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James Eastland

James Oliver Eastland (November 28, 1904February 19, 1986) was the United States Senator from Mississippi in 1941 and from 1943 to 1978. A Democrat, he served as President pro tempore of the Senate (1972–1978) and Chairman on the Judiciary (1956–1978). He is best know as a member of the party’s southern conservative wing, who favored racial segregation.


  • On May 17, 1954, the Constitution of the United States was destroyed because of the Supreme Court’s decision. You are not obliged to obey the decisions of any court which are plainly fraudulent sociological considerations.
  • Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.
    • Other Eastland quote against Brown
  • I don’t like you — or your kind.
    • To fellow Senator Jacob Javits (R-NY), who was at this time the only Jewish-American Senator
  • The niggers caused it, helped out some by the Communists.
    • About three civil rights workers missing in Mississippi (according to President Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • I believe it’s a publicity stunt.
    • About case of these missing civil rights workers (also according to Johnson)
  • The southern institution of racial segregation or racial separation was the correct, self-evident truth which arose from the chaos and confusion of the reconstruction period. Separation promotes racial harmony. It permits each race to follow its own pursuits, and its own civilization. Segregation is not discrimination. Segregation is not a badge of racial inferiority, and that it is not is recognized by both races in the Southern States. In fact, segregation is desired and supported by the vast majority of the members of both races in the South, who dwell side by side under harmonious conditions. ... Let me make this clear, Mr. President: There is no racial hatred in the South. The Negro race is not an oppressed race. ... Mr. President, it is the law of nature, it is the law of God, that every race has both the right and the duty to perpetuate itself. All free men have the right to associate exclusively with members of their own race, free from governmental interference, if they so desire. Free men have the right to send their children to schools of their own choosing, free from governmental interference and to build up their own culture, free from governmental interference. These rights are inherent in the Constitution of the United States and in the American system of government, both state and national, to promote and protect this right.
  • This decision reveals an alarming tendency to destroy the sovereignty of the States. Our Supreme Court is usurping the legislative function, and Congress may yet prove the last citadel of constitutional government.


  • Jim Eastland could be standing right in the middle of the worst Mississippi flood ever known and blame it on the negroes helped by the communists.
    • Lyndon Johnson

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