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Jhankaar Beats is a 2003 Bollywood film.


Shanti: At the most, she'll say no...
Neel: Oh God, I will die if she says no.
Rishi: Innocent child, you should be getting scared if she says yes.

Neel: Do you know who my father is?
Rishi: Why? Don't you know who your father is?

Deep: Your luck's changing.
Rishi: From good to bad.

[Deep is encouraging Neel to talk to Preeti.]
Deep: Just stay cool. Say hi, I'm Neel, I'd like to take you out to dinner.
Rishi: And...don't say anything about sex.
Deep: Shut up, Rishi. Don't confuse him.
Rishi: Hey, look at that guy! Looks just like the baldie from office!
Deep: Now go on, smart, confident.
Rishi: Don't talk about sex.
Neel: [to Preeti] I want to have sex with the bald guy!

Shanti: Marriage is a lovely institution
Rishi: A lovely mental institution!

Deep: Oh, no, my mother-in-law's coming!
Rishi: Deep, I told you five years ago...you marry a woman, you marry her mother.

Mother-in-law: What nonsense! My brother has four servants, two cars, with drivers, two T.Vs...
Muskaan: Granny, does your brother take bribes?
Mother-in-law: What? Who told you that?
Muskaan: Daddy did!

Shanti: Deep, will you do me a favour?
Deep: Anything for you, darling!
Rishi: He never says that to me...

Deep: There are only two things important in life...food, and music.
Rishi: Sir, you're a philosopher.

Deep: Now go, ask her to dinner!
[Neel goes up to Preeti.]
Neel: Um, uh, can you tell me where the nearest laundry is?
Preeti: Sure, take a left there, and...
Neel: Wow, you know this area very well. May I take you to the laundry sometime?
Preeti: Excuse me?
Neel: I...I mean may I take you to dinner?
Preeti: I don't even know you!
Neel: Okay, okay...how about an ice-cream? We'll get to know each other better...there's an ice-cream parlour right next to your house.
Preeti: My house? How do you know where my house is?


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