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Jim Geraghty is an American blogger and columnist.


  • I remain a skeptic about Donald Trump. Trump fans look at us skeptics with incredulity that we could possibly object to their man... Yet I see people comparing Trump to Reagan. Donald Trump has been a conservative for about ten minutes.

Ten Reasons We Can't, and Shouldn't, Be Nordic (2018)[edit]

"Ten Reasons We Can't, and Shouldn't, Be Nordic" (12 March 2018), National Review
  • [W]hy are Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway not that far behind us, ranking in the top twelve countries for antidepressant use? Is it just the long winters? Why are their drug-related deaths booming? Isn’t it possible that a generous, far-reaching welfare state depletes people’s sense of drive, purpose, and self-respect, and enables them to explore chemical forms of happiness?
  • [P]rogressives seem to think that conservatives distrust the government because of some esoteric philosophical theory, or because we had some weird dream involving Ayn Rand. In reality, it’s because we’ve been told to trust the government before — and we’ve gotten burned, time and time again.
  • Government doesn’t louse up everything, but it sure louses up a lot of what it promises to deliver.
  • [G]overnment has an abysmal record of abusing the public’s trust, finances, and its own authority. Now some people want it to take on a bigger role?
  • [I]f you want to live like a Norwegian, buy a plane ticket.

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