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James Bond 007: Blond Stone is a third-person shooter video game based on Ian Fleming's British secret agent James Bond. It was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision for the Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The game was confirmed by Activision on July 16, 2010.


M: 007,this is urgent.Priority One.We fear the attack maybe imminent.How long until you're on the ground?
James Bond: We should be down in ten minutes.
M: We haven't got 10 minutes.The satellite is picking up suspicious activity near Greco's boat.You've got to get a move on,now.
James Bond: I'm on my way.Change in plans,Head for the harbor.
M: According to our sources,General,Greco has flown in a group of international terrorists for a suicide mission.The plan is for the attack to coincide with the moment they take the group photograph.
General: I can't much care what your "sources" tell you.M,we've checked Greco out.He's an international business man,here on vacation.
M: His business',sir,is international arms trading.He'd like to see all the heads of state,all the members of the G-20,wiped out in one fell swoop.
General: Is that your sources are telling you? Or is it your "female intuition" ?
M: I'll thank you to keep my "intuition" out of this,General.I want you to stop the photo-op,Now.
General: Impossible.You have to have some faith,some trust,in my ability to protect them.
M: You can keep your faith. I put my trust in Bond.

James Bond: I'm in position.
M: Good luck, 007.

Bill Tanner: Bond, this is Tanner at Q Branch. Hostile radio chatter shows your landing has gone undetected. Blue prints show Greco's quarters are located on the lower deck, find him and stop the attack on the G-20.

Bond encountered with Greco on his yacht
Greco: Explain?!Where is my Helicopter? Where are my boats?
Greco: Who the hell are you?
James Bond: Call off the attack, Greco. It's over.
Greco: One man,against forty. I don't think so. Guards!
Greco: Deal with him!
Greco: You,Stop him!
Greco: Start the Helicopter!
Greco: Get to the boats!
Bond pursued Greco through Athens by boat
Greco: Give me that,
Greco: No,The bigger one.
Helicopter: Helicopter,inbound.
Greco: Greco to all boats,he's still alive,Kill him!
Greco: Greco to helicopter,I want that boat destroyed!
Helicopter: Understood,Helicopter coming round.
Greco: That wasn't enough,Take out the Tower!
Greco: He's still benind us,Do something!
Helicopter: 10-4,Target Acquired.
Greco: Finish him,Now!
Greco: He's dead.We've wasted enough time,get moving.
Greco Guy: Greco,Over there!
Greco: Damn!Stay behind and stop him!We're pushing up to the Acropolis!
Greco: I won't tolerate failure,if he makes it this far,you know what do.
Greco: This is it,He can't get through!
James Bond: Where's the bomb,Greco?
James Bond: Last chance,Where is it?
Greco: You're too late.
James Bond: M,How much time do we have?
M: Not much,They're assembling the heads of state for the picture.
Bill Tanner: That's it Bond,You're gaining on him. Ram him Bond,if he makes it to the Acroplis,It's over.He's almost there Bond,Take him out!

General: Fireworks?!? Did you know there were going to be fireworks?!?!
M: Honestly? Yes.
General: How did you know?
M: Quite honestly? Intuition,Nice to see you, 007. I was worried you wouldn't make it in time.
James Bond: Well that makes two of us.
M: Well done.
James Bond: Thank you.
Waitress: May I get you something to drink?
M: Yes, I'll have a bourbon, neat.
Waitress: And what can I provide for the gentleman?
James Bond: I'll have.
M: He'll have a vodka martini.

James Bond: Bond here.
M: Good morning, 007. I know we promised you a weeks' holiday after Athens, but we have a situation developing that requires immediate attention. Are you free to speak?
James Bond: Yes, I can talk. I'm in a hotel. I shouldn't be long, just a moment.
Bond walks over to his laptop.
M: There you are. How much do you know about Midhurst Laboratories?
James Bond: Bio-tech firm, publicly traded, city of London, military contractor.
M: But not just any military contractor. Two years ago, Midhurst Laboratories signed a contract for some mission critical biotechnology for our defense forces that's so secret I am loathe to discuss it even on this link.
James Bond: I understand.
M: Good. Last week, one of their senior researchers Malcolm Tedworth, went missing from his yacht in the English Channel. At first the Royal navy presumed he was dead. His boat was discovered capsized after a squall off the coast. But this morning, we received a tip that he's alive and about to sell that research to a buyer in Istanbul.
James Bond: How reliable is the information?
M: Doubtful. An anonymous caller from a cell phone purchased at a convenience store in Madrid.The phone went dead.But soon after,the US Echelon system picked up another cell phone transmission near a construction site in downtown Istanbul,using the key words "researcher","bioweapons" and "password".
James Bond: Might be a trap.A set-up.Any chance that it's the researcher himself? Pang of conscience? Second thoughts about selling out the UK?
M: That's why the helicopter is landing outside your hotel.There'll be a jet waiting at the airport.And when you arrive in Istanbul,do whatever you have to by any means necessary to find out who's behind this and make sure that research doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Bill Tanner: Good Morning,007.
Worker: You,stop!Where do you think you're going? Doctor Bond?
Worker: No,I don't care.Nobody goes down there.without a had hart.
James Bond: British Museum.Architechtural heritage foundation.Here to study your preservation efforts.You can call the Turkish ministry of culture.Of course.Safety first.
Worker: Quick,Dump him in the pit!
James Bond: Tanner,I'm in the catacombs,See if you patch me in to Tedworth's signal.
Bill Tanner: Got it. Bring up your phone and will give you Tedworth's position,Should lead you right to him.
Remy: Help me,Mister. Help me,Please.
Remy: Here,this way.
James Bond: Who are you? Who did this to you?
Remy: Bernin,His name is Bernin.
Remy: He wanted my research,My formulas,For bio-weapons.
James Bond: We've got to get you out of here.
Remy: I'll never make it,The only way is to climb out,But it's not too late,Maybe you can still save,Tedworth.
James Bond: Tanner,What do we have on a man named Bernin?
Bill Tanner: Hold on.I'm doing a search.
Bill Tanner: Here it is,Bernin.Low level gangster,A middleman.
Bill Tanner: If he's got Tedworth research,He Probably won't be holding on to it for long.
Bernin: What is the password for the USB drive? Tell me the key to crack the code!!!
Malcolm Tedworth: Stop!Stop,I'll tell you.
Bernin: Thank you.
Bernin: Kill him.Let's get out of here!
Bernin: Let's go,I'm late for the handoff.
Bernin: He's here,Let's move.

James Bond: Bond to MI6. Tedworth's dead. Bernin's on the move. You have him on satellite?
Bill Tanner: Confirmed, 007. We're tracking him. Let us know if you lose visual contact.
James Bond: Will do.
James Bond: He's pulled a U-turn in the tunnel,where's he heading?
Bill Tanner: He's seems to be going for the docks,007,Stay with him. We can't lose those documents.
James Bond: He's left the dock area,Tanner,Can you see where he's going?
Bill Tanner: He's headed east,007,Due east.
Bernin: Make sure he's dead,I'm going to make the hand-off.
Bill Tanner: Bond,Can you hear me? Come in 007?
Bernin: Lower! Get in lower!Abort! Abort! Meet at the amphitheater!Take him out,Give us time.
Bernin: Knock that down,Now!
Bernin: You. Take him out. It you drop back I’ll shoot you myself! Guy!Yes,Sir.
Bernin: Bring the helicopter in, I’m headling to bravo now I’m neadrly in position!
Bernin: Take him down, I’m making the exchange!Argh! Why is he still alive?He can’t beallowed to stop the excharge, deal with him! One of you just shoot him.
Bernin: Lower, Lower damn you. We need to finish this now!

James Bond: [to Bernin] I want a name. Who are you working for?
Bernin: Never.
James Bond: Let's try that again.
James Bond: Who is it? Who hired you? Give me the name.
Bernin: Pomerov. Stefan Pomerov.
James Bond: Where's he taking those papers?
Bernin: I don't know! I've told you everything I know! Please.
Bond punches Bernin. He picks up his phone. Bernin takes out his gun attempting to kill Bond who shoots him in the hand.
Bernin: Please, Let me go. I'm no good to you anymore.
James Bond: You got that right.
Bond pushes Bernin off a ledge.

Nicole Hunter: James. I almost didn't recognize you.
James Bond: I'm sorry, have we met before?
Nicole Hunter: I think once, in England. Nicole Hunter, my friends call me Nikki.
James Bond: Nicole Hunter? You're the jewelry designer?
Nicole Hunter: I've been called worse,"it girl", socialite.
James Bond: It's nice to see you, Nicole. I'm sure you've got a plane to catch.
Nicole Hunter: Actually, M sent me.
James Bond: Interesting cover. But not a unpleasant surprise. Shall we go?
Nicole Hunter: The car's over there.
James Bond: Nice car.
Nicole Hunter: It's a friend's. Would you like to drive? [throws Bond the keys] I feel much safer with a man behind the wheel.Yes,James.But believe me. When necessary,I can be very discreet.You can drop me off in front of the Casino.I'm going to put on my war paint before the meeting.I'll text you on the cell phone to let you know when we're almost finished.
Bill Tanner: 007.You're going to need a key code to get past this door.
Bernin: What was the nature of this research?
Malcolm Tedworth: I told you. We were investigating anthrax,and small pox.to come up with antidotes,that colud be used in the filed in the case of a biological attack.
Bernin: And there was no was way to militarize them? To turn them in to weapons instead of cures?
Malcolm Tedworth: No.
Bernin: No?
Bernin: So why are these documents in code?
Malcolm Tedworth: I told you. I was working at home.
Bernin: What is the password for the USB drive? Tell me the key to crack the code!!!
Malcolm Tedworth: Stop!Stop,I'll tell you.
Bernin: Thank you.

While Bond is finding a way into the Casino.
Nicole Hunter: All right, James. I'm in. Pomerov's coming down to meet me.
James Bond: Good, I'm heading through the gardens now. Turn on your tracker, I'll home in on your signal.
Nicole Hunter: Hang on. Okay it's on.
James Bond: Right, and make sure you keep Pomerov busy. If he sees anything unusual he'll lock down the casino, understand?
Nicole Hunter: Don't worry, James. I know how to handle a man like Pomerov.

James Bond: Kind of your friend "Rudolph" to lend us his car.Are you sure he won't mind?
Nicole Hunter: He's got six of them.He won't miss it.What else are you going to spend your money on up here, beside from diamonds and wrist watches?
James Bond: Are you sure you want to go through with this?
Nicole Hunter: I just can't believe Pomerov would be involved with something evil.He's always been like an Uncle to me.
James Bond: The entrance to the refinery is up ahead. Just do as I told you. follow the plan,and we'll be all right.This isn't all fun and games.
James Bond: Move over!I'll drive!
James Bond: Are you alright?
Nicole Hunter: Yeah,I think so.
James Bond: What happened to Pomerov?
Nicole Hunter: Over there.
James Bond: We've got to stop him before he gets those bio-weapons out of the country.Hang on.
Nicole Hunter: Are you mad?
James Bond: Like I said,this isn't all fun and games.
Nicole Hunter: Look! He's trying to get away!
James Bond: Fasten your seat belt,We've got a train catch.
Nicole Hunter: Wacth out!
James Bond: Get your head down!
Nicole Hunter: We've got to get off ice!
Nicole Hunter: It's a Dead end!
James Bond: Not necessarily.
Stefan Pomerov: Start the engines!Get us out of here!Now!
Stefan Pomerov:Set your heading for 220!
Pilot: But there are boats in the way.
Stefan Pomerov: I don't care what's in the way.Plow through them!
James Bond: There,The hovercraft.When we get onboard,do you think you can fire it?
Nicole Hunter: Yes.but you've got to be careful,James.If you puncture one of those chemical drums with a bullet,the bio-weapons will escape and kill everyone.
James Bond: I'll keep that in mind.
James Bond: Keep us steady!
Stefan Pomerov: Hold him back,I'm heading for the cockpit.
Stefan Pomerov: Shoot me,You'll still die!
James Bond: Change of plans.
James Bond: Tell me Captain, are you sure your men can handle this,the safe destruction of all those bio-weapons?
Captain Alexi: Bioweapons? What bioweapons? There are no bioweapons in Russia.
James Bond: I see. And those men on the boat in the Hazmat suits.
Captain Alexi: That's the problem with you people in the west. You always think there are WMD's.Then You go to war over it. And then poof. There are none. You know what kind of paperwork I'd have to fill out if there were WMD's here?
James Bond: Clearly, my mistake.

Fu San Ping: Wei.
James Bond: Good morning,Colonel Ping.
Fu San Ping: Good morning,Commander Bond.To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call?
James Bond: I'd like to know why a top Chinese agent was trying to contact a courier in Istanbul.
Fu San Ping: Perhaps it's the same reason a British agent was following him.
James Bond: Are you suggesting an alliance?
Fu San Ping: You'll find me at the aquarium in Bangkok,tomorrow night.Come alone.It's the only way I can guarantee your safety.
James Bond: Funny.I was just going to issue the same warning to you.
James Bond: Ping? Is that you?
Fu San Ping: Tell me,Commander Bond:How much do you know about whales?
James Bond: Not much.Enough to know they shouldn't be kept aquariums.Apart from that,I wouldn't like to end up in one.
Fu San Ping: But perhaps not the implications.
James Bond: The researcher.Industrial espionage.Someone in China was behind this? One of your people kidnapped,and killed him?
Fu San Ping: No.Something worse:An economic mercenary.Someone who would steal the most dangerous technologyical secrets and sell them to the highest bidder.Not out of ideology,or politics,but for money,and power,to turn us against each other.
James Bond: But who? Where? How do we find him,and stop him?
Fu San Ping: My team was in Geneva,following up on a link to this man.Do you recognize him?
James Bond: No.
Fu San Ping: His name is Rak.He was born in northern Mongolia on the contested border between Russia and China,and has no love for either.He keeps his money and his mistress in Switzerland.
James Bond: But he operates out of Bangkok?
Fu San Ping: If it's illegal,he's got a piece of it.At first,we thought he was a middleman in all this but.
Assassin: Sniper to support squad,I'm moving out,Cover me!
Assassin: Ping is Down,Target B is still alive!I'm headed to the extraction point,Get me some backup!He's right benind me,Get Ready!He's still benind me!
James Bond: Stop!
James Bond: Take one more step,And you're dead.Throw down the gun.
Assassin: No!Just by talking to you,Rak is going to kill both of us.
Policeman: Get that body to the morgue,and find me the other driver!
James Bond: Bond.
M: Good to see you're alive,007.We tracked your cell phone to Bangkok,but the GPS coordinates haven't moved in six hours.
James Bond: I may be closing in on the people behind the researcher's kidnapping.I need to have Q branch run a data check on a man named Rak,banking,business associates, have them contact me with names and addresses.
M: Will do.But I should warn you:we've been following news reports that the Thai police are looking for an Englishman who destroyed half of Bangkok last night in a car chase.
James Bond: What makes you think it was me?
M: Do you really want me answer that question?
James Bond: Can I call you back?
Waitress: Good evening,sir.Can I show you to a table?
James Bond: No.But you can show me to the boss.
Waitress: He's behind there.
Silk: My good man.Is there some way I can be of service?
James Bond: I'm looking for a man.
Silk: What kind of man?
Silk: You know me too well,James.How on earth did you find me?
Silk: You know they ran me out of Saigon.
Silk: Can I interest you in a girl?
James Bond: I'll settle for some information.
Silk: Same old James.But what makes you think I'm going to give up Rak without some kind of compensation?
Silk: Rak has a secret boathouse on the Chao Phraya River.But I'll bet you won't make it there alive.
James Bond: I'll take the bet.Add it to what you owe me from last time.
Silk: And good day to you,too,sir.
Silk: There's an Englishman on his way to see Rak.My money says he won't make it.And you know how much I hate to lose "my money".Don't let me down.
Rak: Fools! You're all Worthless!
James Bond: It's over,Rak.You're finished.
James Bond: I know about the kidnappings,the bio-weapons,the missing researchers.
James Bond: I'll give you one last chance,Rak.
Rak: You Should have quit,While you had the chance.
Rak: Welcome to your final Destination,Mr.Bond.You're in Burma.Your last stop,the end of the line,the place where your sad story comes to an ugly end.
James Bond: So how does it work,Rak? What do you do,fly your kidnapped victims here,and torture them,until they give up their corporate secrets?
Rak: Take a very good look at this knife,Mr.Bond.
Rak: It's platinum.Encrusted with precious stones and diamonds.
Rak: Designed to elicit the most exquisite pain,When I use it to eviscerate a man,and skin him alive.
Rak: You'll talk,Mr.Bond.You'll give up your secrets.Sooner or later,They all do.
James Bond: You could kill me,Rak.But MI6 will send somebody else.Either way,You're as good as dead right now.
Rak: Wei? I'll be there as soon as I can.
Rak: Get my helicopter ready.We're going to Bangkok.
Rak: When I return,Mr.Bond,we're going to scream you up in the yard and bring all the prisoners around to watch.After they see me cut your tongue out,it may help loosen theirs.
Rak: Out of my way!
Rak: He’s in the construction site,Get down there and kill him.
Rak: How many more must die because of your ego. Mr.Bond. Give yourself up. or end up like Bernin .Like Pomerov Like all the other unfortunate victims,the collateral damage of your antiquated sense of patriotism.
after Bond fights Rak
Rak: Bond, help me.
James Bond: [holding Rak's knife] You had your chance, Rak.
Rak: Please, save me. I'll tell you everything. I'll tell you who I'm working with.
James Bond: It's too late,
James Bond: I already know.

Businessman 1: The company had sales of eight-point four million Euros last year.
Businessman 1: The owner a British industrialist named Simon Porter has developed a proprietary solar panel technology,using a new kind of monocrystalline silicon wafer,enhanced with copper indium diselenide to bring the cost of electricity down to less than one Euro per kilowatt hour.
Nicole Hunter: Interesting,Have we inquired whether there's a market,for this technology?
Businessman 2: Our contacts in North Korea have already said they'd pay handsomely for it.
Nicole Hunter: And Mister Porter,he lives in London?
Businessman 2: Yes.But you should be aware that the Ministry of Defense has expressed interest in the company,which could bring MI6 into it,if we go ahead with Porter as our next target.
Nicole Hunter: I appreciate your concern,But I don't think MI6 is going to be a problem anymore.Yes?
Secretary: This just came for you.
Nicole Hunter: Thank you.So then,we're all agreed that he's our next target?
Businessman 1: What is it? Is something wrong?
Nicole Hunter: No.Nothing.I have to leave.The meeting is adjourned.

after Bond chases Nicole and corners her car on a bridge.
James Bond: Nicole, stop. Don't move.
Nicole Hunter: Hello, James. Fancy meeting like this?
James Bond: Drop the gun. Move away from the railing.
James Bond: Nicole! Drop the gun!
Nicole Hunter: Or what? You'll shoot me?
James Bond: I prefer to bring you back alive, but it makes no difference to me.
Nicole Hunter: When did you figure it out?
James Bond: That's not important. I want to know why? Why did you do it?
Nicole Hunter: There was a man, a rich and powerful man. I would have done anything for him.
Nicole Hunter: He asked me to help him. At first, it was innocent.
James Bond: And then?
Nicole Hunter: I thought I could prove myself by destroying Pomerov's operation.
James Bond: You did it for love?
Nicole Hunter: No. You of all people should know, I didn't want to grow old, alone and poor.
James Bond: Who? Who is it?
Nicole Hunter: It won't make a difference.
James Bond: I want a name.
Nicole Hunter: You don't understand! He's everywhere. He's bigger than you, bigger than MI6, bigger than everything.
Nicole Hunter: And he's watching us right now. [suddenly noticing a drone flying towards them]
Nicole Hunter: There is no escape.
James Bond: Nicole, down! Get down!
The drone opens fire killing Nicole is Down and to Death End
M: Bond.Are you there? Come in 007!Are you there?
James Bond: Yes.I'm here.
M: We've been concerned about you, 007. What happened?
James Bond: I'm fine, M. But I think you're going to need a new contact in Monaco.
James Bond: If you need me, you know how to reach me.
James Bond: Bond,out.


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