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Jean Carper (born 1932) is an American medical journalist and author.


Miracle Cures (2009)[edit]

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  • I knew, of course, that Americans are embarked on a new direction in seeking solutions for their own health problems. But I had no idea of the strength and pervasiveness of this quest at all strata of society. It was inspiring to talk to people from all walks of life who had developed their own personal health agendas, expending enormous energy to find alternative treatments when they felt mainstream medicine had failed them by providing ineffective treatments or treatments that carried more risk than they wanted to take.
  • Even doctors, I found, often used the word "miracle" in describing what happened when a patient suddenly got well after taking a natural remedy. The word "miracle" is defined in dictionaries as "a wonder, a marvel," as well as an act or happening that departs from the laws of nature. Thus, when a person recovers after taking a natural substance, the event is so incongruous with conventional medical expectations that the first words of surprise and overwhelming gratitude are typically: "It’s a miracle cure." We often say the same thing about conventional treatments that amaze us.
  • Herbs, vitamins, and other natural remedies do work, according to many patients, doctors, and scientific researchers.
    They are safe if chosen and used appropriately.
    They are often as effective and safe as, or more effective and safer than, conventional mainstream medical drugs or treatments.
    They are usually far less expensive.
    They have accomplished "miracle cures" for many people, and they may do the same for you or someone you care about.

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