Jean-Andoche Junot

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Jean-Andoche Junot

Jean-Andoche Junot, 1st Duke of Abrantes (October 23, 1771July 29, 1813) was a French general during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.


  • Ah, ma foi! Je n'en sais rien. Moi je suis mon ancêtre.
    • Translated: Ah, my faith! I know nothing about it; I am my own ancestor.
    • When needled about his lack of noble ancestry, recounted in Sydney Smith, Saba Holland, A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith (1855), p. 245. Compare: "Curtius Rufus seems to me to be descended from himself", Tacitus recounting a saying of Tiberius, Annals, book xi. c. xxi. 16.; "To Harmodius, descended from the ancient Harmodius, when he reviled Iphicrates [a shoemaker’s son] for his mean birth, 'My nobility,' said he, 'begins in me, but yours ends in you'", Plutarch Apophthegms of Kings and Great Commanders, Iphicrates (rejected by some critics as not a genuine work of Plutarch).

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