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Slavery is not only not a sin but especially commanded by God.

James Henry Hammond (November 15, 1807November 13, 1864) was a politician from South Carolina. He served as a United States Representative from 1835 to 1836, Governor of South Carolina from 1842 to 1842, and United States Senator from 1857 to 1860.


  • The very mudsills of society…. We call them slaves…. But I will not characterize that class at the North with that term; but you have it. It is there, it is everywhere; it is eternal.
    • Speech in the U. S. Senate, March, 1858.
  • I endorse without reserve the much-abused sentiment of Gov. M'Duffie, that "slavery is the corner stone of our Republican edifice;" while I repudiate, as ridiculously absurd, that much-lauded but nowhere accredited dogma of Mr. Jefferson, that "all men are born equal."
    • Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, p. 126.

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