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James Bond 007: Nightfire is a first-person shooter video game based on Ian Fleming's British secret agent James Bond. It was developed by Eurocom for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox video game consoles and PCs. It was published by Electronic Arts in 2002.

Directed by Tim Rogers. Written by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo.


James Bond[edit]

  • Can I offer you a lift? (Bond, level 1)
  • Sorry, we forgot to make a reservation. (Bond level 3)
  • Anything can be penetrated with the proper tool. (Bond, level 6)
  • I'd give that dive a 'three', actually. (Bond on level 2. If the player shoots a particular guard in the head without being noticed, he falls backwards into a frozen pool)
  • Sorry to drop in like this, but would you ladies mind giving me a ride? (When Bond parachutes off the top of Phoenix International, level 6, and lands on a car belonging to two Japanese girls)
  • "Q", your confidence is overwhelming. (Bond; PC, Level 4)
  • [after killing Drake] Try rising from 'those' ashes.

Zoe Nightshade[edit]

  • I don't recall getting much rest at all James. (Zoe, level 3)

Alura McCall[edit]

  • James, they're on us. (Alura, level 10)

Alexander Mayhew[edit]

  • Feed it to the dragon. (Mayhew, level 5)


  • [after picking up Bond] Welcome aboard, 007.

Raphael Drake[edit]

  • If this security breach leads back to Japan, it's your head Mayhew! (Drake in level 2)
  • I'd ask you to join us Mr. Bond, but why waste caviar on a man who won't live long enough to enjoy it? (Drake, level 8)
  • It's a shame. I fell quite hard for you, and now it's time you do the same for me. Goodbye, Dominique. Use the helipad, and take care of the body! (Drake, level 8, to his minions after exposing Dominique as a traitor)
  • I'll credit you with persistence Mr. Bond, persistence and failure. (Drake, level 12)
  • Remember that view Mr. Bond, it's the last you'll ever see of earth. (Drake, level 12)
  • The communists, socialists and fascists would be destined to fail in their efforts at globalization. (Drake, level 11)
  • You may have stopped the fire this time Bond, but like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes... (Drake as he drifts into space, Level 12)

Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi[edit]

  • You look exhausted James. What would you say to a little nap? (Kiko before she shoots Bond with a dart gun, level 7)
  • Damn you Bond! (Kiko on level 11)

Armitage Rook[edit]

  • Deploy the red team and take him down! (Rook in level 7)
  • Somehow, he's worked his way into the complex. The Elite Guards 'will' hold the line. I'm going below to cut the power so he can't follow. But if Bond does reach the facility, I'll be sure to thank him for the makeover he gave me. (Rook to a Phoenix Commando, level 11)


Drake: You're on a fool's errand, Mr. Bond. I've already locked the launch sequence. Nothing can stop Operation Nightfire now; not even my own death!
Bond: That's a theory I mean to test!

Zoe: James, why do you always end up on top?
Bond: Uh, lower center of gravity?
Bond: Kiko? Kiko where are you?

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