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Jeepers Creepers 2 is a 2003 film directed by Victor Salva, and a sequel to Jeepers Creepers

Coach Hanna[edit]

  • "Throw that damn thing away, or your gonna get a tetanus shot."
  • "Kimble, get your ass back on the bus."

Bus Driver Betty[edit]

  • "Well. Everything in this bus has saved my sweet ass at least once."

Coach Barnes[edit]

  • "Alright off the roof, assholes and elbows."

Minxie Hayes[edit]

  • "It doesn't matter. You can't kill it."

Deaundre "Double D" Davis"[edit]

  • "He looked at you too! And he smiled! You wanna keep this bus?! Then you sit in it! Right under that big hole! And we'll see how long you last!"
  • "I'm a sitting duck back here, Izzy, step on it!"


Darry: Every 23rd Spring for 23 days it gets to eat.
Minxie: Eat what? Eat what?
Darry: (She looks at him all, eyeless.) Eat us.

Teenager 1: Are you waiting for something?
Jack Sr: About three more days. . . . . (pause) give or take a day or two.

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