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James Bond 007: Blond Stone is a third-person shooter video game based on Ian Fleming's British secret agent James Bond. It was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision for the Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The game was confirmed by Activision on July 16, 2010.


M: You can keep your faith. I put my trust in Bond.

James Bond: I'm in position.
M: Good luck, 007.

Bill Tanner: Bond, this is Tanner at Q Branch. Hostile radio chatter shows your landing has gone undetected. Blue prints show Greco's quarters are located on the lower deck, find him and stop the attack on the G-20.

James Bond: Call off the attack, Greco. It's over.
Greco: One man against forty. I don't think so. Guards!

M: Nice to see you, 007. I was worried you wouldn't make it in time.
James Bond: Well that makes two of us.
M: Well done.
James Bond: Thank you.
Waitress: May I get you something to drink?
M: Yes, I'll have a bourbon, neat.
Waitress: And what can I provide for the gentleman?
James Bond: I'll have...
M: He'll have a vodka martini.

James Bond: Bond here.
M: Good morning, 007. I know we promised you a weeks' holiday after Athens, but we have a situation developing that requires immediate attention. Are you free to speak?
James Bond: Yes, I can talk. I'm in a hotel. I shouldn't be long, just a moment.
Bond walks over to his laptop.
M: There you are. How much do you know about Midhurst Laboratories?
James Bond: Bio-tech firm, publicly traded, city of London, military contractor.
M: But not just any military contractor. Two years ago, Midhurst Laboratories signed a contract for some mission critical biotechnology for our defense forces that's so secret I am loathe to discuss it even on this link.
James Bond: I understand.
M: Good. Last week, one of their senior researchers Malcolm Tedworth, went missing from his yacht in the English Channel. At first the Royal navy presumed he was dead. His boat was discovered capsized after a squall off the coast. But this morning, we received a tip that he's alive and about to sell that research to a buyer in Istanbul.
James Bond: How reliable is the information?
M: Doubtful. An anonymous caller from a cell phone purchased at a convenience store in Madrid.

James Bond: Bond to MI6. Tedworth's dead. Bernin's on the move. You have him on satellite?
Bill Tanner: Confirmed, 007. We're tracking him. Let us know if you lose visual contact.
James Bond: Will do.

James Bond: [to Bernin] I want a name. Who are you working for?
Bernin: Never.
James Bond: Lets try that again. Who is it? Who hired you? Give me the name.
Bernin: Pomerov. Stefan Pomerov.
James Bond: Where's he taking those papers?
Bernin: I don't know! I've told you everything I know! Please.
Bond punches Bernin. He picks up his phone. Bernin takes out his gun attempting to kill Bond who shoots him in the hand.
Bernin: Please, let me go. I'm no good to you anymore.
James Bond: You got that right.
Bond pushes Bernin off a ledge.

Nicole Hunter: James. I almost didn't recognize you.
James Bond: I'm sorry, have we met before?
Nicole Hunter: I think once, in England. Nicole Hunter, my friends call me Nikki.
James Bond: Nicole Hunter? You're the jewelry designer?
Nicole Hunter: I've been called worse,"it girl", socialite.
James Bond: It's nice to see you, Nicole. I'm sure you've got a plane to catch.
Nicole Hunter: Actually, M sent me.
James Bond: Interesting cover. But not a unpleasant surprise. Shall we go?
Nicole Hunter: The car's over there.
James Bond: Nice car.
Nicole Hunter: It's a friend's. Would you like to drive? [throws Bond the keys] I feel much safer with a man behind the wheel.

While Bond is finding a way into the Casino.
Nicole Hunter: All right, James. I'm in. Pomerov's coming down to meet me.
James Bond: Good, I'm heading through the gardens now. Turn on your tracker, I'll home in on your signal.
Nicole Hunter: Hang on. Okay it's on.
James Bond: Right, and make sure you keep Pomerov busy. If he sees anything unusual he'll lock down the casino, understand?
Nicole Hunter: Don't worry, James. I know how to handle a man like Pomerov.

after Bond fights Rak
Rak: Bond, help me.
James Bond: [holding Rak's knife] You had your chance, Rak.
Rak: Please, save me. I'll tell you everything. I'll tell you who I'm working with.
James Bond: It's too late. I already know.

after Bond chases Nicole and corners her car on a bridge.
James Bond: Nicole, stop. Don't move.
Nicole Hunter: Hello, James. Fancy meeting like this?
James Bond: Drop the gun. Move away from the railing. Nicole! Drop the gun!
Nicole Hunter: Or what? You'll shoot me?
James Bond: I prefer to bring you back alive, but it makes no difference to me.
Nicole Hunter: When did you figure it out?
James Bond: That's not important. I want to know why? Why did you do it?
Nicole Hunter: There was a man, a rich and powerful man. I would have done anything for him. He asked me to help him. At first, it was innocent.
James Bond: And then?
Nicole Hunter: I thought I could prove myself by destroying Pomerov's operation.
James Bond: You did it for love?
Nicole Hunter: No. You of all people should know, I didn't want to grow old, alone and poor.
James Bond: Who? Who is it?
Nicole Hunter: It won't make a difference.
James Bond: I want a name.
Nicole Hunter: You don't understand. He's everywhere. He's bigger than you, bigger than MI6, bigger than everything and he's watching us right now. [suddenly noticing a drone flying towards them] There is no escape.
James Bond: Nicole, down! Get down!
the drone opens fire killing Nicole

M: We've been concerned about you, 007. What happened?
James Bond: I'm fine, M. But I think you're going to need a new contact in Monaco. If you need me, you know how to reach me. Bond out.


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