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Jean Haudry (born 28 May 1934) is a French linguist and Indo-Europeanist. He is the founder of the Institut d'Études Indo-Européennes ("Institute of Indo-European Studies") at the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 (France), along with Jean-Paul Allard and Jean Varenne.

Quotes about Jean Haudry[edit]

  • The chief sources for Nouvelle Droite musings about India are the late Jean Varenne, an eminent indologist who was less outspoken on the present debate, and Jean Haudry, sanskritist and IE linguist, who by contrast has involved himself quite strongly in this debate. Haudry, member of the Scientific Committee of the French national-populist party Front National, maintains that the Proto-Indo-Europeans were tall, blue-eyed, fair-haired, long-skulled and straight-nosed. Of course, he supports the AIT: “The Vedas and Brahmanas mention the Aryan invasion in India” (actually, they don’t), and: “It is probable that the Aryans left from the site of Jamna on the Volga” and that some of them “came to India where they first arrived towards the beginning of the second millennium BC”.

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