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James Simon Wallis Hunt (29 August 194715 June 1993) was a British racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1976. After retiring from racing in 1979, Hunt became a media commentator and businessman.


  • Most people think I have a lot of fun and that I'm a pretty good driver but they don't take my driving all that seriously.
  • Monaco is a silly event, not a proper Grand Prix at all. It ceased to be a real race many years ago when wide tires and wings came to be used on Formula 1 cars, making them entirely unsuitable for the absurdly confined spaces in the streets of Monte Carlo... The Monaco Grand Prix is really just an exhibition in which the unfortunate drivers are asked to perform and it still exists only for the benefit of the sponsors who want to show off in the 'glamorous' atmosphere and for the people who want to preserve the 'image' of Formula 1. They should have a parade instead. Then all the cars could parade around like the idiotic 'jetset' poseurs who are thicker on the ground at Monaco than anywhere else in the world.

About James Hunt

  • In a straight fight I think James was more than Niki's equal. Our car was fairly ordinary and James just gave it a hell of a drive.
    • Teddy Mayer, Donaldson, Gerald. James Hunt The Biography. ISBN 0002184931. 
  • I have to say that I had the best car, but James drove incredibly well towards the end.
    • Niki Lauda, Donaldson, Gerald. James Hunt The Biography. ISBN 0002184931. 
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