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Jane and the Dragon is a Canadian-New Zealand CGI children's animated television series based on the books of the same name by Martin Baynton. The show is directed by Mike Fallows and motion capture directed by Peter Salmon; it is co-produced by Weta Workshop (as Weta Productions) in New Zealand and Nelvana Limited in Canada. The series follows the comedic exploits of Jane, an adolescent girl training to be a knight, and her friend, Dragon, a talking, flying, 300-year-old, fire-breathing dragon.


Tests and Jests [1.1][edit]

Jester: Nervous!
[Jane knocks Jester onto the ground]
Jester: Jester down! Just needing attention!
Jane: You mean an audience?

Rake: Are you nervous, Jane?
Jane: Pepper have taught me these breathing exercises.
Rake: Like Dragon blowing fire.
[Jane breathes in and out]
Rake: Not much of a cinder.

The Tooth Fairy [1.2][edit]

King: [to the Princess] Goodnight, my loose tooth.

Dragon: They have to put a big crown under my pillow.
Jane: You sleep on a pillow?
Dragon: Pillow, boulder.

Princess: Tooth, I command you to come out right now!

Jester Justice [1.3][edit]

Dragon: Some duel. No killing, no clobbering, not even any crying.

Jane: I am trying to save you.
Jester: And I am trying to sleep. [slams the window]

Dragon: Hunger before honor, Jane.

Rake: Oh Dragon! Hi... I... I was just out... umm... taking my stew... for a walk.

A Dragon's Tail [1.4][edit]

Shall We Dance [1.5][edit]

Dragon: A perfect five-point landing.

Dragon: Say one more word and that life will be charcoal.

The Offer [1.6][edit]

Gunther: If you want to help, help by being somewhere else.

Jane: I am so stubborn.
Dragon: Leave my friend alone.
Jane: We are alone.

Dragon Rules [1.7][edit]

Dragon: "Moo" is natures finest sound, starts with a "mmmmmm", ends with an "ooooooo".

King: No crown, no duties.
Sir Ivon: And no day off for me.

All Fools Day [1.8][edit]

Dragon Diva [1.9][edit]

Adventures in Royal Babysitting [1.10][edit]

Jane: Then she wasn't in danger when she was up on the roof?
Sir Ivon: Up on the roof?

Three's a Crowd [1.11][edit]

Jane: Why did the cow jump over the moon?
Dragon: Don't know.
Jane: Farmer had cold hands.

A Pig of a Problem [1.12][edit]

Smithy: Pig hasn't hurt a fly!
Jane: Well the prince is not a fly.

A Thing of Beauty [1.13][edit]

Dragon: Tomorrow they will be screaming for me.
Jane: Screaming and running for their lives.

Rune [1.14][edit]

Pepper: [after Dragon roasted the potatoes] The king wanted them mashed.
Dragon: I can sit on them.
Pepper: No, thank you.

Foul Weather Friends [1.15][edit]

Jester: So anyway what do you call a creature with two large wings and one tiny brain? Besides "Dragon", that is.
[Pepper, Smithy, and Rake look in fear as they notice Dragon standing behind Jester]
Jester: [turning to see Dragon] Oh! Dragon! Hello!
Dragon: What do you call a creature with large teeth and a tiny temper?
Jester: Uhh... uhh... I call him as little as possible.

Dragon: Do you mind? I was flying through perfectly lovely dream clouds, when suddenly, click click click, they turned into clog-dancing cows.

Dragon: No more sweet dreams, Jane. My nights will be haunted by visions of you hitting the ground like an egg.
Jane: Oh please.
Dragon: An egg, Jane. Crack. Squish.
Jane: Yes. Enough. I get the picture.

Dragonphobia [1.16][edit]

Jester: It seems that Jane is not herself.
Dragon: Then who is she?

Princess Lavinia: Lady Jane, Daddy is the King. And I am his little princess. And you are my bestest friend in the whole castle. And the bravest knight in the kingdom.
Jane: Brave? Me?
Princess Lavinia: Oh yes. But mostly you like to brush my hair. Shall I get the brush?

Smithy: Jane?
Jane: The dragon lunged at me with his claws. Lunged!
Smithy: Dragon did?
Jane: No, but he might have. Horrible creature.
Princess Lavinia: Did Dragon try to eat you, Jane? Eat you up and crunch you? And spit out all your bones?
Jane: Not yet, but I think he plans to.

Pride and Pollen [1.17][edit]

Dragon: When a dragon sneezes, fire follows. The good news is... I fried my pumpkin.

Jane: Dragon, you have to go.
Dragon: Go?
Jane: Order of the King. You must stay away from the castle until this sneezing is under control.
Dragon: How very unreasonable.
Jane: You started a forest fire!
Dragon: Forest? Burned a few leaves. Grass. That wagon was not much to look at anyway.

Knight Light [1.18][edit]

Dragon: Wolves--I thought it was my stomach rumbling in pain!

Jane: I must consult the brightess minds.
Dragon: At your service, put a sack over your head!

Jester: Now how many carrots does Jane have to eat before she grow scales?

Fathers [1.19][edit]

Jane: You will bring the ceiling down!
Dragon: A very pressing problem!

Dragon: What are you doing?
Jane: [holding up a cup] Toasting them.
Dragon: [after breathing fire] No, that's toasting!
Jester: Dragon!

Strawberry Fool [1.20][edit]

Go West Young Gardener [1.21][edit]

Jane: I lose all track of time when I'm with Dragon.
Rake: As I do in my garden.
Pepper: And me when I am cooking.
Jester: Being funny does it for me. Unless no one laughs, then time stretches on forever.

Mismatched [1.22][edit]

Dragon: How do we get this secret out of Jane?
Jester: Dragon, how can you be so thick?
Dragon: 37 square meals a day.

Dragon's Egg [1.23][edit]

King's Knight [1.24][edit]

The Last of the Dragonslayers [1.25][edit]

Gunther: Sir Theodore, you look in fine fettle today.
Dragon: Fettle. Funny word that.

For Crying Out Loud [1.26][edit]

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