Jacques Babinet

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Jacques Babinet

Jacques Babinet (March 5, 1794 – October 21, 1872) was a French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer who is best known for his contributions to optics.

In addition to his brilliant lectures on meteorology and optics research, Babinet was also a great promoter of science, an amusing and clever lecturer, and a brilliant, entertaining and prolific author of popular scientific articles. Unlike the majority of his contemporaries, Babinet was beloved by many for his kindly and charitable nature.


  • Ce qui est familier aux savants de profession a grand besoin d'être mis dans le domaine commun.
    • What is familiar to professional scientists highly needs to be placed in the public domain.
      • Études et lectures sur les sciences d'observation et leurs applications pratiques, by Jacques Babinet, published by Mallet-Bachelier (1858), p. x.

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