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Take it easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy

Clyde Jackson Browne (born 9 October 1948) is an American musician and singer-songwriter.


Song Lyrics[edit]

(All tracks composed by Browne except where noted)

  • Now if I seem to be afraid
    To live the life that I have made in song
    Well it's just that I've been losing so long.
  • These days I sit on cornerstones
    And count the time in quarter-tones to ten, my friend
    Don't confront me with my failures
    I had not forgotten them.
  • Well I'm running down the road
    Tryin' to loosen my load,
    I've got seven women on my mind,
    Four that wanna own me,
    Two that wanna stone me,
    One says she's a friend of mine.
  • Take it easy, take it easy
    Don't let the sound of your own wheels
    Drive you crazy.
  • Well, I'm a standing on a corner
    In Winslow, Arizona
    And such a fine sight to see,
    It's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford
    Slowin' down to have a look at me.
  • Oh people, look around you, the signs are everywhere
    You've left it for somebody other than you to be the one to care
    You're lost inside your houses,theres no time to find you now
  • It's such a clever innocence with which you do your sorcery
    As if somehow the years just bow and let that young girl go free
    I thought I was a child, until you turned and smiled
  • I thought I knew where I was going, until I heard your laughter flowing
    And came upon the wisdom in your eyes
  • Someone's gonna have to explain it to me
    I'm not sure what it means
    My baby's feelin' funny in the morning
    She's having trouble getting into her jeans
  • I told her I had always lived alone and I probably always would
    And all I wanted was my freedom
    And she told me that she understood
    But I let her do some of my laundry
    And she slipped a few meals in between
    And the next thing I remember, she was all moved in
    And I was buying her a washing machine
  • Make it on your own if you think you can.
    If you see somewhere to go, I understand.
  • Everybody's just waiting to hear from the one
    Who can give them the answers
    And lead them back to that place in the warmth of the sun
    Where sweet childhood still dances
    Who'll come along
    And hold out that strong But gentle fathers hand?
    • For Everyman, from For Everyman (1973)
  • You never knew what I loved in you
    I dont know what you loved in me
    Maybe the picture of somebody you were hoping I might be
  • Into a dancer you have grown from the seeds somebody else has sown
    • For a Dancer (1974) from For Everyman (1973)
  • Keep a fire for the human race
    Let your prayers go drifting into space
    You never know what will be coming down
    Perhaps a better world is drawing near
    And just as easily it could all disappear
    • For a Dancer (1974)
  • And their feathers once so fine grew torn and tattered
    And in the end they traded their tired wings
    For the resignation that living brings
    • Before the Deluge (1974) from For Everyman (1973)
  • Let the music keep our spirits high
    And let the buildings keep our children dry
    Let creation reveal its secrets by and by
    • Before the Deluge (1974) from For Everyman (1973)
  • Out into the cool of the evening strolls the pretender. He knows that all his hopes and dreams begin and end there.
  • I'm gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender. Where the ads take aim and lay their claim to the heart and the soul of the spender. And believe in whatever may lie in those things that money can buy, though true love could have been a contender
  • Are you there? Say a prayer for the pretender
    who started out so young and strong only to surrender
  • I look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through.
    Looking into their eyes I see them running too.
    • Running on Empty
  • You love the thunder and you love the rain
    You know your hunger like you know your name
    I know you wonder how you ever came
    To be a woman in love with a man in search of the flame
  • Hold a place for the human race
    Keep it open wide
    Give it time to fall or climb
    But let the time decide
    Sometimes you wonder what's in this for you
    But you wait and you see
    'Cause its all you can do
    Just to hold on
    Hold on hold out, hold on
  • She was a friend to me when i needed one
    wasn't for her i don't know what i'd done
    she gave me back something that was missing in me
    she could of turned out to be almost anyone almost anyone
    with the possible exception of who i wanted her to be
  • She wasn't much good at stickin' around--but she could sing
    in the dead of night she could shine a light
    on some places that you've never been
    in that kind of light
    you could lose your sight and believe there was something to win
  • You could hold her tight with all your might
    but she'd slip through your arms like the wind
    and be back in flight
    back into the night where you might never see her again
  • In the morning when I closed my eyes
    You were sleeping in paradise
    And while the room was growing light
    I was holding still with all my might

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