead.

Jackie: Oh, (chuckles) Jade,why don't you stay here and help Uncle find Farmer McDonald and his friends more appopriate logics.
Jade: Awww....

Jade: Wrong museum,Jackie. Mask is Japanese,not jurassic.
Jackie: Jade! I thought I told you to help Farmer McDonald find a place to stay?
Jade: Tch. Did.

[After seeing the T-troop]

Tarakudo: This is your team, Mr.Chan? A child, a ham, a stuffed moose [laughs] and a flying chicken?

Black Magic [4.4][edit]

Jackie: Why did I let you talk me into this?
Jade: You said it yourself,Jackie. You're too fat.
Jackie: I said,I am too heavy to climb the totem pole without risk of damaging,Jade.
Jade: Heavy,fat. Same dif. Hey! He looks just like his mugshot!
Hak Foo: [Breaks down the trees] It will fit smugly... upon my face! Flying squirrel cracks acorns!

Tohru: Oh,I hate fish.

Jade: Hi,Jackie.
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: You watch Captain Black's back and I watch yours.

The Demon Behind [4.5][edit]

Jackie: Eee-Yah! Not!

Tohru: (Groans) I hate fish.

Jackie: Go,go,go!
Finn,Ratso, and Chow: Not!
Ratso: (Chuckles evily) Look what washed up on deck.
Jackie: Jade,what are you doing here?
Jade: Heh heh. Looks like I'm catch of the day.
Finn: Gimme back my mask, Chan.
Chow: Or it's anchor's away for your niece.

Tohru: I hate fish.

(The mask activates and ended on Finn's butt)

Finn: Ahh! This is not happening! This is not happening!

Ratso: Not!

Chow: Demon magic,here I come!
Finn: Not! You clowns had your Shadow be a ninja masters and you blew it!

Uncle: One more thing...
Tohru: No more things!!!!!
Uncle: [Gasps] You disrespect Uncle?! Uncle took you in, put roof over your head, put food in your belly lots of food! And this is how you repay me?!
Tohru: I cook, I clean, I travel the world to be smothered by fish! And you thank me by demanding "Many more things!"
Tohru and Uncle: I will never speak to you again!

Jade: The demon from planet Ur...
Jackie: Jade!
Jackie: Er... Neptune!

Fright Fight Night [4.6][edit]

Jackie: Trick for you,treat for me.

(Jade scares Jackie off as he was screaming)

Jade: (Angry growl)
Jackie: Waahh! Jade!
Jade: Who is Jade?! I am the Oni Voodoo,mystress of dark.
Jackie: Oh, Makeup? (Groans) Jade, you shouldn't scare people like that.
Jade: Tch. Scaring is the whole point on Halloween,Jackie. And I have to win the scariest costume award at school tonight.
Jackie: But all things you have to choose...
Jade: I don't know anything scarier than oni demon ,do you? (Grabs Jackie's hand) Now,come on! Time's are wasting!

Tarakudo: (Tssking) Chan,no mask. (Placing a pumpkin on Jackie's head) Much better. Jackie-O-Lantern. And now,I'll send you to the pumpkin patch.

The Shadow Eaters [4.7][edit]

Hak Foo: They're...they are...they are so...
Jade: Cute!

Hak Foo: Demon compensates for pathetic ninja army!

(Hak Foo sends Jackie by throwing him to the alligators by chomping him up)

Jade: No!!!!!
Jackie: Waahhh!
Jade: Jackie,grab on! (The alligators gobble him up in the bottom of the water)
Jade: Jackie!!!!!
Hak Foo: I will not see you later, allligator.

Jade: Faster,Jackie! He's gaining!
Jackie: Jade, this is much...
Jade: Too dangerous? Hey, I must be psychic!

Jackie: Jade,where is the mask?
Hak Foo: [Groans] At last!
Jade: Uh... Found it.
Hak Foo: And now, Chans. Prepare to make the fiercest tribe of ShadowKhan yet! My demon summons me ninja army!

[Jackie and Jade gasp with horror]

Half a Mask of Kung-Fu [4.8][edit]

Hak Foo: SCREAMING EAGLE FEET! [kicks at Jackie, only to end up piercing the bottom of his foot on the horn of a skull stuck on Jackie's head] AAAAAAAAAAH! Crying puppy feet! Crying puppy feet!

Uncle: Uncle sends you to find Oni mask and you return with gibberish?
Jade: Hello! It's not gibberish; it's a site on the Web.
Uncle: Ooh, the mask has been taken by giant spider?

Uncle: [watching Jade use her laptop] Jade, why did you not tell Uncle your waffle iron was magic?

Jackie: You're FilthyRich1?
Jade: But you're not rich, just-
Valmont: I am fully aware of the irony!

Jackie: The mask is evil, Jade. It is only a matter of time before it turns you evil too.
Jade: [wearing half of an Oni mask] Tch, I can handle it. One, it's only half the evil of a regular mask. And two... [demonic voice] the next time you call me crazy, I SHALL DEVOUR YOUR BRAINS! [regular voice] ...Hehe, see your point.

Jackie: We have to find the delivery truck.
Jade: No problem, Jackie. I'll just order my half-a-khan to chase it down and [demonic voice] feast upon the delicious gray matter of the helpless mortal inside!

Jackie: Jade, the evil within you is growing stronger. You must resist it until we can find the potion.
Jade: Well, we better find it fast, 'cause your brains are starting to smell awful yummy.

Jackie: [cell phone rings] Hello? [hands it to Jade] It's for you.
Tohru: Jade, we were in the middle of a big auction and then all the icons disappeared.
Jade: No problem, T. Just click on the blinking Super-Moose in the corner and [demonic voice] SURRENDER YOUR SOUL TO THE FORCES OF DARKNESS!
Tohru: Uh... I will figure it out on my own.

Jackie: Jade?
Jade: Hey, Jackie.
Jackie: [Gasps]

The Good Guys [4.9][edit]

Finn: No way are we handing over our life savings to someone who looks like a pizza boy.
Strikemaster Ice: Yo yo yo. This is one pizza boy who's going to serve up an extra large whupping with extra cheese!

Jade: Easy does it,Jackie.
Jackie: Waahhh!!!! Jade,why do you have to show up every time?!
Jade: Cause' you miss me if I didn't.

Jade: Let's finish him off! (Ratso and Chow stops her)
Chow: Now,Jade.
Ratso: You know your Uncle Jackie will not approve.
Jade: Awww.....

J2 [4.10][edit]

Jade: Is it just me, or this place a dump?
Jackie: Jade,what are you doing here?
Jade: Spending Chinese New Year with my love ones.

Jackie: Jade.
Jade and Future Jade: Yes,Jackie?
Jackie: Explain?

Future Jade: Soon after I became Section 13's head honcho, sunny boy made it to the top of our most wanted list. Luckily,I convinced you and Uncle to became Section 13's official magic consultants.
Jackie: (Shocked) You mean, I never leave Section 13!?
Future Jade: (Shrugs) But even you and Uncle couldn't prevent what happened next, Junior dusted off an old spell of his dad's. And conquered an army of dragon minions giving more enough muscle to take over Section 13. I soon realize the only way to save the future was to change the past. [Escape the Drago's dragon troop for a great escape]
Future Jade: It took some dueling, but I escaped Drago's troops. [Uses time portal by entering the past]
Future Jade: But Junior got wise my plan and hitch on the ride on Uncle's spell.
Jade: Whoa. So all this already happened? In the future?
Jackie: There is one thing you have not told us, what exactly is Drago trying to stop you for changing in the past?
Future Jade: He's trying to stop me from proventing resurrection of his father.
Jackie: Shendu.

Jade: Say, are you sure he's Shendu's kid?
Future Jade: Who? The Tooth Fairy here?
Jade: Tch. I mean Shendu had edge, but this Drago dude's more like...
Future Jade: A gecko with zits?

Jade: Hey, do I ever get braces?
Future Jade: No.
Jade: Acne?
Future Jade: Some.
Jade: Wild stunts like those?
Future Jade: Section 13 standerd wear.
Jade: I grew up to be a Section 13 agent?
Future Jade: Boss. You take... I took over for Captain Black after he was transferred the east coast to start up Section 14.
Jade: Me?! The big chief of Section 13?! We rock!

Jade: Oh, do you have to go back so soon? We haven't gone rollerblading, or-or mastered the Pukenator at Moose World.
Future Jade: Been there, done that. Besides don't you think...
Jade: Hanging around with myself is a little weird? Yeah,we'd probably just sit around all day finishing...
Jade And Future Jade: Each other's sentences.

Future Jade: You were supposed to stay put.
Jade: Tch. You know me better than that.

Jade: [Groans] I think I'm gonna hurl!
Future Jade: This is from the girl who rode the pukenator 10 times in a row in Moose World?
Jade: Hey, how did you know that?
Future Jade: Talk later.
Jade: Now, wait a second.
Future Jade: We have to keep moving, Jade. Trust me.
Jade: Uncle Jackie never told me to...
Future Jade: Never trust strangers, never chew with your mouth open, and never spit into the wind. Duh.
Jade: Whoa,time out! Are you... [The woman removes her hat and sunglasses revealing herself to be an adult version of Jade.]
Future Jade: You? Took you long enough.
Jade: If you're me, then you must be... from the future.
Future Jade: Double bonus score.
Jade: But, how? Why?
Future Jade: I'll give you the download on the way. [Whistles for taxi]
Jade: I learned to whistle like that? Cool!

Jade: So they have time machines in the future?
Future Jade: How old do I look? I used one of Uncle's spells.

Jade: So,why did you just tell Jackie and Uncle who you were back there?
Future Jade: Didn't have time to convince them. Too busy to save the future.
Jade: From what? [Gasps]
Future Jade: Him, Shendu's son.

Jade: That's how you blew him in the junkyard!
Future Jade: The Dragon Talisman. Never leave the future without it.

Jade: Drago's a hothead.
Future Jade: Like father, like son.

Jade: Good news is, we still have one just like it in the vault at Section 13.
Future Jade: Bad news is, we're not at Section 13.

[Jade and Future Jade got startled]

Jade: Heh. Parade float.
Future Jade: Heh. Chinese New Year.

Jade: You distract Lizard lips and I'll jump him from behind.
Future Jade: If Drago bumps you off in the present, I can pop off out of existence. And the future will be history.
Jade: Whoa. This time travel stunt is freaky.

Jackie: Look. Jade has nothing to do with this.
Two Jades: Talk later!

Future Jade: I didn't intend to involve you guys, but I arrived a lot later than I hoped. Heh. Never tested Uncle's spell.
Jackie: [Groans] And I thought one Jade gave me a headache. But why did you come back here?
Jade: Duh. Isn't it obvious? Future me is so mega bad that dragon boy had to come back to the past to rebel me out long just as sqirut. So I surf time to protect myself and kick his scaley butt all the way back to the future.
Jackie: Then why did Drago leave without chop ruling you?
Jade: Well, because... Yeah. Why did Drago leave?
Future Jade: Because he has bigger fish to fry.
Jackie: How much bigger?
Future Jade: I didn't follow Drago here. Drago followed me. To keep me from putting ambush on the age of dragons.
Jade: Age of dragons?
Jackie: I do not like the sound of that.

Future Jade: Stay here.
Jade: Aww...

The J-Tots [4.11][edit]

Jackie Tot: Jade!!!
Jade: I know... I am so grounded.
Jackie Tot: No! Kids against grown ups!

Viper Tot: Pat-a-cake,pat-a-cake baker's man, bake me a cake like Jackie Chan!

Jade: Jackie, I patched a mondo plan to take down the J team's arch nemesis our enemy Chang . Tell you all about it on the way to Section 13. (being grabbed)
Jackie: The only plan,Jade. Is for you to stay here with Uncle.
Jade: (Angry grunt) Jackie never listens, doesn't he realize I'm only the member but the brains behind the J team?

[Helga Sorenson rolls down the long stairs]

Tohru: I told you, I do not fight women.

Déjà Vu [4.12][edit]

Uncle: (Gasps) The dark chi master himself.
Jade: Tch. The slimy myster herself. (Shows the Deja Vu stone)
Uncle: The Deja Vu Stone.
Jackie: Jade.
Jade: Come on,Jackie. I helped saved the day 72 times. The world's half a dozen times and your butt more times than I care to count.
Jackie: And you made a mess of things more times than I care to count.
Jade: But I always clean up after myself. Just admit it,Jackie. You need me. Hey!
Jackie,Uncle and Jade: Daolon Wong?!
Daolon Wong: Many thanks for the memories. (Jackie kicks the Deja Vu Stone and he and Daolon Wong are gone)
Jade: Jackie? Jackie?

Uncle: Turning into statue is better.
Jade: (Chuckles nervously) Depends who you ask.

Jade: The Strength Talisman. Good one.
Jackie: I know,Jade. Waahh! Jade,how did you...
Jade: Your hands! (Jackie looks at his hands are glowing) I get it! That must be Uncle's magic and... (Gasps and Shendu begins to attack Jackie)
Jade: (Angry grunt) I blow it again! I distracted Jackie just like I did today! Does twice like a pattern?

Jackie: Could it be? A view?! In a nice,cozy,danger free hotel?! A happy memory... (Jade 6 turns to Jade 8) Waahh!
Jade: Jackie,don't worry. I can explain everything! (All the Jade clones fell out of the closet)
Jade Clones: Waahh! Whoa! (Nervous chuckle) Hi,Jackie.
Jade: So I'm quite the rascal,but it's not like I'm evil or anything.

Jackie: Jade?
Jade: I couldn't help it,I was possessed!
Uncle: Did Uncle ask you tattooed demon face onto your leg,no? You do not see Uncle walking around being evil,do you?
Jade: Uh,Unc? (Uncle sees himself as a Chi Vampire)
Uncle: Uncle could not help it. Was victim of chi vampire.
Jade: Oh,yeah. And I have the piece in your mind.

Jackie: Take me back to the beginning!
Daolon Wong:Hmph. So here we are, back in the old fu's trash heap.
Uncle: That is old fu's rare trash heap to you!
Jade: Wait a sec. (Looks at her bags) Jackie went to the wrong beginning, the first time we met!
Jackie: Wait, this can't be right, where are Uncle and...
Daolon Wong: Give me that! (Jackie drops the deja vu stone and stares at Jade)
Jackie: Jade...
Jade: Jackie is right,I do get in his way.
Finn: You're Jackie Chan,the archaeologist?
Jackie: I bet you were looking for the shield I brought back from Bavaria.
Finn: We're looking for the... How'd you know?
Jackie: (Points at Daolon Wong) He has it!
Daolon Wong: Chan is lying! Do you not reconized your master?!
Finn: The only master we have is big V!
Chow: And he's gonna wanna hear all about where you stashed the shield!
Jade: Way to rewrite history,Jackie!
Uncle: Did they buy anything?
Jackie: No.
Uncle: You are terrible salesman! (Jackie looks at Jade and picks up the phone)
Uncle: Who are you calling?
Jackie: Jade's parents. She must return to Hong Kong.
Uncle: But she just arrived.
Jade: What?! No way! Who's gonna help save the day?! The world?! Jackie's butt?!
Jackie: Uncle,you must trust me. It will be better for Jade,for us if she does not stay.
Jade: No,Jackie. Hang up the phone,you need me!

Jade's Dad: Hello?
Jackie: Uh... Sorry,wrong number. (Jade sighs in relief)
Uncle: Jackie,next time you make crank call phone loco.
Jade: Living with you guys is gonna rock!
Jackie: (Sighs) You have no idea just yet how much.
Uncle: You speak english! (Jade shrugs)
Jackie: Now, return me to the present.
Jade: Jackie,you do need me!!!
Jackie: Jade,how did you know? (Jade points at herself and Uncle)
Uncle: Where did Jackie go? (Jade shrugs)
Jade: I'm glad you decided to keep me around.
Jackie: Let it just say,I realize that perhaps you have save me a time or two.
Jade: Tch. Try 72.

Jackie: Gahhh! A broken leg?! But I did not even hit the ground!
Jade: Jackie!
Jackie: Ah,Jade! Did you see the mess you got me into?
Jade: Gee,Jackie. I already admit it was total my fault you slipped in my Gnome Cop action figure and busted your leg.
Jackie: No,not that! If you have got in the way and allow Daolon Wong to take the Deja Vu stone, I wouldn't be lost in time!
Jade: Huh?
Jackie: (Frustrates) Never mind. You are the past,Jade. You would not know that.
Jade: Uncle,do you think Jackie's right? Did I really mess things up?
Uncle: (scoffs) Nonsense,Jade. Jackie needs to watch where he's walking.
Jade: Not the broken leg,the Deja Vu thing! I'm still like a dumb along with snaked it from me! It's all my fault Jackie's stuck in rerunville!

Jade: Wow,look at Jackie go! Hmmm. Guess he does do okay without my help.

Jade: I'll give Jackie a 9.2 for thinking on his feet for we really work much better as a team.
Jackie: No! No,Jade! Do not get on that plane! (Jade hops inside the plane along with El Toro Fuerte)
Jade: (chuckle nervously) See? Teamwork.
Uncle: You never listen.

Jade: See the oinker at 12 o' clock?
Jackie: Yes,that is very nice,Jade. But I really not supposed to be here. (Jackie founds the Deja Vu Stone on the cymbols)
Uncle: There.
Jade: Check it out,I helped!
Jackie: The Deja Vu Stone!
Jade: Yeah,whatever. Aren't we looking for the Pig Talisman? Tohru!
Hak Foo: Many thanks for leading us to the prize.
Uncle: You are not welcome!
Hak Foo: You!
Tohru: Why so afraid? He's an old man.

Uncle: That will teach foolish Tohru to mess with Uncle with his power by immortality talisman! (Realized) Do not tell faithful apprentice Uncle said that.
Jade: Come on,Jackie! Grab the stone and will yourself back here!

Jade: Hyah! (Kicks Tohru) He's in the house! Hyah! (Saves Captain Black,Uncle and Jackie) I got your back,Jackie!

Jackie: Quick,Jade! The antidote!
Jade: No!!!!! Tch. You think I would have gotten right the second time around.
Uncle: Your past self does not know then but you know now,Jade.
Jackie: Maybe... This is possible to... being cursed to relive all the... worse moments of my life!

Jade: Ooh. If memories were served, here's where I make a star entrance and save the day!

Jackie: Since you have things well in hand,Uncle. I will take my leave. [Gasps]
Daloon Wong: The stone is mine!
Hak Foo: Who is that?!
Jade: And what's with the stone you all keep jabbering about?! Wong snake his way in!
Uncle: Aieeeyaaah!

Ninja Twilight [4.13][edit]

Jade: I call Dragon! (Jackie passes a Dog and Rat Talismans) Dog and Rat? Awww,you gotta hog on the cool ones.
Jackie: Jade,you will remain here.
Jade: What?! No way!
Jackie: Jade,please. I could not live myself if something happen to you.
Jade: Awww...

Jackie: Super Moose?
Jade: Jackie! (Grabs the Rabbit Talisman and throws it to him)
Jackie: Jade,you are supposed to be...
Jade: I decided I couldn't live with myself when something happen to you.

Jade: Easy,as any ex queen of the shadowkhan can tell you, wearing the sign of Tarakudo can keep control over ninjas. It's tattoo time.
Jackie: No,Jade. It is far too dangerous even if you have done it before.

Season 5 (The Demon Powers)[edit]

Relics of Demons Past [5.1][edit]

Jade: Incoming! (Jackie telescopes Jade as she was burping)
Jackie: (Groans) Jade. (Tohru burst out laughing)

Jade: You Tarzan, and me Jade.

Jade: So,CB. What's my assignment? (Jackie carries Jade's backpack)
Jackie: The only assignments you'll be getting today are at school.
Jade: Awww...

Jade: But,what about freedom of expression? This is America,you know.
Jackie: Jade,this has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with self control. Promise me,no more burping.
Jade: Fine. I'll just explode from a builds of gas when I'm 16.

Jackie: Jade,stay here.
Jade: Seriously,(Jackie is shocked) don't you ever get tired saying that?

Jackie: I will draw their fire,you run back to Captain Black's truck.
Jade: But,Jackie...
Jackie: And no arguments.

Jackie: Jade?
Jade: Uncle Jackie!
Jackie: Waah! What happened to you?!
Jade: What's happening to me?!
Jackie: Jade,tell me you're fooling around Uncle's spells.
Jade: No, I swear! I just looked up and bam! Toad girl!
Jackie: It's alright. Uncle will know what to do.
Jade: But what if I'm a girl toad forever? Just sitting around and eating flies,waiting to croak?

It's All in the Game [5.2][edit]

Jade: Baru? Here we come! I am so gonna kick butt in that game! Woo-Hoo! Yeah!
Jackie: We're not going to Baru to compete,Jade. You will stay here with Tohru.
Jade: Aw come on, Uncle Jackie. I've seen every single episodes of International Island Challenge. (Jackie stands up as she grabs his leg tighter) You gotta take me!
Jackie: Jade.
Jade: I know,I know. I always have to play the home verison.

Jade: Hey,Jackie.
Jackie: (Got startled) Jade,what are you doing here?!
Jade: Get serious.
Tohru: Sorry,Jackie.
Jackie: Jade,listen to me. I told you before we are not here to play games.

Jade: (Gasps)
Jackie: Jade...
Jade: What? We were just talking.

Jade: Relax,they're not home.
Jackie: Ahh! Jade, go back to the treehouse.
Jade: Jackie,three words. Flat. Screen. Television.
Jackie: How many times do I have to tell you? We must stay focuesd on our mission,not the game.

Black and White Chi All Over [5.3][edit]

Tohru: Drago!
Jackie: And... Strikemaster Ice?
Jade: Hey, Pizza-face got a Drago makeover!
Strikemaster Ice: Yo dawg, you didn't say nothing about putting the hurt on Chan. First day on the job and we already get a bonus!

Jade: Okay,Jackinator. You go left,I'll go right. And we'll catch Drago...
Jackie: Jade,you stay here.
Jade: You can't go in without backup. Hmph.

Jade: Aw,come on! You know it's my birthday! Now for breakfast,I want chocolate pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries and...
Jackie: I'm sorry,Jade. Things are a little busy around Section 13 this morning. We'll have to celebrate your birthday later.
Jade: What?! How much later?!
Jackie: Uh... Just be patient.
Jade: Aww...

Jackie: I am sorry,Jade. Your birthday celebration will have to wait just a little longer.
Jade: That's okay. We can party in San Diego!
Jackie: Uh... It's too dangerous. You stay here.
Jade: That's not right. You can't dis the birthday girl.

Jade: Hey,Jackie. (Jackie got startled)

Jade: Now that we have the flower power,it's time to party down! I'm still the birthday girl for 10 hours!
Jackie: We'll be back home in time for big birthday dinner.

Jackie: Jade,stay here. (Uncle and Tohru goes along with him,leaving Jade behind)
Jade: Awww...

Jade: Step away from the lotus pod.
Jackie: Jade!
Jade: I'm your backup,remember?

Jade: Ooh,ooh. Let me be the living vessel! I can handle it! I have experince! Come on, it's my birthday!

Dragon Scouts [5.4][edit]

Jackie: Jade,what are you doing? Those clothes are being donated to charity. And that is your Buttercup scout uniform.
Jade: I know,I quit the buttercups.
Jackie: Huh? Why?
Jade: Quilt making,cookie selling,hello?! If I wanted to be bored out of my gourd,I can just hang here with you and Uncle.

Jackie: But scouting provides a vailable experience,Jade. You must'n quit.
Jade: So who said I can quitting scouting? I'll join the Dragon scouts.
Jackie: But the Dragon scouts are all boys.

The Demon Beneath My Wings [5.5][edit]

Jade: We'll put up for a spin.
Jackie: Jade,what are you doing here?
Jade: Like I'm gonna come all the way down to Australia and not ride on a kangaroo? Tch.

Jade and Jackie: Ahhhh!!!!
Jackie: Jade, I told you to stay on the bus!
Jade: What's the point?

Mirror, Mirror [5.6][edit]

Jade: Oh,no. I'm a mule. A stubborn mule!
Jackie: (Gasps) My head! It's huge!
Tohru: I'm turning into my mother!

Jade: Hey,I kinda like Uncle this way. (Jackie and Uncle stares at her) (Donkey noise)

(Uncle smiles)

Jade: At least I'm not a mime. Why don't you walk against the wind or something!
Jackie: (Groans) All right,both of you. You're giving me a headache. A big one!

Antler Action [5.7][edit]

Jade: Jackie! (Lifts Jackie up) Welcome aboard to the Jade airline.

Clash of the Titanics [5.8][edit]

Jade: Well, what are you land lubbers waiting for? Let's shape up and ship out!
Jackie: You are not going, Jade.
Jade: Jackie,I saw a movie Titanic 12 times. That makes me total expert on sunken treasure!
Uncle: Jade,you must listen to Jackie. You cannot go sub with us.
Jackie: And neither can you,Uncle. Not with your cold or those germs in a tiny close space. (Uncle slaps Jackie's head) Ow!
Uncle: Uncle is not infectous! (Sneezes) And you cannot perform removal spell yourself?
Jackie: You realize that,Uncle. But Tohru and I can retrieve the castanets. And you can perform the removal spells later on dry land.
Captain Black: Makes sense.
Jade and Uncle: Awww...

Jade: Hi,Jackie.
Jackie: Jade.....
Jade: I know,I know. Too dangerous,but you need me,Uncle Jackie. (He stares at her for a long time) Ok,fine. I'll leave.
Jackie: Very funny, we are 2,000 League under the sea and... (Sniffing the air) Why do you smell like garlic?
Jade: Not me. (Sniffing) It's coming from...(Jackie opens the vent and sees Uncle)
Uncle: Hi,Jackie.
Jackie: Uncle!
Jade: Great minds,think alike.

Jade: Come on,slowpoke.
Jackie: Jade,you are staying inside the sub.
Jade: Awww...

Jackie: Luckily, I avoided batting against the bends. I... (Laughing) I mean, ground is all wobbly like pudding. Aw,I like Tapeeyoka.

Jackie: Hello,neighbors,Nice day.

Jackie: (Falls in the snow) Whoopsy!

Jackie: Aw, pretty. You made a snow angel.

Jackie: We play Pattycake?

Jackie: Castanet? Oh,we're going fishing? I like fishies!

Jackie: Peachy Keen.

Jackie: Oooo, pretty fireworks. Is it Chinese New Year already?

Jackie: Aww, we play freeze tag?

Jackie: You are it!

Jackie: (Giggling)
Tohru: Jackie, are you all right?
Jackie: Yes,but you two look very wobbly. Wobbly is a funny word rhymes with gobbly.
Jade: He has so got the bends.
Jackie: I do? OH,what a nice car. Yay for me! Oh,hello again,Buddy!

Jackie: (Giggling) Look at the flying old man.

Jackie: Wheee!!!!!!!!

Jackie: Oooh,pretty.

Jackie: (Giggling)

Jackie: A skating rink. Fun!

Jackie: Whirly-birdie!

Captain Black: Jackie has the bad case of the bends needs to take decompressed for thirty-eight hours,same for Uncle.
Uncle: Let Uncle out!
Jade: Poor guy,totally delusional.
Tohru: I do not understand,Jade. Why didn't you tell Captain Black that sensei had the bends?
Jade: Are you kidding?! That garlic smells was making me gag! I figured,two days of solitary, goodbye major stank!
Uncle: Let Uncle Out!!! Aieeeyaaah!
Jackie: I hear knock knock. Who's there? (Giggles). I like monkies and wax slips. This is a nice phone booth. Ooh,look! I can make funny sounds with my under arms. (Giggling) Oops,'cuse me.

Stealing Thunder [5.9][edit]

Tohru: I hate rain.

Jackie: I told you to stay by the car.
Jade: Hello? You didn't say which car. Ahhh!

Jade: Please,please,please,please? I'll do all my chores!
Jackie: You do all your chores reguardless.
Jade: Uncle Jackie, I'm like the only kid in the world doesn't have Robomirks!
Jackie: (Sighs) Video games will distract you from your studies.
Jade: That's not true! Program in your mondo cool things that's creative writing,keeping score that's math. Honestly,Robomirks is more educational homework.
Jackie: We will see.
Jade: Translation: forget about it.

Jackie: Jade,what are you doing?!
Jade: Is this a question?!

Weight and See [5.10][edit]

Tohru: I hate fish.

Jade: Cool! I can practice my French (Speaks French)

Jackie: No Quebec and no argument. You have a math test tomorrow,remember? You stay here with Tohru.
Jade: Awww...

Tohru: I hate fish and tofu patti.

J2 Revised [5.11][edit]

Jackie: Jade, Uncle and I go snorkeling.
Jade: Guess I'll go too. Maybe I can find some sunken treasure or something.
Jackie: Uh, why don't you stay on shore with Tohru?

Jade: Ah!
Jackie: Jade,you weren't supposed to... (Jade smiles innocently) Oh,why did I bother?
Jade: I knew this wasn't a real vacation,so what's the 411 on the big,blue marble?
Uncle: No marble.

Future Jackie: Jade, we brought your favorite. Triple black buritos.
Jade: Thanks, time hopping gives me a major munchies.
Future Jackie: Jade?!
Future Uncle: Jade?!
Future Tohru: Jade?!

Future Jackie: Jade,explain.
Two Jades: Iso stole our half of the Arcanum of Chi in the past by using a time portal spell. So I followed him through when he escaped back to the future.
Future Jackie: Please,one Jade at a time.

Jade and Future Jade: Our bad.

Jackie: Jade,explain.

Jade: What happened to you? You used to rock!
Future Jade: You think I like pushing papers all day? I don't, but this is my job and Captain Black is my boss. You have to grow up sometime,Jade.

The Powers That Be (Part 1) [5.12][edit]

Drago: I told you slackers to stay in the truck.
Strikemaster Ice: Yeah, well us slackers kind of changed our minds about how it's gonna go down.
Drago: Oh?
MC Cobra: Figured, why let you get all the powers?
Drago: You... want some of them?
Strikemaster Ice: No, dawg. We want all of them!

Drago: Show me the chi!
Jade: Show me the Chan Clan.

The Powers That Be (Part 2) [5.13][edit]

Drago: The Earth was within my grasp! You never let me have anything I want!
Shendu: I told you not to play with your father's world!
Drago: Why not?! You weren't using it! You're always too busy fighting wizards!

Tohru: I hate fish!

Jade: I know I messed up,but let me make it up to you. Please,Jackie. You can't split up the Chan Clan at a time like this.
Jackie: No,Jade. Section 13 is the safest place in the city and you will stay right here .
Jade: Awww...

Jade: Agent Jade,reporting for duty,sir! Let's head them up, and move them out!
Captain Black: Jade, I think you done enough for one night.
Jade: Er.. I didn't mean for Drago keeping the demon chi. I had a plan to...
Jackie: We know you were trying to protect us,Jade.
Jade: Er...
Jackie: And we appreciate it.
Captain Black: And from here on out,little lady. You need to leave the fight to the heavy weights.

Jade: Come on,Big T! We're missing all the action! (Tohru crossed his arms) Awww....

Repeated Character Quotes[edit]

Jackie Chan[edit]

  • Bad day, bad day, bad day!
  • Sorry,I'll bring it right back! Thank you!
  • Jade!
  • Jade?!
  • Jade,what are you doing here?!
  • Ow!
  • Waahhh!
  • Hello.
  • Where is Uncle?!
  • Bad Day.
  • Hurry,Uncle!
  • How did you...
  • Hot,hot,hot
  • Huh?
  • What's a Jackie?
  • You're supposed to be at the hotel.
  • That's crazy,Jade. You're crazy!
  • You're supposed to be at Section 13.
  • Hyah!
  • Jade,you're supposed to be...
  • Peekaboo!

Uncle Chan[edit]

  • One more thing!
  • Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao!
  • Magic must defeat magic!
  • You want a piece of Uncle?
  • Hatchaaaaaaaa!!
  • No?!
  • Yes?!
  • We Must Do Research!
  • Aieeeyaaah!
  • Do Not Question Uncle!!!
  • I'm sorry. I'll bring it right back. Thank you.
  • You are terrible salesman!
  • You break it,you buy it!
  • Tohru, I can't feel my legs!
  • Jade!
  • Who Else Wants A Piece Of Uncle?!
  • Nothing. Do Not Look In The Mirror
  • I Told You Not To Look In The Mirror!
  • Nothing. Don't Look In The Mirror!
  • He Never Listen
  • You Never Listen

Jade Chan[edit]

  • Hi, Jackie!
  • Jackie, PLEASE!!!
  • Stay with Uncle? He did not say which uncle.
  • Awww...
  • Duh.
  • Jackie!
  • Unc.
  • Tch.
  • Hello?
  • Like I Was Going To Watch.
  • Waahh!
  • Huh?
  • Bad Day,bad day,bad day
  • Sorry,I'll bring it right back! Thank you!
  • Scout's Honor. Tch. Like I'm a scout
  • Hmph.
  • Please,Jackie????

Captain Augustus Black[edit]

  • Woah, Nelly!
  • I know, magic must defeat magic


  • I hate fish!
  • Sensei.
  • The Talisman!
  • Chan!
  • Mother,please. There was no need to be so overprotective.
  • Yes,mother
  • I am honored.

El Toro Fuerte[edit]

  • El Toro Fuerte never removes his mask!
  • I'm sorry.


  • Ex/Former thief.
  • I am not a thief!


  • Get Chan!


  • Get him!
  • Blast!

Hak Foo[edit]

  • Angry crow takes flight!

Daolon Wong[edit]

GAAAHHH that Chi Wizard!!!


  • Within hours this planet will succumb to the forces of....WOOOOOHHH!
  • Ahhh! My eyes!!! My eyes!!!!!


  • My glasses!
  • My pants!
  • Hey!
  • Very Becoming.


  • Chan!
  • No,Ratso. You can't have one!
  • Hey!
  • Oh,yeah. The 70's!


  • Oh,looky,looky!
  • Hey!
  • Chan!
  • Awww.

Tso Lan[edit]

  • Behold, my mastery of gravity!

Cast List[edit]

(in order of appearance)

End Credits[edit]

(Season 1 only; lyrics performed by Wheatus.)

Gets a chance to breathe
Searching for the talismans
Racing down the Dark Hand
He'll win with just his hands
Bet Chan's got a plan
Never can be beat
Always landing on his feet
Protects his Uncle and niece
From Shadowkhan and deadbeats
Yet he would rather laugh than fight
It's wrong or right?
You gotta like him!
Jackie Chan!
Where's the talisman?
You got to find it now!
You always do somehow!

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