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Jill Jamie Roord (born 22 April 1997) is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Women's Super League club Manchester City and the Netherlands national team. She previously played for Arsenal in the English Women's Super League, Bayern Munich and VfL Wolfsburg in the German Frauen-Bundesliga and won multiple Dutch national titles with FC Twente in the top Dutch league. During the 2015–16 Eredivisie season, she was the top scorer in the league.


  • Now I’m older and a more important player. And while that brings pressure with it, I like it too.
  • I do play better when I have a sense of freedom on the pitch. Any time I’ve got that, I’m happy.
  • We’re comfortable, we have fun and we’re successful.
  • I feel that everyone has their own thing about them that makes them unique.
  • It is strange but I’m proud to be considered a role model. It’s almost weird to hear those words but they mean a lot.
  • I wouldn’t say I’m looking for attention or the spotlight, no. I’d say that if I deserve the spotlight because of how I’m playing then I’d want it but for me I’m driven over good performances rather than looking for attention.
  • I’m focused on playing well rather than searching for fame or anything like that.
  • Pressure! No, I’m pretty chilled. I go game by game, week to week rather than setting goals.
  • A lot of people set targets and that works for them but for me I just live in the moment.
  • My focus is always on that particular game and that moment. I try not to think beyond that.
  • I don’t like to tell myself “you need to score ten times”.
  • I love football so much but it’s also important for me to switch off in order to perform well. I need to switch off after training so that I am mentally fresh for the next session.
  • I basically live in the moment, game by game.
  • I want to be one of the best players in the world. That’s my goal, that’s what I want to achieve.
  • It’s so important to be yourself and follow those ambitions. Regardless of what people say.
  • It’s important for me to have fun. On the pitch, off the pitch and cerebrate if you win.
  • I’m loud when it comes to celebrating. I like to be around people after a game.
  • When you come home and you’ve won, you’ll be energetic and to go back to a quiet place with all that adrenaline going is not for me. I like to hang out with the other girls, chill and just enjoy the win.
  • People expect a lot of me, which is normal and I also want them to, but I am still one of the youngest here.

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