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Harold Stanley Ede (7 April 189515 March 1990), also known as 'Jim' Ede, was a British collector of art and friend to artists. Ede studied painting at Newlyn Art School between 1912 and 1914 .


  • It seems to me that art is a great miracle-it is the showing forth of the Holy Spirit transubstantiation.It is to find and proclaim the poetry of life,without which there is no life.
    • Introduction,In Engrave Glass:David Peace,Cambridge 1973.
  • The role of art is to give food for thought,to act as a stimulant,to entice the onlooker to inspect things, people,emotions,from a new point of view.
    • Undated mauscript c 1941.Kettle's Yard archive,Cambridge.
  • There should be a Kettle's Yard in every university.
    • From Introduction to the Handlist 1970

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