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Jean Fautrier (May 16, 1898July 21, 1964) was a French painter and sculptor. He was one of the most important practitioners of Informel (Jeune Ecole de Paris).


  • No piece of art can depict feelings if a piece of reality is not included in it.
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Quotes about Jean Fautrier[edit]

  • (Jean) Fautrier’s exhibition [in Paris 1945] made an extremely strong impression on me. Art had never before appeared so fully realised in its pure state. The word 'art' had never before been so loaded with meaning for me.
    • Quote of Jean Dubuffet, from Batons rompus, Jean Dubuffet, Les Editions de Minuit, Paris 1986, pp. 23,28: letter to Jean Paulhan (letter 108)

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