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John Robert "Jay" Ashcroft (July 12, 1973 –) is an American attorney, engineer, and politician serving as the 40th and current Secretary of State of Missouri.


  • Missouri’s term limits, for example, serve as a restriction, yet Missourians overwhelmingly support them, and they are in effect for members of the Legislature. Noncompete clauses and nepotism laws restrict employment, but they are used to stop unethical behavior. Stopping legislators from immediately becoming lobbyists following their terms is not only common sense, it mirrors similar laws and practices frequently followed in the private sector. I believe this world is made up of imperfect people. Our political process is certainly no different. I also recognize that no law, rule or regulation will fix every problem, but they can certainly help.
  • Tensions in this country are high. Our nation is as divided politically as I can ever remember. On the issue of the day, people run to their political camps as quickly as possible and begin hurling insults at those with whom they disagree. Our founders knew what they were doing when they designed our form of government. They knew that an adversarial system of governance would best ensure our liberties were protected, but could at times create strong disagreement among the American people. But disagreement is okay. It beats the alternative of tyranny.

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