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Janus (released internationally as Criminal Justice) is an Australian legal drama television series broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 1994 to 1995. It was created by Alison Nisselle and Tony McDonald. It is a spin-off of the 1992 crime drama Phoenix, which also starred Simon Westaway as Sergeant Peter Faithful.

Series 1


Improper Influences [1x12]

Finnie: Your good mate Michael? What's he want when you jumped the box for?
Alvin: Ah, there's a bit of a problem with the quality of the buyer bust video. But if that prick Kidd asks you, you never heard it from me.
Finnie: Look, I'll tell him how tricky it is, he'll understand.
Alvin: Yeah, well I already told him. And he didn't.
Finnie: Mate, he will when it comes from me.
Alvin: He reckons they're gonna go easy on him.

[Peter pulls Finnie to the side of the courthouse]

Finnie: Prick.
Peter Faithful: You say one more word, then I'll dock ya myself.
Finnie: You saw what he did, he's an arsehole.
Peter Faithful: Course he's an arsehole, he's a lawyer. Now what did you expect?
Finnie: Just like that, you're gonna walk away, are ya?
Peter Faithful: I warned you and you didn't listen. Now you walked up there with your skirt's up around your ears saying give it to me, and now you're crying rape.
Finnie: Bullshit! He was in a position of trust, and he's abused it. I'm gonna kick his head in.
Peter Faithful: That's exactly how he wants you to do, you dickhead! You look at the state you're in, and he hasn't even started on you yet.
Finnie: He's a prick.
Peter Faithful: Look, I'm not saying don't have a go. Just not here... And not now.

[Peter and Jan walk away from Finnie, Alvin walks up to him]

Alvin: Come on... come on.

Peter Faithful: Never trust a lawyer, mate. [final line of the episode]

Series 2


My Learned Friend, Mr Hennessey [2x05]

Vic Manoulis: He's [Mal] so cunning. I mean, talking in third person, and distancing himself from the crime.
Meares: He's arguing necessity, isn't he? In his defence?
Vic Manoulis: Oh yeah. Come in, Michael Kidd.
Rob Griffin: And he escaped because he feared for his life. Oh, he had reason to believe the coppers were going to get him knocked, inside. And the Office of Corrections were either; willfully, or out of neglect; going to let it happen.
Meares: Oh, it's crap.
Rob Griffin: Crap, yeah it's crap. Of course it's crap. He did it to get Peter in the box, dress him up, like a thug.
Meares: Oh, this is just a smokescreen. Mal was talking escape long before April.
Vic Manoulis: Oh yeah? How do we know this?
Meares: Well, I've got a fizz down in Barwon, who feeds us on drug matters. He, uh... Saw Mal's escape all over the telly. He told us he shared a cell with Mal back in February, and he was talking escape that long ago.
Rob Griffin: So much for necessity... Scratch one jailhouse lawyer, what's his name?
Meares: H-E-R-L-O-H-Y, Grant Maxwell.
Vic Manoulis: Listen, we want him up, first thing.
Meares: OK. I'll get the court order to sign, fax it down to Barwon tonight. And have the toggies drive him up the crack of dawn.
Rob Griffin: [Writing on piece of paper] Grant...
Meares: Maxwell.
Vic Manoulis: Beautiful! Thank you so much, you're a gentleman and a scallop, sir.

[Meares leaves Vic's office]





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