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James Gould Cozzens (August 19, 1903August 9, 1978) was an American novelist.


  • I have no thesis except that people get a very raw deal from life.
  • In its wisdom, the law said: No man shall be the judge of his own cause. [...] The law, nothing but reason, took judicial notice of man's nature, of how far his conscience could guide him against his interest. For the slake of others, for his own sake, the law would not let him be led into temptation. In its wisdom, the law aimed only at certainty, could not, did not, really hope to get there. This science, as inexact as medicine, must do its justice with the imprecision of wisdom, the pragmatism of a long, a mighty experience. Those balances were to weigh, not what was just in general, but which might be just between these actual adversaries.

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