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James Edward O'Keefe II (June 28, 1984–) is an American conservative political activist.


  • Content is king. Planned Parenthood’s success lies in their operating in total darkness. Their friends in media and government have protected them. But soon there will be an army of Lila Rose's who will shine light on unthinkable abuses behind closed doors, which will shock the consciences of most Americans.
  • I first read his book Orthodoxy at a time when I was living on a sailboat in a quiet creek off the Potomac River right after college graduation. He seemed to view faith as a romantic adventure and the universe as a wild fairy tale. Chesterton looks at the world in the most beautiful way. He was also a journalist and philosopher who wrote an essay on “The Tyranny of Bad Journalism.” He died long before online video, but I think he would advocate new, creative methods to revolutionize the practice of journalism.
  • If you think the Govt or its affiliates have the power kill people, then yes, then yes, I should fear for my life. However - I don't give it a lot of thought because there is great joy in fighting. It's also not in the interest of the power structure to potentially turn someone into a martyr. It's more likely they will use the legal system to issue injunctions (like they did with David Daleiden). Or ban me on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. (like they tried to do this week). I'm also a Christian. So I believe it's important to fight for things greater than one's personal physical welfare.
  • They say they are "edited" because there is nothing else to say. When you catch someone on tape in the process, they are going to say it's fake. If you dig deep, you'l find that none of these tapes actually were edited out of context. The criticisms are all hyperbole.
  • Our Investigation has required EIGHT full time undercover investigative reporters embedded throughout the country from the bottom to the top of many political entities. Because we have hundreds of hours of footage, we needed to connect the dots and the scenes into a storyline that links it all together. It will be more impactful and more powerful instead of just putting it all out there at once or as soon as I got the video money shots individually. Long story short, everything you've heard about back room deals and smoke filled rooms are verified. We have smoking gun evidence and it is incredibly damning.

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