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Jak 3 is a 2004 sequel to the 2003 video game Jak II.


  • Don't touch it Daxter! Who knows what more Dark Eco will do to you.
  • I'm through saving the world.
  • To the end.
  • Let's go topside and see what kind of trouble we can get into.
  • Go back to the city Dax.
  • I thought you said a smart warrior never takes his opponent head on.
  • Dark? Dirty? Dangerous? I'm beginning to like this war.
  • (In disgust of Daxter's and Tess's talk) Oh please! Will you two take it outside?


  • Sand cannot keep a shape by itself, but add water and it becomes malleable. Fate can be such, if you add the right element.


  • Don't make me come over there and...sic Jak on ya!
  • Our boy here gets all mean and nasty when you piss him off. So don’t piss him off. (Whispers) Word to the wise…
  • I'll handle this.
  • Excuse me... Mr. Sand King... Yes, I'd like to place a complaint. We've been training hard. My feet are killing me, and I think I'm getting a hangnail.
  • Talk to the tail. Cause the whiskers ain't listening! We out, Jak.
  • I've got two words for you: tooth brush !
  • You know what I really miss? Soft underpants. You know how it lifts and cradles? (scratches under the screen.) You wouldn't understand.
  • AARGH! My beautiful mug!
  • Hey! I'm the real hero here! you can call me.... Orange Lightning, ziz-zi-zig!

Death Monologues[edit]

  • "You're saving the good moves for later, right?"
  • "I feel for ya Jak, but I wouldn't want to be you."
  • "Ohohoho, man! That had to hurt."
  • "Jak, it's time for Orange Lightning to take over."
  • "Are you having an outer body experience, is that what this is?"
  • "And I thought you were going to protect me!"
  • "You did that on purpose, right?"
  • "I wonder if Ashelin needs a new sidekick?"
  • "Alright, cut! Where's the director? I can't work like this!"
  • "Please, Jak, you're such a wimp. I could have taken them myself."
  • "Maybe you should get on my shoulder for a while."
  • "This is what happens when they drop my name from the title."
  • "I'm glad I'm not your stunt double."
  • "You came! You saw! You got your butt kicked."
  • "Where are the moves, man? I'm wondering, where are they?"
  • "Could we, uh, try that again? Alright, places, everyone!"
  • "8, 9, 10, and he's down for the count! You're out!"
  • "You need your bottle? Come on, you big baby!"


  • I've found some new friends to help me conquer this puny little planet.
  • (about the Dark Makers) It seems my digital self can communicate with these poor, tortured minds quite well. Oh but they're just like you and me Jak; well, me at least. They want a home, someone to call a friend—destruction of all Light Eco!


  • I'll drive. Jak, you get on the gun! Daxter, just get in, sit down, and shut up!

Count Veger[edit]

  • This time, the precursors will not have mercy on you.
  • You will all burn in the precursor fires of creation! I swear it.


Kleiver: Those were some sweet moves in the arena, boy. But a little more choke and you would've popped, eh?
Jak: Are you talking to me?
Daxter: Yeah, are you talking to...him?
Kleiver: No, I'm conversing with me sweet, departed mum. Of course you, ya bore head!

Pecker: This...was all your stupid idea!
Daxter: No...it was yours. Only a bird brain could have thought this one up. (imitates Pecker) Let's go with him! We'll help together! (angry) You mean we'll die together! I can't believe the city hates us. We saved those lowlifes!

Kleiver: I used to be the tall poppy on that baby. Wanna try to beat me score?
Daxter: (slyly) Oh, don't worry. Jak "beats" things all the time. Eh, Jak? Heh heh heh heh...
(Jak smacks Daxter upside the head, Daxter gives him an angry look)

Torn: You know the drill.
Daxter: Yeah, we do all the work, and you get all the credit.

Daxter: Oh yeah! The boys are back in town!
Jak: Let's go upside and see what kind of trouble we can get in to.

Ashelin: No, this one's tricky. I'm giving it to Torn and Jinx.
Daxter: What!? I suppose you don't think we're good enough, huh? You don't think we can do it?
Jak: Dax...
Daxter: May I remind you, that this team of Daxter, Jak, and Daxter have taken just about every scary thing this world can throw at us for three...count 'em, three adventures!
Jak: Daxter...
Daxter: This is an outrage, Jak! We're the heroes! We're the ones on cereal boxes for God's sake. And I'm about to release my own line of sports shoes! I've got a contract.
Ashelin: You're on the mission. Your job is to cover Torn and Jinx in a vehicle filled with explosives. Escort them to the Metal Head section, and together you'll blow open the nest.
Daxter: Oh, well... why didn't you say so in the first place?

Pecker: Onin says there are strange forces at work. Fate has been twisted by something more powerful than anything she has ever seen in her many years. Aawwrrk! Something now awake deep in the catacombs.
Daxter: Let me guess. You blow hards want us to go down there. Correct?
(Onin gives a thumbs up. Pecker nods enthusiastically.)
Samos: The best access to the catacombs is on the Metal Head side of the city.
Daxter: Sometimes...I really hate you guys.

(After Jak and Damas crash near the catacombs, Jak sees Damas underneath Desert Rover, struggling to get out)
Jak: Damas!
Damas: Not bad driving, kid. It was a good fight (cough) and a good day to die. I'm...very proud to have been by your side...in the end. This world is not yet out of heroes.
Jak: We did well together. (Damas struggles on the ground slightly) Don't move, I'll-
Damas: Please...promise me one thing...promise me you'll...find my son...Mar. You'll know him when you see this. (Shows the symbol of Mar to Jak) He's...wearing an amulet just like it. (Jak has a flashback to the Kid from the previous game, his younger self, wearing the amulet) It is a symbol of our lineage...with the great house of Mar. (Cough) Save the people, Jak. They need you...(Damas dies)
Jak: (Whispers) Father...

(After Jak finds out that Damas was his father, Count Veger arrives)
Count Veger: Yes, you were that child. I took from Damas, hoping to harness your eco powers for my experiments. Then, I lost you to the Underground. You seem upset? Did I tell you to late? You were the son of the great warrior Damas. Oh, and he never knew, (smiles evilly) how delightful.
Jak: (Roars in anger, turning temporarily into Dark Jak) Veger! (Reverts back to normal)
Count Veger: Thank you for opening the door to the Precursors. Don't worry, I'll be back to put you out of your misery. (Jumps into nearby hovercar and flies down the hole to the center of the Earth and the Precursors)
Daxter: (Jumps on Jak's shoulder, points to the hole) After him, Jak!
Jak: (surprised and disbelieving) You're willing to go down there? Without a fuss this time?
Daxter: Yeah, well, don't get used to it. It's just that nobody hurts my best friend, and lives to brag about it! Let's get him! [he and Jak chase after Count Veger with last hovercraft nearby]

Daxter: Ah, the naughty ottsel, Honey! I'm home!
Torn: Jak! I thought I never see you again.
Daxter: Torn! what are you doing to my place!
Torn: We needed a southern HQ for the war, plus I kind of like the ottsel head outside.
Daxter: Yeah, it's cool huh?
Torn: We use it for target practice.
Daxter: HEY!

Damas: Someone call for an army?
Jak: You're a long way from the desert. I thought you said a smart warrior never takes his opponent head on?
Damas: It depends on how hard your skull is. I'd say you and I are both rather head strong.
Jak: Let's finish this!

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