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Jean Marie Auel (born February 18, 1936) is an American writer who wrote the Earth's Children books, a series of novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores human activities during this time, and touches on the interactions of Cro-Magnon people with Neanderthals.


Earth's Children series[edit]

The Clan of the Cave Bear (1980)[edit]

  • Suddenly, from another direction came the thwack, thwack of two stones fired in quick succession. They landed squarely on the [hyena]'s head and [it] dropped in its tracks.
    • Ch. 14
  • "With a spear, you only need a strong arm," Brun said.
    "And strong legs and heart, and good lungs, and a great deal of courage," Zoug replied.
    • Ch. 15
  • "There are forces stronger than any magic, but it worked for many years. No one understands spirits completely, not even Mog-ur."
    • Ch. 18

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