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James Pim (1796–1856), also known as James Jim Junior, was an Irish stockbroker and banker who was the main driving force in establishing the Dublin and Kingstown Railway (D&KR) which became operational in 1834. He was noticed both for his eloquence and enthusiasm for anything to do with trains.

Quotes about Pim[edit]

  • The Railway is the subject of his waking thoughts and nightly dreams. If he thinks of any other subject he thinks of it in connection with the Railway. If his mind is directed towards the recreation of the public, his projects in this respect are in connection with the Railway. If he sees that the amusement of the public can be promoted by any project, he sees it through the Railway glass. If he eats or drinks or sleeps, or provides others with the means of eating, drinking, or sleeping, he does it in connection with the Dublin and Kingstown Railway. He is like the prisoner in ancient Rome, who has a soldier chained to him; the Railway seems to be chained, not to his leg, but to his mind, and it moves when he moves, and he moves where it moves.
    • Murray, K. A. (1981). Ireland's First Railway. Dublin: Irish Railway Record Society. ISBN 0-904078-07-8, p.22
    • Pim's uncle and dhairman of the D&KR, in 1840

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